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New Oklahoma anti-drag bill would seemingly ban Mimi Bobeck of the Drew Carey show

Actress Kathy Kinney as Mimi Bobeck

A new bill drafted by Oklahoma state Rep. Kevin West and introduced to the state House on Thursday would ban all drag performances that “could be viewed by a person under the age of majority.”

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“Rowlingphobia” and other supposed afflictions of our supposed “woke” culture

The right lives in its own little world, and in that world, these are three big concerns right now:

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The miniature moral panic over “transmaxxing” and the “incel to transwoman pipeline”

Transmaxxing meme

“Why are incels turning themselves into girls?” asks a headline on A blog post on Pirate Wires posits a veritable “Incel-To-Transwoman Pipeline.” Finally, an article on Breitbart, illustrated with a stock photo of a mustachioed man wearing lipstick and nail polish, declares that “a look into a sizable online community reveals the shocking motive behind some men’s desire to identify as women: involuntary celibacy.”

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“Libs of TikTok” creator Chaya Raichik shows her face, spreads anti-LGBTQ hate on Tucker Carlson Today

The creator of the viral Twitter hate account “Libs of TikTok” appeared on Tucker Carlson’s daily streaming show on Fox Nation today. Unsurprisingly, Chaya Raichik took the opportunity to spread misinformation about, and spew hatred at, the LGBTQ community, which she characterized as an evil “cult” of pedophile groomers.

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Good news for trans people in Scotland and Spain

It’s been a shit year for trans people and LGBTQ folks more generally, with a massive and violent backlash that has targeted everyone from drag queens to providers of trans healthcare; meanwhile, laws in numerous states have begun to chip away at fundamental trans rights.

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Matt Walsh: Trans women using a public bathroom “is an act of violence in and of itself.” Bullshit

Matt Walsh

When you define what your political enemy does as violence, then any violence you inflict on them can be redefined as “self-defense.” That’s why it’s more than a bit ominous to see Daily Wire host and professional transphobe Matt Walsh declaring that an innocent action that trans women do every day–going to the restroom–is “an act of violence in and of itself.”

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JK Rowling sets up a sexual violence support service that excludes trans women. Because of course

JK Rowling

Author and anti-trans activist JK Rowling has announced she is launching a crisis center for female victims of rape and sexual abuse. The catch? Beira’s Place, as the center is called, won’t allow trans women to use its services.

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Men’s Rights activists furious that a black lesbian was released from the Russian gulag

Brittney Griner is home, and MRAs are mad

WNBA star Brittney Griner is back on US soil again after being released from a Russian penal colony yesterday as part of a “prisoner swap” arranged between the US and Russian governments. Griner, imprisoned for the petty crime of having some hash oil in her luggage, was traded for a convicted arms dealer.

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Transphobes were thrilled when the Club Q shooter suspect claimed to be nonbinary. Now he seems to have dropped the claim

Matt Walsh: For a moment, he was so happy

When the suspect in the Club Q mass shooting in Colorado Springs claimed, through his lawyers, that he was nonbinary, transphobes could barely contain their glee: No longer could those on the left accuse them of directly or indirectly inspiring the shooting with their hyperbolic transphobic rhetoric. The alleged shooter was trans — one of their own.

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Christian blogger hails Russia’s new “Don’t Say Gay” law as a brave assault on “state-sanctioned sodomy”

Vladimir Putin has just signed a draconian bill into law prohibiting so-called LGBTQ “propaganda” in Russia. The bill, a bulked-up version of a less sweeping 2013 law, is so broad in its scope it will effectively ban any and all discussion of gay or trans identities in Russia, a ban enforceable by fines of up to 4 million rubles (or $64,000). The bill also bans the advocacy of pedophilia, as if that is even remotely in the same category.

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