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Stefan Molyneux answers the musical question “why do good girls like bad guys?”

I had this question for a real long time

By David Futrelle

It’s a question asked over, and over, and over, and over, and over again on Tik Tok:

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Alt-Nazi leader Matthew Heimbach honors Folk and Family by banging mother-in-law, assaulting wife (allegedly)

Matthew Heimbach, mama’s boy

By David Futrelle

It’s like a regular Peyton Place, but with Nazis. Violent Alt-Nazi doofus Matthew Heimbach, leader of the so-called Traditionalist Worker Party, has gotten himself into a little bit of trouble with the law, and his followers, and perhaps most of all his extended family after allegedly assaulting his wife and father-in-law after allegedly being caught in flagrante delicto with, er, his mother-in-law.

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The Daily Stormer wants International Women’s Day replaced by “White Sharia Day”

And a happy International Women’s Day to you too!

By David Futrelle

So the Daily Stormer, everyone’s favorite “funny” neo-Nazi shit site, has weighed in on International Women’s Day. In a post (archived here) ostensibly covering the massive Women’s Day strikes in Spain, but which is actually just an excuse to talk shit, DS contributor “Roy Batty” declares that “[w]omen have been really fucking up in the West.”

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ALL you need to do, is have babis: Another Comment I Didn’t Let Through

A question that applies to MGTOWs too

By David Futrelle

I thought I would end this week by setting aside the Nazi Menace for a minute so we can plunge once again into the swirling male-strom of Men Going Their Own Way. Today’s MGTOW adventure comes in the form of a very long, though not very well proofread manifesto that some dude called Zachary left in the comments here about a week ago. I didn’t let it through moderation then because I wanted to share it with you all.

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Sad news, white ladies: Some dude on the internet won’t date you any more

Well, ok, he WOULD date Audrey Hepburn
Well, ok, he WOULD date Audrey Hepburn

UPDATE 9/19/18: Yes, this is the same Mark Judge who allegedly helped Brett Kavanaugh allegedly try to rape a 15-year-old girl. For more on his creepy writings and even creepier videos, see my post here

By David Futrelle

I hope you’re happy, white ladies. You have tempted fate with your evil white lady ways, and now you will be paying the price: Some dude named Mark Judge will no longer be dating you.

To be fair, he won’t be dating white men either — he’s straight — but he seems a bit more worked up about the women.

In a post earlier this week on Real Clear Religion, Judge, a right-wing Catholic who is himself white, explained Why I Won’t Date Secular White Women. It’s really quite simple: they’re soulless sluts who don’t know how to love: 

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CoAlpha Forum member on Elliot Rodger: "Had he just butchered as many sorority girls as he could he would have been a true hero."

A makeshift shrine on the lawn of the sorority targeted by Elliot Rodger
A makeshift shrine on the lawn of the sorority targeted by Elliot Rodger

Most of those in the manosphere, whatever their real feelings, have been relatively circumspect about expressing sympathy with, or support for, Elliot Rodger. Sure, many manospherians – from MRAs to PUAs to MGTOWs – have long been half-warning, half-threatening those of us in the “blue pill” world that angry young men are going to rise up and take a sort of self-styled revenge upon their supposed female and feminist oppressors.

But when one man actually launches a “Day of Retribution” intended to punish the “blonde sluts” of the world (as well as any man who roused his ire or got in his way), most manospherians have tried to change the subject, denying any connection between his ideas and theirs, and in some cases even trying to pretend that the man who wanted to watch all women die in concentration camps wasn’t even a misogynist at all.

That’s not the case over at the CoAlpha Forum, a self-proclaimed “Reactionary Free Speech Forum” given over to a strange and scary patriarchal variant on manosphere ideology.

The main thing keeping the CoAlphas from celebrating Elliot Rodgers as an Incel Hero? He killed too many men – and didn’t “butcher” enough “sorority girls.”

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Expat PUA blogger: "24 is super crazy, crazy old. for a girl. 17. 19. past that, if we’re going to get all about babies, is pretty sketchy."

I couldn't come up with a good graphic for this post, so here's a giant chicken kidnapping a young boy.
I couldn’t come up with a good graphic for this post, so here’s a giant chicken kidnapping a young boy.

Jakeface — not his real name — is a “Game” blogger, pushing 40, and living in Vietnam. Or visiting there? I haven’t read enough of his blog to be able to figure that out. Given that the name of his blog is “cedonulli,” which seems to be a pretentious reference to the Latin phrase “cedo nulli” ( “I yield to none”), I probably won’t be reading all that much more.

But I do know he likes Vietnam, because he’s the sort of guy who enjoys joking about having sex with “girls … so barely legal … it’s not even funny,” and in Vietnam, he says, he’s not the only one who thinks that 24-year old women are “old as fuck.”

Did I mention he’s pushing 40 himself?

Anyway, not long ago, Jakeface offered readers of his blog his deep thoughts on the subject of age, and why women over the age of 19 are already starting to look elderly to him. [Link is mildly NSFW]

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The Apocalypse of the Other Jim: How Lorde and Lena Dunham are destroying Western Civilization, allegedly

Lorde: Harbinger of doom?
Lorde: Harbinger of doom?

So over on The Spearhead, the fellas are discussing pop star and self-professed feminist Lorde — no, really — and, well, I have some bad news for you all. Apparently we’re about to be taken over by Barbarian tribes. No, really — again. Blame Lorde, Lena Dunham, Lady Gaga, and of course Sex & the City. Among others.

According to a comment-cum-manifesto from The Other Jim, which won itself a couple of dozen upvotes from The Spearhead’s highly civilized readers, Lorde’s feminism

is merely symptomatic of the fact that we live in what can only be called, ‘The Fem-Centric Reality” … Where the culture of the West caters to female desires. Thus, it’s why we see movies, tv, books, music, etc. targeting women(with the govt. legally and economically empowering women eg Title IX, Lilly Ledbetter, etc.), but more importantly appealing to their innermost desires.

It’s why we’ve seen the popularity of such things like ‘Sex & the City’, ’50 Shades of Grey’, ‘Rom-Com’ movies and shows, ‘Girls’, ‘Dancing With the Stars’, ‘The Bachelor/ette’, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, ‘Grrll-Power’ Heroines like Jennifer Lawrence in the ‘Hunger Games’, ABC News, the ‘War on Women’, etc. All of it catering to the fleeting whims and desires of women. Thus, we all live in ‘Chick-World’. *

So, the ‘Fem-Centric Reality’ is the dominant cultural force in the West right now. Of course, it won’t last, nothing ever does, but the price it will exact from Western Civilization will likely help in usher in a cultural, if not civilizational collapse as the Barbarian tribes surrounding the West see the weakness the Fem-Centric Reality engenders and are patiently waiting to take over a weaker civilization.

So there’s that.

Jim ends with this, well, intriguing theory about trans women:

* It’s also why we’re seeing more MTF transsexuals in the public eye, IMO due to a form of Stockholm Syndrome whereby some men aren’t merely sympathizing with the hostage takers(women & the FemCentric Reality), they’re trying to become the hostage takers(women) and be at the center of the FemCentric Reality where the benefits are quite generous.

Fellas: just make sure to get your transition in before the barbarians take over, if you want to enjoy the lady benefits while you still can!

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Roosh’s Return of Kings blog: Tamerlan Tsarnaev had an American wife, therefore American women want to be beaten


Leave it to Roosh V’s Return of Kings blog to publish the most reprehensible thing I’ve yet seen related to the Boston Marathon bombing.

In a post with the lovely title “The American Woman Has Hit An All-Time Low,” guest blogger Samseau offers some thoughts – that is to say, wild, unsupported speculation – about the widow of bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and uses that as evidence in a case against American women as a whole, declaring her “a profound marker in the decline of the American woman.”

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Mark Minter takes on Marriage, Mangina Manservants and America’s Matriarchal Infrastructure

Mark Minter's worst nightmare
Mark Minter’s worst nightmare

Today I’m feeling lazy, so I’m just going to pass along some thoughts from Mark Minter, a fellow best known, insofar as he is known, for leaving melodramatic manospherian manifestos – look, three “m’s” in a row! — in other people’s comments sections. I’ve written about him before twice! — and he’s recently returned to his old habit of leaving his droppings in the comments here.

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