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“Being an abuser appeals to me more than being a murderER,” incel sociopath explains

Not all incels spend their time fantasizing about being the next Elliot Rodger. No, some of them are less interested in contemplating mass murder than they are thinking about rape and other forms of abuse.

elliot rodger incel mass shooting misogyny member arrested for plotting a mass shooting at an Ohio university

Another one.

Today the Department of Justice announced that

incel misogyny rape culture

Incel has a brilliant plan: Why don’t we just date blind women?

Helen Keller wants nothing to do with your sorry incel ass

Incels think it’s the way they look, not the terrible things they think and say, that is driving women away from them. But over on, one new member has what he thinks is a brilliant end run past the looks issue: what if incels decided to date blind women?

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Misogynatomy Saturday: A NSFW gif that will baffle and terrify you

This is not the gif; it’s a different gif

Today in “That’s not how any of this works and also that’s not where the g-spot even is,” I present the following gif, which I found tucked away in the archives of the BadWomensAnatomy* subreddit.

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Incels lose it (even more so than usual) after woman jokes about the “aborted girlfriend” meme


By David Futrelle 

Incels aren’t really very good at the whole “humor” thing. Last week, I wrote about the “Imaginary Girlfriend” meme in which an earnest stick-figure woman declares that if she hadn’t been aborted she could have grown up to be every incel’s dream girl. “Sorry I couldn’t be there for you,” she says. “But my mom had other plans … would have liked to have a lot of kids with you.”

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Trumpcels: Decent humans still refusing to date Trump staffers, and it’s like white genocide or something

Trump staffers: unlucky at love

By David Futrelle

Back in March, Washingtonian magazine reported that young Trumpers in DC were having a bit of trouble finding dates, what with virtually everyone in the heavily Dem city hating their guts. (I wrote about it here.) Three months and several big steps closer to fascism later, and, guess what, decent people still don’t want to be in the same room with Trump enablers, much less in their pants.

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Women can’t be depressed, and are only sad when men don’t give them attention, Incel brain genius declares

When women cry, it’s just special effects

By David Futrelle

Incels seem to think that they are the only people on earth who have problems. They regularly claim that women are literally incapable of feeling real depression, feeling sad only when they’re temporarily denied the adoring attention they’ve come to expect. As if that’s how any of this works.

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Elliot Rodger: Mass murderer, incel inspiration

By David Futrelle — one of the most active online hangouts for self-identified “involuntary celibates” —¬† is such a cesspool of misogyny and rage that I could probably write ten posts a day based on the hair-raising stuff I find there and never run out of material. Thing is, I don’t have the stomach for that and I doubt many of you do either.

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“The most a slut loses when being raped is a couple of minutes,” argues MaleForeverAlone subreddit moderator

Man inspecting women for possible sluthood, 1922

By David Futrelle

Last November, Reddit banned the Incels subreddit for inciting violence against women; most of those incels who stuck around on Reddit now post in the more carefully modded, if still awful, Braincels subreddit. But on the much smaller MaleForeverAlone subreddit, some of Reddit’s most extreme incels regularly post things as horrific as anything that could be found on the original incels subreddit.

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Wherever there’s a “gracious female presence,” Chad has been there first (The MaleForeverAloneFiles)

Bad Boy Chad is everywhere, even in the arms of Great Prim Congress Woman Linda Miles

By David Futrelle

The MaleForeverAlone subreddit is every bit as hateful a place as the banned Incels subreddit was, but it’s small enough that it seems to have flown under the radar, avoiding the ban that would be sure to follow if it started to give Reddit the same sort of bad publicity that r/Incels did.

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