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The Joy of MGTOW Cooking: Pancakes and Hot Dogs Edition

This guy isn’t a MGTOW, but he’s got the MGTOW spirit!

By David Futrelle

Men Going Their Own Way want the world to know that they can take care of themselves better than any woman could. Not only do they routinely bathe and dress themselves but they have even mastered some of the most advanced human-care tasks like interior decorating and even cooking.

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Paul Elam claims he DIDN’T tweet that women’s suffrage was “America’s biggest blunder.” I think he’s lying, and here’s my evidence

Screenshot of Paul Elam appearing on a YouTube gabfest hosted by his long-time friend and collaborator Tom Golden. Notice the Twitter handle next to Paul’s name. (I added the arrow and the highlighting.)

By David Futrelle

Yesterday, I posted a screenshot from a Twitter account that appeared to be a not-so-clever attempt by Paul Elam, founder of the Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men, to evade a Twitter ban.

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ALL you need to do, is have babis: Another Comment I Didn’t Let Through

A question that applies to MGTOWs too

By David Futrelle

I thought I would end this week by setting aside the Nazi Menace for a minute so we can plunge once again into the swirling male-strom of Men Going Their Own Way. Today’s MGTOW adventure comes in the form of a very long, though not very well proofread manifesto that some dude called Zachary left in the comments here about a week ago. I didn’t let it through moderation then because I wanted to share it with you all.

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These two videos capture Trumpism in all its surreal, let’s say, glory?

Milk does a Nazi good?

Two videos have been making the rounds lately that I think capture the surreality that is live in Trumpmerica, and can’t help make you wonder (as many of us have been wondering since November 8) if perhaps we’ve slipped into the wrong timeline.

Let’s start with the Milk Nazis.

Milk Nazis, you ask? I’ll let Mic explain, because I’m lazy:

At the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City on a Friday night, neo-Nazis and other trolls danced shirtless in front of a camera. The livestream setup had originally been established by actor Shia LaBeouf as an anti-Trump art installation. But the project has since become a broadcast outlet for white nationalism.

Amid all the tattoos of Third Reich iconography bouncing around, one thing stood out: The neo-Nazis were all drinking milk. They spat it out as they danced, letting it dribble down their chins. 

Milk, the longtime staple for growing children, is now the new, creamy symbol of white racial purity in President Donald Trump‘s America.

See, the idea is that pure-blooded white people have the lactase enzyme that allows them to drink milk without having to run the bathroom afterwards. Or at least are more likely to be lactose-tolerant than most people of color. Or something. In any case, internet Nazis on sites like 4chan and the Daily Stormer have decided, with varying degrees of seriousness, that milk does a Nazi good.

Hmm. I could tolerate lactose (and drink milk) all I wanted as a kid. Now I can’t. So I guess I’ve gotten less Aryan with age?

Anyway, here’s the video. It’s 12 minutes long, though you don’t have to watch the whole thing to get the basic idea. I watched the whole thing because what in holy hell is going on in this word? Also I kind of liked that one of the Milk Nazis looked like he had been teleported to NYC straight from a Skinny Puppy concert in 1989.

Milk Nazis, I hate these guys! (And also can’t drink them.)

The other video in question is a much more low key affair, and everyone in it keeps their shirt on.

It’s a Breitbart interview with White House Spokesman Sean Spicer, and for once Spicer is not the embarrassing one here. Let’s just say that the video has the production values of a high school video class project, and that the Breitbart interviewer has all the smooth professionalism of that “boom goes the dynamite” guy.

Wow. I mean, I was in fact involved in a high school public access “news” show (I think maybe it was part of a class?) and for all of our incompetence (which was massive) I think we did better than this. My most vivid memory of the experience was watching the technician for the public access channels putting his hand down the back of his pants to scratch his butt.

I can only hope that is not something that any of the Breitbarters involved in this production does, as it is kind of grody.

PS: Note to Beryl, if you’re reading this: Your now-husband was in the video class with me. After witnessing the butt-scratching incident, he quipped to me that he wasn’t going to be shaking that guy’s hand any time soon.

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Mike Pence: Terrible human being, worse cartoonist

Detail of one of Mike Pence's Law School Daze comics from the 1980s
Detail of one of Mike Pence’s Law School Daze comics from the 1980s. Yes, he misspelled “bummed.”

So our terrible Vice President Elect drew cartoons — terrible cartoons — back when he was in law school in the 80s. Esquire has posted a bunch of them, and holy crap they are bad. The art is sloppy and derivative and awful. The jokes, such as they are, are worse.

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Trump meme of the day: You’re Mired!


The Trump transition continues to be an embarrassing mess. Today, Trump is holding his first meeting with a foreign leader since being elected. And he’s going into it completely unprepared. The Washington Post reports:

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Remember Sargon’s dopey petition? Hbomberguy offers his belated yet hilarious response

You may vaguely remember Sargon of Akkad’s petition to “UNIVERSITIES” to shut down all “social justice” courses. It’s been three months since Mr. Of Akkad — actually a dude named Carl, who lives in Swindon — launched the thing, and up until two days ago the only real effect it’s had in the real world was garnering Carl a supportive shoutout from the racist street thugs of the English Defence League.

But Carl of Swindon’s dopey petition has finally accomplished something he can be proud of. Well, kinda. It’s inspired a somewhat belated yet still quite hilarious response video from Youtube’s esteemed Hbomberguy — you know, the guy that did that classic “measured response” to the Sarkeesian Effect. The FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS one. So enjoy!

And if you can’t bear to hear another word about the petition, you can always skip ahead to the part of the video (about nine minutes in) in which Hbomberguy discusses Carl’s less-than-glorious performance in an online debate with one Kristi Winters, a feminist who embarrassed poor Carl by exposing just how little he actually knows about feminism.

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Memes Going Their Own Way

Amazing graphic design here, A++
Amazing graphic design here, A++

Reddit’s Ovendice, rapidly becoming my favorite MGTOW, is on a meme-tear today, filling up the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit with amazing works of meme art.

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Seems legit: Men’s Rights Redditors outraged by obviously fake Tumblr screenshot

Also seems legit
Also seems legit

Men’s Rights Activists spend a remarkable amount of their time getting worked up about things that aren’t real.

They rail against having to register for a draft that doesn’t exist. They complain about the injustice of “women and children first” even though that’s not now, and has never been, standard procedure for evacuating ships, planes or anything else that needs evacuating.

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5 low/no-budget YouTube videos that look better than Aurini’s Not The Sarkeesian Effect

For those on a budget
For those on a budget

Watching the abomination that is Davis Aurini’s version of The Sarkeesian Effect “Immersed in Subversion,” I kept reminding myself that this was a “film” that cost tens of thousands of dollars to make. Virtually none of this money, obviously, found its way onto the screen.