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A Trump-loving gun fanatic killed five in Philly and all the right wants to talk about is his cross-dressing

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In many ways, Kimbrady Carriker seems to be the very model of a modern mass shooter. The suspect in a gun rampage in Philadelphia that left four men and a teen boy dead, Carricker was reportedly carrying an AR-15-style assault rifle and wearing a bulletproof vest. On his now-deleted Facebook account, Vice notes, “he posted repeatedly about his second amendment rights, his pro-gun stance, his support for former president Donald Trump, and his disdain for President Joe Biden.” A Tucker Carlson fan, he also posted ominous passages from scripture, turning them into threats.

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Tucker Carlson leads holy war against “trans terrorism” in wake of Nashville shootings

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Fox News demagogue Tucker Carlson announced the start of a holy war against the trans movement in the wake of the tragic shootings at a Nashville Christian school by an apparent trans man. On his show Tuesday night, Carlson declared that the trans movement was the “natural enemy” of Christianity and should be treated as such.

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It’s not about “protecting the children.” Anti-trans bills now increasingly target adults

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I feel like my post yesterday on the Florida GOP’s crusade against trans kids didn’t fully capture the insidiousness of the legislation known as HB1421, which was passed out of the state house’s Healthcare Regulation subcommittee yesterday on a party-line vote.

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“Trans eradication” is Republican policy

The right-wing mob is coming for trans people.

The Daily Wire’s Micheal Knowles inspired alarmed headlines, and deservedly so, when he declared that “transgenderism must be eradicated from public life entirely” in a speech at CPAC on Saturday.

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On Michael Knowles, “transgenderism” and genocidal rhetoric

If someone were to call for Judaism to be “eradicated from public life entirely,” would you doubt their genocidal intent?

homophobia reactionary bullshit transphobia

Want to legally discriminate against LGBTQ+ people? Move to Alaska!

Alaska’s state government has quietly changed a policy banning discrimination against LGBTQ+ people, making it perfectly legal to deny queer people housing, loans, and government accommodations. A new report by ProPublica and the Anchorage Daily News uncovers the gory details of this recent policy change.

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The American Family Association attacks the “false prophets of sexual anarchy and gender confusion” after The Sims 4 game adds trans options

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Last week Electronic Arts announced that it would be adding trans options to its popular Sims 4 game–allowing players to customize their characters with top-surgery scars, chest binders, and other shapewear. Naturally, the right-wing American Family Association reacted as if someone had set fire to Jesus.

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Sam Smith puts on devil’s horns for a Grammy performance and conservatives act like Satan ate their baby

Right-wingers: Afraid of Halloween costumes

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Last night, non-binary singer Sam Smith doffed a hat with devil horns for a performance with trans performer Kim Petras at the Grammys. There were flames, Petras in a cage, and dancers dressed in what were effectively slutty demon Halloween costumes. On Twitter, right-wingers reacted as if Smith had literally sacrificed a baby for Satan on live TV.

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New Oklahoma anti-drag bill would seemingly ban Mimi Bobeck of the Drew Carey show

Actress Kathy Kinney as Mimi Bobeck

A new bill drafted by Oklahoma state Rep. Kevin West and introduced to the state House on Thursday would ban all drag performances that “could be viewed by a person under the age of majority.”

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Does Andrew Anglin want to be the next Andrew Tate?

Well, he’s bald; that’s a start

With professional misogynist and accused human trafficker Andrew Tate out of the picture at the moment, it seems as though neo-Nazi troll Andrew Anglin is vying to become something of a Tate replacement in the affections of troubled young men, spouting reactionary Red Pill “wisdom” about women and giving advice to young men not altogether different from that proffered by the other Andrew.

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