incels kitties whaaaaa?

“Do foids use cats for sexual purposes,” is an actual topic of discussion on

Say what?

Yes, this is an actual topic of discussion on

kitties off topic open thread

Merry Christmas Eve: Open Thread

I don’t know why he’s in a flying saucer, but he is

A little open thread for Christmas Eve.

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Republicans hate single women. And the feeling is mutual

The overwhelming majority of single women who voted last week did so with the intent of doing the Republicans harm. According to CNN exit polls, a full 68 percent of single women voted for Democrats in the midterms, with only 31 percent voting Republican. That’s a gap of 37 points.

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Fox News declares war on campus cats — and the students who might want to pet them

Get outta the dorm room, you filthy furry snowflake enabler!

A new study finds that college students can relieve stress through the simple act of petting a cat. It’s not exactly a revolutionary discovery — lots of studies have found that pets can relax people, which is part of the reason we let them live in our houses in the first place and why there are programs to bring dogs to campuses to help students chill out. Now maybe cats will be included in such programs, too.

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PlayStation head: Forget about Roe v. Wade for a minute; let’s talk about my kitties

Tech companies have reacted differently to the impending end of Roe V Wade. While most have remained silent on the issue, some have come out strongly against the Supreme Court’s (draft) opinion. The game developer Bungie denounced what it sees as “a blow to freedom in America and is a direct attack on human rights.” Microsoft and Amazon have gone a step further, pledging to cover traveling costs and other expenses for any employee who has to travel to another state to get an abortion.

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Happy Mother’s Day — now back to the kitchen! 17 weird, creepy, and sometimes cute vintage cards

Happy Mothers Day! Let us celebrate with a bunch of weird, creepy, retrograde, sexist, and sometimes cute vintage Mother’s Day cards.

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Chasing those sweet, sexy sheep with The Psychopathic Edge, Twitter PUA

No, The Psychopathic Edge is not an unflattering nickname for the guitarist in U2. The guy who goes by this moniker is a pickup guru with several self-published books to his name and more than three times the number of Twitter followers than I have.

alt-lite kitties

The world’s saddest tweet?

From the world’s saddest tweeter?

So I was rummaging around on Twitter today and ran across this tweet. It’s not a new one, but it strikes me as rather exquisitely sad, so sad I really feel I need to share it with you all.

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The Wait: Election aftermath open thread (with emergency kitties)

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The wait is killing me. And it’s probably killing you.

/pol/ 4chan anti-Semitism kitties

“Cats are the real Jews,” confused 4Channer argues

4Channers are forever coming up with new and exciting ways to be antisemitic. Here’s an Anon on 4Chan’s /pol/ board who has managed to work his hatred of cats into the equation:

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