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Jordan Peterson’s Twitter rampages may cost him his license as a clinical psychologist

Jordan Peterson takes solace in meat

You may have forgotten, but Canadian fusspot and anti-woke warrior Jordan Peterson has a second career as a clinical psychologist. I have no idea if he’s seeing any patients, but he could soon lose the right to due to his sometimes unhinged comments on Twitter and his general obstreperousness.

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Scott Adams implies Dilbert was “cancelled” in 77 papers for taking on “woke” corporations. But the papers also dumped Blondie, Mr. Boffo, The Family Circus, and Ziggy

Where he belongs

Yesterday, Scott Adams the Dilbert Guy brought us some truly tragic news:

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Skeezy Australian journalist was about to “out” Rebel Wilson, but she beat him to it

Rebel Wilson with new girlfriend Ramona Agruma on Oscars night

This article has been UPDATED; see below.

When comic actor Rebel Wilson came out in an Instagram post Friday morning, she was greeted with cheers. In her post, she introduced her followers to her new girlfriend, fashion designer Ramona Agruma. “I thought I was searching for a Disney Prince,” she wrote, “but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney Princess.” For Wilson fans, it was hard not to read this without uttering an involuntary “aww.”

But over on the Sydney Morning Herald, columnist Andrew Hornery wasn’t cheering her announcement, or what Pink News called the “wave of love and support” that followed.

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Men’s Rights Redditor: “A man in the west in 2021 is no different from a Jew in Poland in 1940”

A group of anti-vaxxers caused a stir the other day by wearing yellow stars of David to a protest — suggesting that the alleged oppression they face is analogous to that faced by Jews in Hitler’s Germany.

Naturally, one Men’s Rights Redditor has done them one better, comparing men in general to Jews in 1940s Germany.

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Terry Gilliam, shut your festering gob, you tit

By David Futrelle

Terry Gilliam is tired of talking about his movie The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. Instead he’s decided to take advantage of the media attention surrounding the film’s late UK release to expound at length on his rather tiresome (and decidedly unoriginal) theories of gender and race and how white men like him are the most persecuted people on planet earth.

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“Greek statues are modified to remove the nipples and gentiles” and other insights on feminism from the Men’s Rights subreddit

I guess her arms weren’t Jewish

By David Futrelle

So I thought I would take a look at the Men’s Rights subreddit today, and as usual I learned a lot.

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Quillette: Don’t worry about the pay gap, ladies, because you could always become “a bar prostitute, a girlfriend, or a wife”


By David Futrelle

Now I know you ladies like to complain about that pesky pay gap. But there’s no need to worry your pretty little heads (or bodies) about it, because some dude on Quillette has some great ideas on how to extract all the money you need from hapless cash-rich, sex-poor men. Even if — especially if — you live in a mining town, as so many of you gals do these days.

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The Daily Stormer wants all fat people put in starvation camps

No fat chicks in the Daily Stormer’s fascist utopia

By David Futrelle

The Daily Stormer is expansive in its hatreds. The site’s writers (and readers) not only hate Jews, black people, women, and LGBTQ folks; they also, in keeping with Nazi tradition, despise anyone they see as somehow defective, especially if they can be blamed for their alleged defects.

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Men are oppressed by cartoon women driving guys around in cars, incel insists

Cartoon women: Destroying men by driving them places

By David Futrelle

Over on, one prolific commenter is losing it over a dire new threat to men: cartoon girls and women driving guys around in cars, thus “driver’s licence mogging” them. (That is, out-alpha-ing guys without driver’s licenses.)

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I have discovered the world’s sexiest Men’s Rights underpants

Hands up! You’re under arrest for being TOO SEXY!

By David Futrelle

The lady haters on Reddit and elsewhere are reliably outraged every time they discover that some e-girl they’re probably secretly obsessed with is making money selling their used underwear online.

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