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ALL you need to do, is have babis: Another Comment I Didn’t Let Through

A question that applies to MGTOWs too

By David Futrelle

I thought I would end this week by setting aside the Nazi Menace for a minute so we can plunge once again into the swirling male-strom of Men Going Their Own Way. Today’s MGTOW adventure comes in the form of a very long, though not very well proofread manifesto that some dude called Zachary left in the comments here about a week ago. I didn’t let it through moderation then because I wanted to share it with you all.

Zachary offers his highly scientific opinions on such pressing issues of the day as  1) why women should pretty much devote all their attention to “child baring,” 2) how women don’t appreciate that “US WHITE WESTERN MEN we BUILT EVERYTHING,” 3) how “[w]omen never hunted a fucking wooly mammoth ok,” and of course 4) SEX ROBOTS.

Let’s begin:

firstof all this is a self described Anti trump Anti White Male Blog, you admit that in the description. You should admit it in the comments.

Well, he’s right about the Trump thing, so I’ll give him a point for that.

2ndof all. the REASON women HAVE to be attractive, is because THATS JUST REALITY its ALL they have going for them ITS BIOLOGY and if you THINk for ONE SECOND that women are NOT supposed to be attractive, youre discounting millionsof years of evolutionary adaptaion…the dominance hierarchy has been around before we were even mamals, so stop acting lik women are intrested in anything but money and looks…..women ONLY care about how “good” a an is, ranking us all, constantly lookng for something better, and its not BAD its just NATURE women have to care for a baby and so want the best they can get for that child….its fucking biology stop DENYING uitr

men and women are NOT equal. Men have to work and invest things, and fight wars to defend you (Oh go ahead say “from other men” as if that means a damn thing) and women have to have babis. Sorry but women ave babies, so thats ALL you need to do, is have babis.

Wait, is it “babies” or “babis,” I need to know!

You have status for just existing. you DONT ADMIT that you HAVE IT EASY and then you WANT MORE money….while MEN and MGTOW just want our CHILDREN and our MONEY back…..why wont you women ever admit that women just steal mens money and kids, its a fact, you gusy trake all our shit,

Yeah,, you gusy, stop traking all his shit!

and its why us MGTOW have decided to NOT get married or live with women, or have children with western women, because its NOT all women who are ROTTEN TO TEH CORE its you nasty western american women, and any woman who is a “feminist”” and if youre NOT a traditionalist your a foolish feminist, following the rules set out by MEN to convince you to simply leave the home, leave your kids with the state and join th workforce to raise more taxes and become a slave to make other men more money!

Well, yeah, capitalism sucks in a lot of ways, but I’m pretty sure no women on earth would prefer marriage to you to even the shittiest job.

Russian and eastern european women are not feminist and they are perfectly normal women who charish their men, who dont have stupid pointless “careers” which are NOT careers you women have JOBS jobs you HATE and you LIE about t and are uNHAPPy and you are mEANT to be housewives and raise children and youre FOOLS for giving that lifestyle up for depression and your ovaries drying up!

For what it’s worth, women made up 48.7% of the workforce in Russia as of 2016, which is actually a little higher than the percentage in the United States (45.8%), according to the World Bank.

Youre SICk and your telling us we need to be reprogrammed?!?

Well, at the very least you need to reboot your typing module.

All of you American women are the same and youre monsters compared to Rusian or eastern european women or even some Asian women. You have to realize that natue is real, you were born female, youre NOT as intelligent as men, youre NOT as capable as Men in any way other than child baring and thats IT dont TELL us that women invented all of modern civilization, US MEN built it US WHITE WESTERN MEN we BUILT EVERYTHING and the computer your using the internet, ALl of it, e built it

That’s not actually true, but even if it were, I’m not sure why Zachary here should get vicarious credit for the work of other dudes.

and you seem to think a fw comments from some redit users represents all of MGTOW?

Dude, let’s just say that you’re not exactly dispelling any alleged myths about MGTOWs here.

let me tell u something about most Mgtow, forst of all u seem to be so atracted to us, writing blogs about us, youre LOVING our male agression and dominance, you LOVE being put in your place, you ALL want Mgtow men So badly because the ONE secret men teach other men about women, is that when you ignore women they go crazy and want you! Because they want to know WHY youre ignoring them and will start giving YOU attention.

Even though I’m a dude, I think I can speak for all women in saying: No, dude, the women of the world do not secretly want you, “badly” or any other way, and most would rather chew their own hands off than go on a date with you.

You women think you have any chance at winning some sort of intellectual battle witrh us men who program and buil and maintain al of society?

I’m fairly certain that you personally do none of these things.

Why dont you women go ouyt and try working the dangerous hazardous jobs us men do, nope, u just want the fun high paying jobs!

You’re honestly mad at women for preferring jobs that pay well and don’t suck to shit-paying jobs they hate? EVERYONE PREFERS THOSE JOBS. Not many of any gender can get them.

And women CHOOSE to ork lss THATS why you get paid less,

Lss ork means lss moenyy, ladies!

ITS A CHOICE you CHOOSE to go be with your familis whih is actually MORE important than money…..but you have to be SO COMPETITIVE and you HAVE to have JUST AS MUCH MONEY as a man even if youre not performing at the same level, like womens soccor, you think women should be paid just as much as mens soccor players? Well they dont make as much money selling tickets! they dont have as many peopel watchng so they CANt get as much money!


u wome dont undertand such SIMPLE concepts and its telling that youre in love with Mgtow!

You LOVE mgtow men bcauise we are INDEPENDENt AND we can get laid WHENEVER WE WANT

Yes, you certainly do sound like someone who gets laid whenever he wants.

And lets say there is a man who cant get laiud, lets say hes low status or hes fat or ugly, and he has no charm. Guess what? he can save up $200 and easily have sex with an extrenely attractive hookr, and that woman is proof that you have no argument!

I’m not sure that many women are making the argument that prostitution doesn’t exist.

And now, I regret to have to tell you, dear readers, he offers some thoughts on rape.

getting LAID is NOT some magial poer women have control over. men can get laid whenever they want. We can PHYSIOCALLy have sex with ANY woman we want if we REALLY wantd, that woul be rape but honestly you women seem like you dont care when us men get raped in prison and dont “count” that so I would like to know why men shouldnt rapoe women if you women think its ok for us MEN to get raped?

Why do so many of these dudes spend so much of their time trying to come up with excuses as to why rape is ok?

Never mind, I think that one answers itself.

Honstly id like to knopw, it doesnt seem very fair, i dont think rape is ok for eithr men or women, unlike you women who seem to think men in prison DESERVE to get rapoed…hmmm thats real “compasionaite” of you leftists

It’s true that lots of people (in the US at least) joke about prison rape, but I don’t think many of them are leftists or feminists. Leftists and feminists tend to think that prisons are shitty and that rape is horrible, wherever it happens and whoever the victims are.

Oh and you also are in lov with trump! all of you women who “hate” Trump, remembr, Love trumps harte and so you really should LOVE trump, hah, got you by your own bumper sticker!


You really have to not open youself up to such hardcore penetration of my ideas into the womb of your pyche,


its realy not even fun. Its ljust work

Hate to tell you this, dude, but you are very bad at your work.

i have to write this comment, knowing yuoull be a coward and just delete it, because YOU NEED to see that youre in an ECHO CHAMBER and youre just writing this BLOG bcause youre LOOSING the information war!

Why would I delete such an amazing piece of self-owning nonsense as this?

You women are SO SCARED of Mgtrow growing into an even bigger movement

Wait it’s MGTROW now? I shudder to think what that R stands for.

WHich it is, its too late, and you omen will SIMPLY have to start being NICE to us men, and stop being total bitches

Why would any “omen” want to be nice to a boiling pustule of rage like you?

not IONCE have ytou aid ‘Thank You” for us white men inventing the Computer your using, the Intrnet your using, the fiber optic cabls its goint through the LCD scren ur watching the keybaord or tablet touschcren or smartphone your using, teh LETRICITy the AC current you using, a white man named nikola tesla inventd AC current in th Poer Line AND the radio waves youre getting you wifi frm! the car the planes you use, all invented by White Males, everything EVERYTHING you use in modern civilization, 99 percent of all useful inventions, all by white males! So why arent you worshiping us? Whre is this HATE coming from???

Dude, I’m pretty sure no women is obliged to worship you because Tesla invented some cool shit.

Why do you hate trump? WHy cant you even watch ONE speech? U simply watch MSNBC and read stupid leftist fake news articles and watch Colvbrt Lie about RUSSIA and trumps “collusion” which is a total lie, and you BELIVE it, and you PARROT this LIE that trump is a sexist….its pathetic

I’ve watched many Trump speeches, and let’s just say none of them made me like the man more.

and women hunting Mammoths is a joke! Maybe iut hapned ONCE but just because u saw it on some PBS special doesnt man its real, Feminits just made that story up, omen never hunted a fucking wooly mammoth ok? Women arent strong enough. Women are weak compared to men and women cannot fucking hunt wooly mamoths you just dont have the corindation and strength or stamina or spacial reasoning, stop acting like its SEXIST to STATE those FACTS they ARE NOT hate facts, its the TRUTH

I’m pretty sure that neither women nor men hunted mammoths on the regular back in the day, because, here’s the thing: mammoths can fucking kill you. And how are you going to eat all of that meat before it goes bad? I suspect our cave men and cave women ancestors were much more likely to hunt much smaller animals that could not kill them.

Oh and heres another thing about prostitution. I have never hadto usea hooker, but if you are a man who does, irts not hard, and you women jut hate th idea that men cant get laid whenever they want, without dealing with your shit….and you just HATE it…u HATE being obsolte

Prostitution has been around pretty much forever and it has yet to make women “obsolte.”

well i got another word for you honey, Sex Robots….

That’s two words.

they will eplace you bitchy nagging women so fast. Sorry but its true you guys are just bitchy and its annoying and men just wont oput up with youy untill you start waking us up with fellatiop out of COMPASSION , you have to trat us with respect and recognize our physical dominance ovr you, or you can watch us fuck a sex robot , its your choice,

And with that lovely image he ends his manifesto.

Though he ends it not with a period but with a comma, as if he might start typing again any moment. Hell, he might be off somewhere typing still.

This was all, by the way, intended as a rebuttal to the post Women don’t belong in nerd-friendly “male spaces,” because nerd girls are ugly, MGTOW explains and the comments it inspired.

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4 years ago

I want to do a dramatic reading of the original comment so bad. You’ve just gotta laugh at it.

Katherine the Adequate
Katherine the Adequate
4 years ago

Oh, how did I miss this one?

Just a couple of quick thoughts:

1. When kids get to be toddlers, they pretty much bare themselves, and the challenge is for parents to keep their diapers changed and teach them about the potty, and later, dressing themselves, etc.

2. So, if I’m to understand correctly, even back when humans hadn’t yet evolved from single-celled water critters, some types of water critters dominated and ruled over others. They must’ve been the critters to build the magnificent structures in their watery environs.

K, not much time, be back later for more laughs.

Katherine the Adequate
Katherine the Adequate
4 years ago

You women are SO SCARED of Mgtrow growing into an even bigger movement

Mgtrow must be what they call it, now that it’s “growing”.

I also don’t want to imagine anything about his claim to “get laid anytime he wants”. That also goes for his fantasy concerning women weeping over his fucking of a sex robot. Or his hand, or a knothole.

Finally, I can’t imagine what great things he believes he “invented”. He didn’t even invent a decent troll.

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