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Open Thread: Donald Trump and other right-wing dingbats think the US Women’s Soccer team lost because it’s too woke

I’m still on hiatus–more details coming in a few days–but I thought I’d toss this out as a discussion topic. Here’s something on the, er, controversy from Vox. And feel free to talk about anything else you want to as well, as per our usual arrangement.

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The anti-Barbie backlash is even bigger and dumber than I expected

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A week ago, I wrote a post about the nascent anti-Barbie movie crusade, and I noted that it seemed oddly muted. Well, what a difference a week makes: with the movie actually out this weekend, the anti-Barbie forces have turned up the volume, denouncing the movie as “woke” feminazi garbage that pushes a not-very-secret LGBTQ agenda.

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Right-wing culture warriors try to gin up outrage at the new “woke” Barbie film because a trans actress plays one of the Barbies

This Barbie is also played by a trans actress

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Last month hate preacher Kent Christmas kicked off a crusade against the upcoming Barbie movie, calling for God to “loose a Holy judgment” on the film because it’s “full of transsexual and transgender and homosexuality.”

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One woman’s crusade against bikinis, witchcraft, cell phones, and her own right to vote

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Lori Alexander–aka The Transformed Wife–is a tradwife influencer with strong opinions on many of the crucial issues of the day. Like, for example, bikinis, witchcraft, lesbianism, cell phones, marital rape, college, and how women should be denied the right to vote. I’ve written about her a couple of times before, but I recently took a look at her Twitter, and found myself scrolling down her timeline, going back a few months. And I was a little surprised by some of her opinions on the issues that matter the most to her. And also a little surprised at what she thinks are the important issues.

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A Trump-loving gun fanatic killed five in Philly and all the right wants to talk about is his cross-dressing

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In many ways, Kimbrady Carriker seems to be the very model of a modern mass shooter. The suspect in a gun rampage in Philadelphia that left four men and a teen boy dead, Carricker was reportedly carrying an AR-15-style assault rifle and wearing a bulletproof vest. On his now-deleted Facebook account, Vice notes, “he posted repeatedly about his second amendment rights, his pro-gun stance, his support for former president Donald Trump, and his disdain for President Joe Biden.” A Tucker Carlson fan, he also posted ominous passages from scripture, turning them into threats.

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Bigots blame stabbing attack in a Canadian University’s Gender Issues class on trans people being too trans in public

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Yesterday, a young man barged into a Gender Studies class at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. After ascertaining that the class was indeed a Gender Studies class, he pulled a couple of knives out of his backpack, broke into what one witness called a “disgusting mischievous smile,” then stabbed the professor and two students before being arrested as he tried to slip away.

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Good news for trans youth: Federal judge blocks Indiana ban on gender-affirming healthcare

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We interrupt our regular, er, depressing crap for some rare good news on the trans front. From The Independent:

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New survey reveals that 52% of Nintendo Switch owners are female, infuriating dudes who think gaming belongs to them

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In case you were wondering, there are still dudes out there who simply refuse to believe that women and girls play video games. Consider the reaction to a recent Twitter thread in which a video game industry analyst announced the results of a recent survey of video game players that revealed, among other things, that women make up half of those who own a gaming PC–and more than half of those who own a Nintendo Switch.

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Montana anti-drag law used to shut down talk by trans speaker

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The Butte Public Library has canceled a talk on the history of LGBTQ+ and Two-Spirit people in Montana, citing a new anti-drag law with language so (deliberately?) broad and vague that it could easily be applied to trans people like the scheduled speaker.

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“Pride Month Is A Cynical Exercise In State-Enforced Homosexuality” declares Federalist writer who doesn’t know what words mean

The Pride Police will bust down your door and make you gay

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I have to give The Federalist credit for one thing: It was an eye-catching headline. Yesterday, you see, the billionaire-backed right-wing website ran a semi-coherent rant from staff editor Samuel Mangold-Lenett under the headline: “Pride Month Is A Cynical Exercise In State-Enforced Homosexuality.”

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