David Futrelle FAQ

I‘m a freelance writer and blogger living in Evanston, IL, with two awesome cats (pictured below, slightly greasy with eardrop residue).

I’ve been writing on topics ranging from gender and culture to money and technology for more than twenty years.

My writing has appeared in a wide variety of places, among them Broadly, TheCut, Salon,  HuffPost, Time.com, The American Prospect, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the New York Times Book Review. I was a staff writer at Money magazine for a number of years.

I was also behind the blog Confused Cats Against Feminism.

For more about We Hunted The Mammoth, see the Mammoth FAQ.

For more me, see:

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Here, as promised, are my cats, early in their careers as cats. Yes, they are much cuter than me.

Sweetie and Pantz, doing the kitten thing.

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Killer B Kilt
1 year ago

My thought would be do you send automatic emails out to subscribers or to humans in general? Thanks!

1 year ago

Check out r/FriendsOfBrian… Incels thoughts about Gabby Patito- it’s insane.

Lisa Clews
Lisa Clews
1 year ago

Hi David, found in the wild. Summary; story is about a mother who enforced an allergen-free birthday party for her 12-month old with severe food allergies. Baby’s father and his family refused to even try the allergen-free food and whined they wanted (dangerous) pizza. My comment:

“The audacity.
I hope that mother NEVER leaves her little one alone with her in laws. They sound like the type to deliberately give her “forbidden” foods because they don’t “believe” in allergies.
I hope she’s also re-examining her marriage. What kind of man prioritises his family’s desire to eat pizza over his daughter’s health???”

One Brad Sutton’s reply to me;
“one who is stuck with a wife who wants to rule the roost as self appointed dictator.
The husband gets an EQUAL say in the food.
He can have some non vegan food included and she can have some vegan food included.
A healthy compromise on food placement and safety measures is fine”.

He’s getting TRASHED, but continues to willfully miss the point. He’s actually used the word “misadry”.


Last edited 1 year ago by Lisa Clews
10 months ago

Not that you probably NEED more tips, but, this pinhead is all over our news at the moment: https://www.latimes.com/socal/daily-pilot/news/story/2022-05-06/costa-mesa-police-on-lookout-for-incel-who-allegedly-harasses-attacks

5 months ago

Please do a post about Jordan Peterson crying on TV over hearing comments from Olivia Wilde’s movie character she based off him.

Jessica Wiesel
Jessica Wiesel
5 months ago

Here’s an interesting article for you


Enjoy your work!

1 month ago

I’m the guy who started the Boycott American Women blog, and i admit i was quite a woman hater but i went thru a spiritual awakening and now I’m trying to heal women instead of hurt them. Anyway if you wanna ask me questions or do an interview, just DM me on instagram at tantrahealermaster

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