antifeminism dude you've got no fucking idea what you're talking about misogyny MRA reddit whaaaaa?

Man laughing alone with word salad

Ok, it’s a regular salad, but you get the idea

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Every once in a while, I encounter someone posting away in the Men’s Rights subreddit who stands out in some way. It’s usually not a good way. Sometimes, the misogyny is over the top, even by Men’s Rights standards. Sometimes the commenter’s writing is overflowing with buzzwords that will only make sense to the initiated insofar as they make any sense at all.

incels kitties whaaaaa?

“Do foids use cats for sexual purposes,” is an actual topic of discussion on

Say what?

Yes, this is an actual topic of discussion on

breitbart dude you've got no fucking idea what you're talking about evil fat fatties misogyny racism transphobia whaaaaa?

Batshit Breitbart: “Democrats Embrace Child Mutilation, Morbid Obesity to Replace Working Class”

Breitbart’s John Nolte

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Sometimes it’s useful to remind ourselves just how batshit Breitbart is. Take yesterday’s column by John Nolte, which argues that the “Democrats are embracing permanent child mutilation and morbid obesity” as a way “[t]o replace working-class, black, and Hispanic voters” they’ve been losing in recent elections.

4chan bad anatomy misogyny racism whaaaaa?

The most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen (this week)

Somehow this two-year old post from 4Chan made it to the top of the Not How Girls Work subreddit this week and it is so weird and disgusting (even by 4chan standards) that I feel compelled to share it with you. Brace yourself.

bunnies MRA whaaaaa?

The Men’s Rights subreddit has finally broken my brain

Me reading the Men’s Rights OP (re-enactment)

Ok, they’ve finally done it. A post in the Men’s Rights subreddit has turned my brain to mush.

Dunning–Kruger effect MGTOW whaaaaa?

They’ll upvote pretty much anything in the MGTOW subreddit

For example, see this post in which a MGTOW-friendly Redditor waxes rhapsodic about … his washing machine. (Or, as he accidently calls it in his headline, his “machine machine.”)

chad incels whaaaaa?

Women only breastfeed their male babies if they’re hot, incel insists

Not cute enough

I learn new things on every day. Today I learned that only Chad babies are breastfed.

actual mammoths antifeminism bad science men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny whaaaaa?

We Extincted the Mammoth to Male-Genocide You

The last mammoth

By David Futrelle

So over on Tumblr, some people were having a nice little discussion of how amazing it is that our ancient ancestors were able to figure out some rather complicated sciencey things, like the circumference of the earth, without being able to just look them up on Google.

alpha males crackpottery hillary clinton narcissism trump whaaaaa? yeah totally sure right

Trump superfan Mike Cernovich thinks he caused Hillary’s recent illness … WITH A TWEET

Cerno the Magnificent
Cerno the Magnificent

It’s not news that alt-right lawyer and juice enthusiast Mike Cernovich is a little, well, off.

Now he’s taken that weirdness to a whole new level with a post suggesting that he and other Trump supporters caused Hillary to get sick … with their minds. Or at least with their Tweets.

a voice for men antifeminism entitled babies grandiosity gross incompetence memes men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny MRA oppressed men rape rape culture red pill whaaaaa?

The 9 Most Gloriously Ridiculous Men’s Rights Memes of 2015

Apparently, feminists are zombies who need to be fought off with baseball bats.
Apparently, feminists are zombies who need to be fought off with baseball bats.

Yep, I’m still doing the 2015 retrospectives. I know that it’s now 2016. But hey, I did more than 500 posts in 2015, and there is so much ridiculousness in them I want to share with you all.

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