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12 reasons why the MGTOW subreddit deserved to be banned

Yes, they are the baddies.

Yesterday, at long last, Reddit banned the MGTOW and MGTOW2 subreddits for promoting hate.

After I posted the news to Twitter one angry respondent asked why:

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No, the racist mass shooter in Hanau, Germany was NOT an incel

A makeshift memorial for the victims in Hanau

By David Futrelle

On Wednesday night, a gunman opened fire on patrons at two separate hookah bars in Hanau, Germany, killing nine; he and his elderly mother were later found dead in his apartment.

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“One Angry Gamer” loses it over a lesbian kiss in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

No, the kiss does not involve Rey

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By David Futrelle

Over on the right-wing culture war blog One Angry Gamer, the highly excitable Billy D is absolutely losing it over a lesbian kiss in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Because apparently it doesn’t correctly represent the demographic realities of Dagobah or Tatooine or wherever the movie is set (I really haven’t been paying much attention).

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Stefan Molyneux throws down the gauntlet to … wine moms?

By David Futrelle

Everybody’s favorite racist, lady-hating philosopher-impersonator has found a new target for his wrath: wine moms.

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Woman who’s been banned from Uber Eats for racism is now running for congress | Brand New Ugly

Laura Loomer: I have no platform but I must scream

Professional troll Laura Loomer — famously banned from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for her anti-Muslim bigotry and other sins — has come up with a new way to garner herself some attention: she just filed to run for Congress as a Republican in Florida’s 21st Congressional District.

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The priest having a Twitter meltdown over women’s sexy shoulders also hates “sodomite homosexualists,” “so-called trans” folks, and cute lady feet

Bare shoulders: Not ok for women, fine for Son of God

By David Futrelle

There are a lot of guys out there who not-so-secretly resent women for having bodies that get them all hot and bothered.

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Did Carl of Swindon — aka Sargon of Akkad — just destroy an entire political party? An analysis, with memes

Fake news — or all too real?

By David Futrelle

The results are in for the European elections, and as a confused American I have no idea what they mean, for the UK or Europe as a whole. (I’ll leave the explanations to people who understand this better than me.)

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You Nagged Us to Hunt the Mammoth to Feed You: A new variation on an old misogynist tall tale

Oopsie whoopsie! (Recolored screenshot from Far Cry: Primal)

By David Futrelle

Manosphere dinguses, like the Evo Psych professors many of them are such fans of, love to tell “just-so” stories about human prehistory that reinforce their backwards notions about men and women.

alt-right anti-Semitism hate Islamophobia mass shooting terrorism

Synagogue shooting in Poway, California: Open thread

The Chabad of Poway synagogue

By David Futrelle

Another apparent act of far-right terrorism: A gunman apparently armed with a semi-automatic weapon entered a synagogue in Poway, California during a celebration of the final day of Passover and opened fire, killing one and wounding three others. The alleged shooter, a 19-year-old identified as John Earnest, fled the scene but was taken into custody shortly afterwards.

#gamergate alt-lite alt-right anti-Semitism antifeminism crackpottery cringe Dunning–Kruger effect irony alert Islamophobia literal nazis men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny racism rhymes with roosh Stefan Molyneux

The Week’s Worst Tweets From Terrible People, feat. @RooshV, @StefanMolyneux, @RichardBSpencer

Angry dudes typing with their thumbs

By David Futrelle

For your convenience, a small collection of awful tweets from some of the delightful individuals who have appeared in the virtual pages of We Hunted the Mammoth over the years, and a few who haven’t. You will be happy to learn that I have included no tweets dealing with the Mueller report in any way. [EDIT: Ok, I lied about the Mueller thing.]

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