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The Little Mermaid is a smash, and the “get woke, go broke” idiots don’t know what to do with themselves

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The “get woke, go broke” crowd has egg on its face again, with Disney’s new live-action The Little Mermaid raking in a cool $117 million at the domestic box office and another $68 million internationally over the Memorial Day weekend. The anti-woke haters, you may recall, were outraged that a black actress, Halle Bailey, took on the titular role, and had convinced themselves that the film would be a colossal flop.

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New incel theory: If you wear a condom during sex, you’re still an incel, somehow

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Incel logic strikes again. Apparently, if you’re wearing a condom during sex, you’re being “cucked,” and the sex doesn’t count as sex.

homophobia the federalist transphobia

“Pride Month Is A Cynical Exercise In State-Enforced Homosexuality” declares Federalist writer who doesn’t know what words mean

The Pride Police will bust down your door and make you gay

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I have to give The Federalist credit for one thing: It was an eye-catching headline. Yesterday, you see, the billionaire-backed right-wing website ran a semi-coherent rant from staff editor Samuel Mangold-Lenett under the headline: “Pride Month Is A Cynical Exercise In State-Enforced Homosexuality.”

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Faced with threats over its Pride collection, Target caves to the bigots and sends the message that terrorism works

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So Target, in response to complaints and threats and a few creepy viral videos, has decided to yank some LGBTQ+ merch and Pride Month displays from certain Southern stores. As a spokesperson for the company explained in a press release:

incels misogyny racism

Asian women are emotionless subhumans, and that’s why I want to have sex with them, incel explains

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Even by incel standards, this one is … impressive. On the forums, one prolific commenter explains exactly why he’s so obsessed with Asian women: he thinks they’re insects. Maybe literally.

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Right-wingers now boycotting everything. Can no longer buy stuff; starvation looms

Right-wingers are furious that Sports Illustrated thinks this woman is hot

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It’s getting harder and harder to keep track of all the companies and people the right-wing culture warriors have decided to boycott.

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Rudy Giuliani accused of sexual assault and approximately one zillion other disgusting things in new $10 million lawsuit

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Noelle Dunphy, the ex-business development director for repellent political operative Rudy Giuliani, is spilling some seriously hot tea. According to a lawsuit she just filed against him, Giuliani’s job requirements were a little, er, unconventional, with the frequently drunk MAGA lawyer insisting on sex-on-demand and forcing her to wear scanty clothes while working out of his apartment with him. She’s seeking a cool $10 million in damages.

anti-Semitism anti-vaxxers conspiracy theory twitter

Right-wingers aghast as Elon Musk picks a “globalist” as new Twitter CEO

Let THAT sink in

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Elon Musk has spent a lot of time sucking up to some of right-wing Twitter’s most noxious influencers since becoming CEO of the struggling social media site. Now he’s stepping down as CEO, and his (now former) fans are throwing a fit over his choice as a replacement–Linda Yaccarino, a top official at the World Economic Forum (WEF) and former NBCUniversal ad chief.

mass shooting misogyny racism roosh v white supremacy

Texas shooter Mauricio Garcia was steeped in the incel subculture, and a regular reader of

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By now you’ve probably seen the pictures of Allen, Texas mass shooter Mauricio Garcia showing off his freshly inked Nazi tattoos. His social media account on is filled with racist material and quotes from far-right white supremacist sites like VDare and the Daily Stormer.

dating tips misogyny red pill reddit

“Relationships are for losers,” and other insights from the PurplePillDebate subreddit

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So many unhealthy ideas about dating and relationships floating around in the PurplePillDebate subreddit! Today, let’s take a quick look at a rather bitter red piller (or perhaps even a little bit of a black piller) explaining to the assembled masses why “relationships are for losers.”

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