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Disney is misandrificationizing Star Wars, Men’s Rights Redditor warns

Spaceballs: Far more masculine than Star Wars, anyway

Apparently if a movie series has female protagonists some of the time, it’s an outright cultural assault on men. At least that’s what one Men’s Rights Redditor is arguing. About Star Wars. Take it away, Vinniikii:

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MRA: Sperm is superior to ovaries because sperms have to swim while the lazy ovaries just lie there eating bon bons

So the Men’s Rights activists on Reddit are having a big discussion of how unfair it is that male sexuality is demonized while female sexuality is glorified. (Try telling that to any girl who was labeled a “slutin high school.)

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Anti-vaxxers just can’t stop talking about big, buff, manly dudes beating people up

Pump you up

You may remember a fellow I wrote about last week — a GOP candidate in Pennsylvania who threatened to take “twenty strong men” into a school board meeting and physically remove the board for mandating masks for kids.

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Lil Nas X is “a tool being used to feminize little boys” declares batty writer

Lil Nas X isn’t literally pregnant

When gay-as-hell rapper Lil Nas X announced the upcoming release of his debut album by saying he was pregnant with it — and posed for pictures with a fake baby bump — he no doubt knew it would cause some less enlightened folks to blow a gasket.

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How to become the Warren Buffett of ejaculation, according to some semen-retaining weirdo on Reddit

*makes jerkoff motion*

By David Futrelle

Today, some handy investment advice from … the semen retention subreddit?

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Jews use porn to drain goy boys of their precious bodily fluids and cause women to worship Israeli men, declares semen-hoarding Redditor

General Jack D Ripper: Does not avoid women, but does deny them his essence

By David Futrelle

So I’ve been a teensy weensy bit obsessed with the Semen Retention subreddit for months now — though, emulating the disciplined approach to life that subreddit advocates, I have tried my best not to post about it more than once a month or so. But some days I can’t help but relapse. Today is one of those days.

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The priest having a Twitter meltdown over women’s sexy shoulders also hates “sodomite homosexualists,” “so-called trans” folks, and cute lady feet

Bare shoulders: Not ok for women, fine for Son of God

By David Futrelle

There are a lot of guys out there who not-so-secretly resent women for having bodies that get them all hot and bothered.

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Do Not Bang: Pickup Artist Roosh V embraces Jesus, bans talk of “fornication” from his web forums

Roosh V: 40-Year-Old Born Again Virgin?

By David Futrelle

A couple of months back, you may recall, the infamous pickup artist and ironic rape legalization proponent Roosh V announced that he had taken “the God pill,” embracing Jesus and Orthodox Christianity, after getting really, really high on mushrooms. (No, really.)

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MRAs: We just want equality between men and women. Also MRAs: Allowing women to vote was “the single worst blunder in American history”

Who’s that snooping around the Anti-Woman suffrage headquarters?

CLARIFICATION: According to filmmaker Cassie Jaye, Paul Elam says that the tweet I quoted was not his. His exact quote, according to her: “No, it is not my tweet and I did not authorize it, nor does it reflect my feelings.”

I believe that Elam is lying, and will offer my evidence in a post shortly.

UPDATE: And here is that post.

By David Futrelle

Apparently he couldn’t hold it back any longer. Paul Elam, proud founder of the Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men, has insisted over and over again that despite all appearances to the contrary, he’s really not a misogynist — and that all he really wants is true equality between men and women.

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Incel Redditor: Women who like their hair pulled during sex “should be treated like livestock”

By David Futrelle

So, you ask, or maybe you don’t, what are the incels on Reddit getting mad about today? Well, at least seventy of them — to judge by their upvotes — are getting pig-biting mad at a cartoon by a woman who enjoys having her hair pulled during sex.

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