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Asian women are emotionless subhumans, and that’s why I want to have sex with them, incel explains

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Even by incel standards, this one is … impressive. On the forums, one prolific commenter explains exactly why he’s so obsessed with Asian women: he thinks they’re insects. Maybe literally.

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Rudy Giuliani accused of sexual assault and approximately one zillion other disgusting things in new $10 million lawsuit

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Noelle Dunphy, the ex-business development director for repellent political operative Rudy Giuliani, is spilling some seriously hot tea. According to a lawsuit she just filed against him, Giuliani’s job requirements were a little, er, unconventional, with the frequently drunk MAGA lawyer insisting on sex-on-demand and forcing her to wear scanty clothes while working out of his apartment with him. She’s seeking a cool $10 million in damages.

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Texas shooter Mauricio Garcia was steeped in the incel subculture, and a regular reader of

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By now you’ve probably seen the pictures of Allen, Texas mass shooter Mauricio Garcia showing off his freshly inked Nazi tattoos. His social media account on is filled with racist material and quotes from far-right white supremacist sites like VDare and the Daily Stormer.

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New study links misogyny, white supremacy, and anti-abortion stances

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The war on reproductive rights continues apace. Republicans are trying to roll back abortion rights with a potential federal ban on the abortion pill mifepristone.

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Let’s use AI to annoy the right-wing culture warriors at Bounding Into Comics

Black Snow White

The last time we checked in on the intrepid right-wing culture warriors at Bounding Into Comics, they were pitching a fit over the race- and gender-swapping of some of the characters in Disney’s live-action remake of Peter Pan & Wendy. In the new version of the film, you see, neither Peter Pan nor Tinkerbell is white–and some of the Lost Boys are girls! Naturally, this makes the Bounding Into Comics guys very mad, for some completely unknown reasons that couldn’t possibly be racism or misogyny.

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Right-wing culture warriors furious at Disney for casting black girls as “lost boys” in the new Peter Pan & Wendy

Those aren’t white boys!!1!1

There’s a new Disney movie coming out in which the cast is not all white, so naturally, the right-wingers are throwing a fit about “wokeness” and the alleged evils of race-mixing–sorry, race-swapping.

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Artists create fat, black science fiction characters using AI. Right-wingers call foul

Art generated by Midjourney

A couple of days ago, Buzzfeed ran an article looking at several artists who have been using AI art generators to create fat, black, and sometimes queer sci-fi and fantasy characters.

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White nationalists to Scott Adams: Join us!

Scott Adams: Mighty white of you!

In the wake of a racist tirade from Dilbert creator Scott Adams, the white nationalists at Counter-Currents are urging the cartoonist and right-wing bloviator to go all the way and embrace white identity politics.

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Right-wingers do a victory lap after learning the Monterey Park shooter was Asian-American

Donald Trump Jr.

They didn’t even bother with “thoughts and prayers” this time. In the wake of the latest horrific mass shooting, which took ten lives in a Monterey Park, California dance studio, right-wingers seem almost giddy, doing a sort of victory lap because the suspected killer was not a white man.

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No one is standing up for Velma, the show that 4Channers and progressives alike love to hate

Velma and Daphne looking at Velma’s audience score on Rotten Tomatoes

Aside from a handful of reviewers and perhaps Mindy Kaling herself, it seems like the only people truly happy about the new Scooby-Doo prequel Velma are the right-wingers who’ve found a new “woke” show to hate. Over on Rotten Tomatoes, a presumed review-bombing campaign by right-wingers has driven the just-debuted show’s audience rating down to 6%; over on IMDb, the show has garnered a mere 1.3 stars out of ten, a worse score than even Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2.

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