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Transphobes were thrilled when the Club Q shooter suspect claimed to be nonbinary. Now he seems to have dropped the claim

Matt Walsh: For a moment, he was so happy

When the suspect in the Club Q mass shooting in Colorado Springs claimed, through his lawyers, that he was nonbinary, transphobes could barely contain their glee: No longer could those on the left accuse them of directly or indirectly inspiring the shooting with their hyperbolic transphobic rhetoric. The alleged shooter was trans — one of their own.

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Christian blogger hails Russia’s new “Don’t Say Gay” law as a brave assault on “state-sanctioned sodomy”

Vladimir Putin has just signed a draconian bill into law prohibiting so-called LGBTQ “propaganda” in Russia. The bill, a bulked-up version of a less sweeping 2013 law, is so broad in its scope it will effectively ban any and all discussion of gay or trans identities in Russia, a ban enforceable by fines of up to 4 million rubles (or $64,000). The bill also bans the advocacy of pedophilia, as if that is even remotely in the same category.

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Natural News takes a journey into Disney’s big gay black hole

Working late in the Disney offices

Conservative cultural criticism is beyond parody these days. Consider the following reflections on Disney and its “Gay Black Hole” from someone called S. D. Wells on, which is neither natural nor news but rather a lot of health disinfo and right-wing conspiracy theories.

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Hate speech rises dramatically on Elon Musk’s Twitter, reports claim

Twitter is getting uglier by the day

Elon Musk’s so-called free speech crusade is making Twitter a more hateful place, reports from two watchdog groups charge.

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Elon Musk brings Andrew Anglin, the Daily Stormer dude, back to Twitter

So if you were wondering if Elon Musk was really going to open up the sewers and “amnesty” all the worst people who’ve ever been banned from Twitter, it sure looks like he’s doing just that. Today the Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin, initially banned way back in 2013 for something truly terrible, we assume, is back and shitposting up a storm, as it were, on the increasingly Nazified social media platform.

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Women are nothing but bags of sperm for men, declares man who doesn’t know why no women will date him

Once again I am asking incels to have a little bit of self-awareness.

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Breitbart thinks the failure of Disney’s gay-friendly Strange World is the greatest thing ever

Disney’s Strange World, a cartoon flick featuring a gay teenager, belly-flopped hard at the box office Thanksgiving weekend, doing so very poorly, and costing so very much to make, that it is now expected to lose something like $147 million when it’s all done.

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D’oh! Homer Simpson’s idiocy oppresses men, Men’s Rights Redditor explains

Homer Simpson: Not very bright

It’s an old comedic trope: Bumbling husband, sensible wife. From the Honeymooners to King of Queens, this trope is played out in countless sitcoms, old and (relatively) new. And no sitcom husband is quite so bumbling — and just plain dumb — as Homer Simpson, who couldn’t say or do a smart thing to save his life.

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New incel theory: “There are twice as many men as there are women”

Incel math just doesn’t add up. If women only date the top twenty percent of men, as per incel dogma, how do you account for the fact that more than twenty percent of women have husbands or boyfriends? You can’t. Unless …. well, one regular poster on has a theory.

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Nazis are circulating a list of “Antifa” accounts to mass report on Twitter. I’m on the list. So are Joe Biden, the CDC, Jorts the Cat, and Britney Spears

Antifa Britney Spears

So activists on the far right are distributing a list of 5000 “Antifa” Twitter accounts they hope to mass report and get banned, not for breaking any Twitter rules, but just because they want to silence everyone who disagrees with them.

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