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A Voice for Men doesn’t hate Mad Max Fury Road, except when it does

Charlize Theron committing misandries in Mad Max Fury Road
Charlize Theron committing misandries in Mad Max Fury Road

Apparently someone at A Voice for Men missed the meeting where they all get assigned their opinions to promote on social media for the day. On Twitter, Dean Esmay accuses a Huffington Post writer of lying about MRAs urging people not to see Mad Max: Fury Road:

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CoAlpha Forum member on Elliot Rodger: "Had he just butchered as many sorority girls as he could he would have been a true hero."

A makeshift shrine on the lawn of the sorority targeted by Elliot Rodger
A makeshift shrine on the lawn of the sorority targeted by Elliot Rodger

Most of those in the manosphere, whatever their real feelings, have been relatively circumspect about expressing sympathy with, or support for, Elliot Rodger. Sure, many manospherians – from MRAs to PUAs to MGTOWs – have long been half-warning, half-threatening those of us in the “blue pill” world that angry young men are going to rise up and take a sort of self-styled revenge upon their supposed female and feminist oppressors.

But when one man actually launches a “Day of Retribution” intended to punish the “blonde sluts” of the world (as well as any man who roused his ire or got in his way), most manospherians have tried to change the subject, denying any connection between his ideas and theirs, and in some cases even trying to pretend that the man who wanted to watch all women die in concentration camps wasn’t even a misogynist at all.

That’s not the case over at the CoAlpha Forum, a self-proclaimed “Reactionary Free Speech Forum” given over to a strange and scary patriarchal variant on manosphere ideology.

The main thing keeping the CoAlphas from celebrating Elliot Rodgers as an Incel Hero? He killed too many men – and didn’t “butcher” enough “sorority girls.”

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Men’s Rights White Knights rush in to protect Karen “GirlWritesWhat” Straughan from MRA criticism

Karen Straughan, in an uncharacteristic moment of silence
Karen Straughan, in an uncharacteristic moment of silence

So FeMRA videoblogger Karen “GirlWritesWhat” Straughan flapped her gums for nearly two hours the other night and sounds came out. This time she wasn’t sitting at her kitchen table blabbing to a webcam about female “hypoagency” and regurgitating misremembered factoids about bonobos but was speaking to an audience of mostly white dudes at Ryerson University in Toronto Canada.

I haven’t watched her performance — which is of course online as well — because life is short, and frankly I’d rather endure this for ten hours than subject myself to the tedious GWW for nearly two.

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As the worms turn: Men's Rights subreddit mod now defends spamming Occidental College with false rape reports

Oh, Men’s Rightsers, can you just make up your minds? Only a couple of days after blaming trolls for the spamming of Occidental College’s rape reporting site with false accusations, rather than acknowledging it as the work of Men’s Rightsers in his own subreddit who were proudly encouraging and taking credit for it themselves, Men’s Rights subreddit mod sillymod is now defending the false rape reporting as “unpopular” but thought-provoking activism.

sillymod 6 points 7 hours ago (13|7)  First you have to believe that we did something wrong in order to want to get our reputation back. Sometimes people fighting for a cause are going to do something that is unpopular in order to make a statement.  I don't think we do need to get our reputation back. I think the act stands for itself, and it will get people to stop and think.      permalink     source     save     give gold     hide child comments  [–]TheIdesOfLight [+20] 15 points 4 hours ago (22|7)  So I guess that whole "We were trolled"/"It was SRS!" bullshit is off the table? You can't pass the buck and convince yourselves everyone else is guilty but you and now it's become an act of bravery?  Wow.  Yeah, watching you flip flop on this for the past three days has been both alarming and rewarding. You didn't make any kind of statement, Sillymod. The entire internet and media is sneering at you and you still can't just say WE DID A TERRIBLE THING. PERHAPS WE SHOULD REFLECT ON IT AS A WHOLE.      permalink     source     save     parent     give gold  [–]ninioquiroz 6 points 3 hours ago (12|6)  No, because that would require a level of maturity and self-awareness that this "movement" clearly lacks.  But, does anybody else think feminists are to blame for all the world's problems?

This whole exchange is worth reading — it continues on for a number of comments beyond this, with sillymod’s rationalizations becoming increasingly baroque. It’s extremely rare to see critical remarks like those from TheIdesOfLight actually get upvoted in the Men’s Rights subreddit. The Occidental College fiasco has divided the Men’s Rights subreddit like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Some are appalled by it; others are digging in their heels.

Speaking of which, here’s former subreddit mod Celda defending the false rape reports in much more straightforward terms than sillymod:

Celda [-1] 5 points 18 hours ago (9|4)  I agree that the subreddit deserves some responsibility for that.  But - there was nothing wrong with those actions.  I saw the news articles in which it says they were spammed with hundreds of reports, of being raped by fictional characters, accusing the staff of the Dean's Office (the form is run by the Dean's Office), etc.  Those reports are non-harmful - and the goal of shutting down the online form is quite a laudable one.  I am actually quite disgusted by the number of people who are defending the existence of an anonymous online form intended for reporting people as rapists.

Elsewhere, Celda has called the false reporting “quite moral and laudable.”

Thanks to the AgainstMensRights subreddit — which, again, is not actually against rights for men, but against the reactionary clusterfuck that is the Men’s Rights movement — for keeping close track on all this.

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Men's Rights Redditors try to call out misogyny, fail (BONUS BIGOTRY: The misogyny caller-outer posts to the White Rights subreddit)


So my post yesterday pointed out a rather extravagantly misogynistic post by the Men’s Rights Activist behind the blog Men Against Misandry. If you read it, you probably remember the money quote from his post, which he was so proud of he posted separately on Facebook:

If women sucked dick half as well as they suck at sports there would be no more divorces in the great US of A.

Today a new commenter here on Man Boobz, evidently an MRA irritated that I had quoted his comrade, posted a link to a discussion on the Men’s Rights subreddit that went up a couple of hours ago, and that specifically disavowed this quotation, declaring “This is NOT who we are, and this is NOT Okay.” The thread, when last I checked, had gotten nearly 800 upvotes from the Men’s Rights regulars.

I thought to myself, “wow, a rare moment of self-reflection, and self-policing, from MRAs!”

But then I started reading the comments.

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Men’s Rights Public Relations: Don’t call all women crazy bitches, even if they totally are, because feminists might catch you.

This quote from the Men’s Rights subreddit was featured on the Against Men’s Rights subreddit a week ago, but I can’t resist reposting it here, since it’s such a marvellous distillation of Men’s Rights LOGICS at work.

jabberwockysuperfly 60 points 7 days ago (93|33)  We appreciate your solidarity. However, please refrain from making statements like "women are all crazy bitches" regardless of how true it might be; feminists mine this subreddit in the hope of finding this kind of statement so they can use it to discredit this movement.      permalink     source     save     give gold     hide child comments  [–]lolyesok [S] 30 points 7 days ago (33|3)  Woops, I'll edit that out when I get to a computer.      permalink     source     save     parent     give gold  [–]theskepticalidealist 15 points 6 days ago (19|4)  They'll quote that too.

That’s right: while we of course agree that women are all crazy bitches, we generally don’t like to say that sort of thing out loud, at least here in this subreddit, because our actual opinions are so foul they discredit us every time we say them out loud in public and the evil feminists cherry-pick our statements and reveal to the world WHAT WE ACTUALLY BELIEVE.

And jabberwockeysuperfly won himself 60 upvotes for that wondrous bit of SUPER STEM MANLOGICS.

Later in the discussion, our dear old friend Pecanpig clarified that even if there are some women who aren’t crazy bitches, they’re definitely a bunch of bad … oranges?

dejour 13 points 7 days ago (29|16)  It's not true though that all women are crazy bitches. So she shouldn't be saying that. For me the point though is that some women are and the legal system and public shouldn't assume that women=good, man=bad.      permalink     source     parent     save     give gold     hide child comments  [–]Pecanpig 5 points 6 days ago (8|3)  Depends on individual circumstances, if you eat 10 oranges and they are all bad then for all intents and purposes oranges are bad, that can be true despite contradicting your own experiences with oranges or whatever.

Orange you a strange one, Pecanpig.

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MRA icon Zed: Let little girls drown, because they’ll probably grow up to be terrible women

What kind of monster will she become?

“Zed,” also known as “The Zen Priest,” was one of the originators of the Men Going Their Own Way “philosophy” and is treated as a wise elder by many longtime MRAs.

WF Price of The Spearhead described a compilation of Zed’s writings as “really quite profound as well as a great read” and used to give it out as a bonus for everyone who signed up for his email newsletter. Paul Elam of A Voice for Men laid it on a bit thicker, saying of the man he described as both a mentor and a friend:

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MRA: We shouldn’t tolerate misogyny in the Men’s Rights movement. Reddit Men’s Rights mods hit the delete button.

You must be THIS MAD to post in the Men’s Rights subreddit.

Here’s a suprisingly candid comment from an MRA in the Men’s Rights subreddit, challenging the misogyny within the movement:

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Battle of the Banned (Man Boobz trolls)

An army of miniskirted shooterers prepares to oppress men with their legs.
Miniskirted cyclists prepare to oppress men with their legs.

Feeling nostalgic for some of the Man Boobz trolls of yore? Well, head over to the Men’s Rights subreddit, where two of the greats most terrible are having a battle of wits. It all started when Man Boobz Troll of the Year 2011 NWOslave offered his opinions in a thread discussing Swaziland’s recent banning of “rape-provoking” miniskirts.

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Manosphere Civil War: AVFM fires back at the MGTOW rebels. Also, kitty pics.

Dude against dude. Not sure why the dogs are floating in midair.

Manosphere drama is always a bit surreal. You may recall my post the other day about the feud developing between two sites that are regular sources of material for us here at Man Boobz: MGTOWforums and A Voice for Men. As you may recall, the folks at MGTOWforums were working themselves into a lather because AVFM was committing the cardinal sin of allowing women – sorry, “cunts” – to post articles and comments. The horror!

Now AVFM has fired back. In a thread on AVFM’s relatively new forum, head cheese Paul Elam lashes out at the “MGTOW Forum Fuckwits,” declaring them a bunch of shit-stirring “piss ants” and announcing his plans to turn the AVFM forum into MGTOW central.