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Men oppressed by women wearing tight clothes in the office, or something

Woman oppressing men in suits

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Today’s barely coherent rant comes courtesy of the Men’s Rights subreddit, on the topic of women wearing fancy outfits at work and oppressing all the men.

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Man laughing alone with word salad

Ok, it’s a regular salad, but you get the idea

Are you a writer or an academic feeling stuck? See how I can help you as an editor or as a writing coach.

Every once in a while, I encounter someone posting away in the Men’s Rights subreddit who stands out in some way. It’s usually not a good way. Sometimes, the misogyny is over the top, even by Men’s Rights standards. Sometimes the commenter’s writing is overflowing with buzzwords that will only make sense to the initiated insofar as they make any sense at all.

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Today’s “this food is terrible … and such small portions” award goes to the Men’s Rights subreddit

Modern women want nothing to do with men, apparently.

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There’s an old joke. Two elderly women are at a restaurant. One of them says “The food here is terrible!” And the other replies, “And such small portions.”

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New study links misogyny, white supremacy, and anti-abortion stances

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The war on reproductive rights continues apace. Republicans are trying to roll back abortion rights with a potential federal ban on the abortion pill mifepristone.

MRA reddit transphobia TROOOLLLL!!

Cis dude: “I legally changed my sex to woman … now I get to enjoy the extra privileges of the ‘oppressed'”

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Men’s Rights activists joke about it all the time, but now one of them has gone and done it–allegedly. A big “allegedly.” In the Men’s Rights subreddit, one cis dude with a throwaway account and a beard boasts that he’s legally changed his gender to “woman,” to enjoy the supposedly vast privileges he’ll gain. And he couldn’t be more pleased with himself.

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If I can’t say “pussy,” you shouldn’t say “dick.” Men’s Rights Redditors deal with the crucial issues as always

Don’t use me as an insult, you dicks

They’re always dealing with the important issues in the Men’s Rights subreddit, like the burning question of whether we should ban women from saying the word “dick.”

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Men oppressed by women not wanting to be stared at in the gym

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There’s apparently a new trend on TikTok in which women film and shame guys who stare at or stalk them in the gym. So naturally, the exquisitely sensitive souls of the Men’s Rights subreddit are convinced this is going to happen to them if they happen to so much as glance at a woman at the gym. In a recent thread on the subreddit, a number of these quietly oppressed men shared their thoughts and fears.

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Baffled MRA asks: Given that we live in a gynocracy, how the heck was Roe v Wade overturned anyway?

Cognitive dissonance is a thing.

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Study finds that some women work much harder than men; Men’s Rightsers have a fit

On Monday, The Conversation ran an article by two anthropologists titled “Women work harder than men – our anthropological study reveals why.”

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Sure, Andrew Tate got arrested for trafficking, but Men’s Rights activists are still PLENTY MAD at Greta Thunberg

You might think that Andrew Tate’s arrest for human trafficking would lead to a little self-reflection amongst Men’s Rights activists, many of whom have historically had a little bit of a soft spot for the guy.

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