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Men oppressed by women wearing tight clothes in the office, or something

Woman oppressing men in suits

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Today’s barely coherent rant comes courtesy of the Men’s Rights subreddit, on the topic of women wearing fancy outfits at work and oppressing all the men.

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The anti-Barbie backlash is even bigger and dumber than I expected

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A week ago, I wrote a post about the nascent anti-Barbie movie crusade, and I noted that it seemed oddly muted. Well, what a difference a week makes: with the movie actually out this weekend, the anti-Barbie forces have turned up the volume, denouncing the movie as “woke” feminazi garbage that pushes a not-very-secret LGBTQ agenda.

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Man laughing alone with word salad

Ok, it’s a regular salad, but you get the idea

Are you a writer or an academic feeling stuck? See how I can help you as an editor or as a writing coach.

Every once in a while, I encounter someone posting away in the Men’s Rights subreddit who stands out in some way. It’s usually not a good way. Sometimes, the misogyny is over the top, even by Men’s Rights standards. Sometimes the commenter’s writing is overflowing with buzzwords that will only make sense to the initiated insofar as they make any sense at all.

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“These old camels have dirty souls,” and other nuggets of misogynistic wisdom from Twitter’s @amerix

Men! Do not wantonly spill your seed!

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Twitter’s @amerix, a self-professed guru on men’s health, has a lot of advice for men on a wide range of topics, including masturbation (“reckless ejaculation”), older women (“old camels”), carrying a woman’s purse (“treat her bags as a fatal infectious disease like leprosy”), and margarine (the devil’s toast spread).

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Fear and loathing on the Men’s Rights subreddit

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It’s been a little while since I looked in on the Men’s Rights subreddit and I guess I sort of forgot just how grouchy everyone there can get. So here are a few of the grouchier rants I found there today in several different threads, and the lessons we can learn from them.

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Today’s “this food is terrible … and such small portions” award goes to the Men’s Rights subreddit

Modern women want nothing to do with men, apparently.

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There’s an old joke. Two elderly women are at a restaurant. One of them says “The food here is terrible!” And the other replies, “And such small portions.”

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Mamma mia! Right-wingers peach a fit over “girlboss” Princess Peach in new Mario movie

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Proving themselves once again to be the most sensitive of snowflakes, right-wing culture warriors are losing it over the portrayal of a character in a video game movie. A couple of days ago, a clip from the new Super Mario Bros Movie hit the internet, featuring Princess Peach confidently making her way past an assortment of enemies and traps, prompting the culture warriors to cry foul, whining that this new “girlboss” Princess was a far cry from the damsel in distress they remembered from the video game.

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Women aren’t funny, declare world’s unfunniest men

Over on the Antifeminists subreddit, they’re discussing what is probably the central issue of our age: “Why have feminists made it forbidden to talk about the fact that female comedians aren’t funny?”

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Misogynistic backlash getting worse in France, new report finds

“Masculinist” attitudes are common among young French men

The misogynistic backlash isn’t confined to the Anglosphere. Indeed, a new report from France’s High Council for Equality between Women and Men finds “alarming” levels of sexism in French society, especially among the young.

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The loneliness of the long-distance Asian fetishist

It’s tough being an Asian fetishist in the west. Sorry, not an Asian fetishist. Just a guy who happens to have a crush on this Chinese girl at his school and who thinks that feminism has turned western women into “ungrateful assholes with shit personalit[ies], unlike the relatively innocent and uncorrupted young women of Japan and China.

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