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Bad news for Chads: Women don’t like you either


It’s a sad day for Chads: An incel “theoretician” has revealed one more feminine secret — that women don’t really like Chads much more than they like (or don’t like) ordinary schmoes.

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How Do You Open? Bad Girls Edition

Rise from the dead here often?

You may be familiar with the “How Do You Open” meme on Twitter. A “dating coach” will post a picture of a young, conventionally attractive woman and ask their male followers how they would “open” her in real life — that is, what would be their opening gambit if they wanted to seduce her with maximum efficiency.

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Roosh V declares War on Hugs

WHTM is steadfastly in favor of hugs

I wish I knew how to quit you, Roosh Valizadeh. It’s been several years since Mr. V took shrooms, found God, abandoned his career as a pickup artist, and took up a new life as a religious fanatic. But under it all he’s still the same old Roosh — a raging misogynist and conspiracy theorist who still somehow thinks we all need to hear his thoughts on the world and all the dirty filthy sinners in it.

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Makeup is essential, because women’s only job is to look pretty, Red Pill douchebags argue

Most manosphere misogynists have a love-hate relationship with cosmetics for women — they love to hate them. As far as the typical MGTOW or Men’s Rights Redditor is concerned, makeup is a devious and deceptive tool women use to look prettier than they really are. Using makeup is akin to fraud, and probably should be outlawed or something.

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Monday memes: The Pro-Male Collective launches a war against feminists, tradcoms and the basic principles of graphic design

Meme posted on r/ProMaleMemes

Today, a brief tour of the Pro-Male memes subreddit, a tiny spinoff of the also tiny ProMaleCollective subreddit, and home to a dissident faction of Men’s RIghtsers that has declared war not only on traditional lMRA targets like feminists but also on most MRAs, whom the Pro-Male dismiss as a bunch of tradcons (traditional conservatives) who don’t hate feminism as much as the Pro-Malers think they should.

But the Pro-Malers share one thing in common with the MRAs they so often target with their memes: they are absolutely terrible at making memes.

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Devious women use makeup to “hide their true level of attractiveness” and gain “immense privilege” over men

Woman getting ready to trick some dudes

To hear some incels and incel-adjacent Red Pillers explain it, the gravest human rights issue today is protecting the sacred right of all men: to date women exactly as good-looking as they are, no more no less.

But what if one’s seeming “looksmatch” isn’t really one’s looksmatch at all, but a sneaky uggo who uses artificial means to inflate her Sexual Market Value (SMV) to gain access to men who should be out of her league? What if women could buy magical elixirs that can turn a 2 into a 6 or a 6 into a 9 at every drugstore in the land?

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Roosh V: Protect yourself from the sexy, satanic temptations of the gym

Still in thrall to the gym’s seductive powers

Ex-pickup artist Roosh Valizadeh used to make a living selling dubious and at times straight-up rapey pickup advice to men desperate to get laid. Now that he’s found God he seems to make his living by loudly and publicly renouncing the weirdly driven hedonism of his old lifestyle.

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Men oppressed by taxes, child support, strippers

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Over in the Men’s RIghts subreddit, some of the regulars are discussing the unfair way that contemporary society “transfers” their wealth to an undeserving government, their own kids, and of course strippers.

Wait, strippers?

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“When you have sex with a porn video, you are uniting with a demon,” and other insights from the Christian NoFap subreddit

In the secular NoFap movement, participants talk all the time about fighting their demons — pornography and masturbation — but they’re only speaking figuratively when it comes to the demon bit.

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The Federalist declares war on ass

Cat butts we’ve definitely seen enough of

On Tik Tok, one former butt-loving man warns women to be a bit more circumspect in showing off their asses, because he’s apparently hit his ass limit for one lifetime. In his younger days, he recalls, “I used to get so excited just to see a booty, bro.”

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