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Stefan Molyneux answers the musical question “why do good girls like bad guys?”

I had this question for a real long time

By David Futrelle

It’s a question asked over, and over, and over, and over, and over again on Tik Tok:

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Dean Esmay, MRA and big old white dude, tells feminist women of color they’re “Aunt Jemimahs”

Dean Esmay: Considers himself qualified to judge your blackness
Dean Esmay: Considers himself qualified to judge your blackness

Dean Esmay — Men’s Rights Activist, AIDS “skeptic,” big old white dude — has added another skill to his resume: Arbiter of Blackness.

If you haven’t been following the activities of Mr. Esmay of late, the A Voice for Men “chief operations officer” has been having a rather extended Twitter meltdown, posting endless puzzling yet impassioned Tweets to his own #SpankAFeminist hashtag, addressing an assortment of imaginary feminist enemies.

Some of the more puzzling have involved race, like his repeated charge that feminists are a bunch of white racists because, well, let’s let Esmay explain:

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MRA Dean Esmay elevates the discourse with new #SpankAFeminist hashtag, gratuitous rape references

Dean Esmay
Dean Esmay wants you to know that you’re a cruel bitter bitchy hatemongering bigot harpy who needs to be spanked, metaphorically.

Dean Esmay, the Chief Operations Officer (whatever that is) of A Voice for Men, has scored a major public relations coup for the Men’s Rights movement with his aggressive promotion of an exciting new Twitter hashtag, #SpankAFeminist.

In what I can only assume is an attempt to convince the world that MRAs do indeed spend a good portion of their days fantasizing about doing physical harm to feminists, Esmay explains in a post on AVFM that the hashtag is necessary “because it’s finally time to put abusive liars over the knee.” 

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New Manosphere theory: Cliven Bundy is being attacked because he talks too much like a black person

Cliven Bundy and pals
Cliven Bundy: Too black?

Well, I was wrong. I thought that Heartiste would be the first Manospherian to come to the defense of fallen Fox News hero Cliven Bundy. Nope. Turns out it was W. F. Price of The Spearhead, who blamed Bundy’s fall from grace not on his crude racism but on the fact that the white rancher with the guns and unpaid bills … talks too much like a black person.

No, really.

Here’s Price’s argument, such as it is:

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