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Chasing those sweet, sexy sheep with The Psychopathic Edge, Twitter PUA

No, The Psychopathic Edge is not an unflattering nickname for the guitarist in U2. The guy who goes by this moniker is a pickup guru with several self-published books to his name and more than three times the number of Twitter followers than I have.

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The world’s saddest tweet?

From the world’s saddest tweeter?

So I was rummaging around on Twitter today and ran across this tweet. It’s not a new one, but it strikes me as rather exquisitely sad, so sad I really feel I need to share it with you all.

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The Wait: Election aftermath open thread (with emergency kitties)

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The wait is killing me. And it’s probably killing you.

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“Cats are the real Jews,” confused 4Channer argues

4Channers are forever coming up with new and exciting ways to be antisemitic. Here’s an Anon on 4Chan’s /pol/ board who has managed to work his hatred of cats into the equation:

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Porn, “lustful music” and “vulgar clothing” are lowering men’s “vibrational state,” angry New Age no-fapper declares in epic dumb rant

Lower vibrational energy

By David Futrelle

If you’ve ever wondered what the “precious bodily fluids”-obsessed General Jack D. Ripper from Dr. Strangelove would sound like if he were, like, really into crystals and auras and shit, well, he might sound a bit like this dude I found in the Semen Retention subreddit today, warning his fellow semen-retainers of the alleged spiritual war being waged against their good vibrations.

doggoes kitties open thread

Open thread for personal stuff, like if there’s a cat always sitting on you

BFFs, or cat tyranny in action?

By request, a long overdue open thread for personal stuff! No trolls.

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Pledge Drive! Late November 2018 Phone Kittens Edition

Operators are standing by!

By David Futrelle

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Everything is shitty so here’s Freddie Mercury with his cats

Freddie with Tiffany, one of his real-life Fat Bottomed Girls

By David Futrelle

Did you all know that Freddie Mercury was really, really into his cats? I did not. But he was, and here is photographic proof. I ran a couple of the pics here through some filters because I sort of like to do that.

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Everything is terrible, so here are some cats chasing bears up trees

Yeah, like a cat never chased YOU up a tree!

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By David Futrelle

We’re going off-topic for a dose of CAT-spiration this Caturday.

Cats are pretty badass. And maybe just a teensy bit overconfident? Or possibly just stupid?

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This random incel’s theory on how bone structure determines everything about you will rattle your bones

Chad using his superior bone structure to charm the ladies

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By David Futrelle

In their forums online, where no one can see what they look like, self-described “involuntary celibates” come across as some of the most repugnant human beings that have ever walked the earth. Yet somehow incels think it’s their looks, not their personalities, that drive the women away.