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Top 5 Nice Guys who really aren’t so nice after all

How is it that so many self-proclaimed nice guys turn out to be so terrible?

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MGTOWs celebrate the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in their own inimitable way

Somehow it’s always all about them

Some Men Going Their Own Way are reacting to news of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death with a certain malicious glee. “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead,” writes one fellow in the MGTOW subreddit. “HAHAHA prayers do work, now let’s end abortion,” responds another.

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This Nice Guy has some complaints about the sex distribution system

Please, miss, just a crumb?

Ah, the Nice Guy, perpetually confused that women aren’t vending machines that dole out a serving of sex for every five kindness tokens you insert in them.

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Creepiest “Friend Zone” meme I’ve seen in a long time

Wait, what?

And this is why the notion of the “friend zone” is so damn toxic.

The comment below the meme seems pretty accurate to me, though.

H/T — r/GamerGhazi

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Quoth the friendzoned, f**king whore: Edgar Allan Bro takes on a Nice Guy with an ax

Careful with that ax, Eugene

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I‘m not sure who drew the cartoon above, depicting the travails of a long-suffering “nice guy” as he tries to break down the emotional wall put up by a woman he has a crush on an obsession with.

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Memeday: Cucked by Princess Peach

Cucked again, by a Bowser cosplayer no less
Cucked again, by a Bowser cosplayer no less

It’s good to know that Men’s Rights Activists are taking on the issues that truly matter the most to men — like fictional princesses cucking “nice guys” in the plumbing business.

I found the meme above on A Voice for Men’s Facebook page, with this explanation:

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Slut Theory 101: Red Pillers remain baffled by women who actually enjoy sex

Nothing to be ashamed of
Nothing to be ashamed of

Over on The Red Pill subreddit, the Red Pillock who calls himself 1Ronin11A comes so close to asking the question that could shake his Red Pill world to its foundations. That question is: Why do we Red Pillers hate and fear the women we have (or at least want to have) sex with?

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New Red Pill film masterpiece offers devastating criticism of women who grow old

Good news, everyone! Another Red Piller has made another terrible short film!

“Naughty Nomad,” a Red Pill travel writer who claims to be known as “The Indiana Jones of Pussy,” has produced a not-quite nine-minute film called I Can Do Better. As he explains it on his website, the little drama “explores themes like hypergamy, female entitlement and spinsterhood.” So if you’re into all that you are in luck!

I don’t want to spoil anything, but rest assured that in the film an old woman apparently sort of regrets rejecting some dudes back when she was younger.

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The British teenager who tried to kill 3 women because no one will date him has fans. But that's not the scariest thing about him.

Ben Moynihan, adapted from the photo he sent police, and which led to his arrest
Ben Moynihan, adapted from the photo he sent police, and which led to his arrest

[CONTENT WARNING: Misogynistic violence, rape apologia]

His complaint was a familiar one:

I think every girl is a type of slut, they are fussy with men nowadays, they do not give boys like us a chance.

You can find nearly identical laments in the profiles of self-described “nice guys” on OkCupid, on Men’s Rights blogs, and on forums for self-described “Incels” comisserating about their “involuntary celibacy” and what they see as the shallowness of young women.

But these words actually come from a video filmed by Ben Moynihan, a British teenager who was convicted of attempted murder earlier this week after stabbing three women in an attempt to take a sort of revenge upon the “weaker” gender he felt had made his life miserable by denying him sex. Another young man trying to punish women with violence for the “crime” of not dating him.

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How A Voice for Men's Facebook memes inadvertently reveal the deep sexual insecurities underlying the misogyny of the Men's Rights movement

Detail of a perhaps inadertently revealing A Voice for Men meme
Detail of an unintentionally revealing A Voice for Men meme

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From time to time I like to check in on the Facebook page for A Voice for Men, to see how that eminent men’s human rights organization’s program to advance the human man rights of human men through badly designed and even more poorly conceived graphic “memes” is going.

Well, I can report that this program is going, and going, and going, a bit like a famous battery-powered bunny.

Looking through them today, I couldn’t help but notice the weird sexual undertones — and overtones — of many of the memes, and realized that, while none of the memes tell us much about the world, they do, in an altogehter accidental way, offer some pretty interesting insights into the ids of those making and “liking” them on Facebook.

You don’t have to be a trained psychoanalyst to see the not-very-well-hidden straight male sexual insecurities that lie behind a large number of AVFM’s memes — both the ones they create themselves and the others that seem to have arrived on the AVFM page after being forwarded via email from someone’s cranky misogynistic uncle. Let’s take a look at some of them.