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“No woman has ever been manipulated into sex,” Red Pilled Redditor mansplains

Another insight into women from a man with zero insight into women. According to one deeply unpleasant dude on the PurplePillDebate subreddit called Round-Relative-7859, “no woman has ever been manipulated into sex.” How does he know this? He redefines manipulation out of existence when it comes to sex. Hey presto, no manipulation.

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Are women actually attracted to men, asks man who is not attractive to women

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Here’s a question from the AskMen subreddit from some guy who doesn’t understand why it is that no women ever seem to have any interest in sex:

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Vice News: “Andrew Tate Was Arrested on Suspicion of Rape in the UK in 2015”

A chilling new story in Vice reports that Andrew Tate, currently occupying a jail cell in Romania, “was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and physical abuse in 2015 while he and his brother were running a webcam sex business out of the UK, VICE World News can reveal.”

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Andrew Tate’s defenders are out in force after his arrest

The so-called “king of toxic masculinity” sits in a Romanian jail with his brother, detained for thirty days, accused of human trafficking and rape. The crimes Andrew Tate and his accomplices are said to have committed are heinous indeed. According to the authorities, the suspects recruited their

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Between Greta Thunberg and a police raid, Andrew Tate doesn’t know what hit him

Andrew Tate: Sad clown

UPDATED: See end of story. Pizza box thing not true.

It’s been a rough couple of days for musclebound professional misogynist Andrew Tate. Yesterday, his attempts to troll environmental activist Greta Thunberg on Twitter backfired spectacularly, inspiring widespread ridicule. Then, today, his Romanian villa was reportedly raided by the police in connection with the alleged kidnapping of two young women.

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Sex dungeons and Stepford Wives

Not a happy ending

There must be guys out there who watch The Stepford Wives — the original 1975 film anyway — without realizing that it’s a horror film. Guys who would root not for Katherine Ross or Paula Prentiss but for the mysterious men’s organization that runs the town of Stepford, which has developed a, well, unique way to respond to the demands of Women’s Lib, replacing the sometimes uppity women who have just moved into the town with more docile versions of themselves who are both traditional housewives and sexy sex slaves.

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Lesbian feminists “want to spoil women,” by encouraging them to slut it up, destroying any value they could have had for men, Reddit weirdo explains

Lesbians, always up to something

So over on the AntiFeminists subreddit they’re discussing the important issues of the day. Like whether or not feminism is a giant grooming operation operated by “predatory lesbians” who want all the ladies to themselves.

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He Took It Out: Elon Musk is trending on Twitter because he (allegedly) showed an employee his penis and then offered to buy her a horse

Keep being gross, dudes. I’ve got like 100 of these stock photos of disgusted women

CONTENT WARNING: People talking about Elon Musk’s penis.

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Move to “Ooga-boogastan” where sex is more cost-effective, and other dating tips from the MensRights subreddit

Don’t spend “cash for gash” unless you can get it for a big discount

I found some lovely dating advice for frugal men in a discussion of dating apps on the Men’s Rights subreddit.

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30-year-old incels suffering from arrested development should be allowed to have sex with 14-year-olds because “mentally we’re still teenagers,” incel insists

Well here’s a terrible post for you all from an incel who thinks he’s come up with the ultimate excuse for pedophilia, oh sorry hebephilia — you know, the one in which they want to fuck girls 14 or younger.

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