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Incel plan to give wads of money to random women for sex hits a snag

Not how it works

Sometimes the best laid plans (for getting laid) go astray.

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“OnlyFans is going to be the thing that completely ruins society,” excitable Men’s Rights Activist warns

Only fans

So Men’s Rights Redditors are pitching another fit about the alleged evils of OnlyFans, and a fellow called SportsNutJob has some deep thoughts on the matter.

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Move to “Ooga-boogastan” where sex is more cost-effective, and other dating tips from the MensRights subreddit

Don’t spend “cash for gash” unless you can get it for a big discount

I found some lovely dating advice for frugal men in a discussion of dating apps on the Men’s Rights subreddit.

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“Ask any guy for money in public if you aren’t a landwhale” and other EZ get-rich-quick plans for “Wahmen,” according to some incel

The Pledge Drive is nearing its conclusion. If you’ve donated already, BIG THANKS! If not, please hit the Donation button below!

donate button

Attention women! Sorry, “wahmen.” Are you broke and in need of some quick cash? Here are some guaranteed EZ get-rich-quick schemes you can use to GET PAID, according to some dude called Incelius Savage on the forum.

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Paramedic outed as OnlyFans model by the New York Post fights back, for herself and her fellow underappreciated first responders

Last Saturday, New York paramedic Lauren Kwei was outed as an OnlyFans model by the New York Post. Kwei, barely making ends meet on her paramedic salary, had turned somewhat reluctantly to selling nudes on OnlyFans for money to pay her bills. For some reason the New York Post decided that this was their business, posting an article they presumably knew could get her fired from her job.

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MGTOW: Sex work doesn’t count as real work because it “isn’t gonna repair a generator”

Unless you’re literally repairing this, you aren’t working

By David Futrelle

So the MGTOWs on Reddit are discussing the #SexWorkIsWork hashtag, and they have some, well, interesting takes on the subject.

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Quillette: Don’t worry about the pay gap, ladies, because you could always become “a bar prostitute, a girlfriend, or a wife”


By David Futrelle

Now I know you ladies like to complain about that pesky pay gap. But there’s no need to worry your pretty little heads (or bodies) about it, because some dude on Quillette has some great ideas on how to extract all the money you need from hapless cash-rich, sex-poor men. Even if — especially if — you live in a mining town, as so many of you gals do these days.

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Foot Dude, leave those women alone!

Sweeties, send feeties

By David Futrelle

An anonymous fellow recently turned to Yahoo Answers with a plaintive question: Ladies, why won’t you let me love your sexy feet?

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Porn star and accused sexual abuser Mercedes Carrera: The only women the MGTOWs ever loved?

Carrera, in the middle of what she described as a “rant about feminists whining … about mean tweets while they ignore cultural child rape”

By David Futrelle

Mercedes Carrera — the porn actress recently charged with multiple counts of child sexual abuse — has devoted much of her energy over the past several years to cultivating some of the worst people in the world, from the Gamergate mob to the fascist street gang known as the Proud Boys. And she’s won herself a lot of fans in the process — many of whom are now pretending they never knew her.

#gamergate alt-lite cerno hypocrisy irony alert men who should not ever be with women ever proud boys rape reddit sex workers sexual abuse sexual assault sexual exploitation

Porn star Mercedes Carrera was a Gamergate icon. Now that she’s been charged with child sexual abuse, ex-fans pretend they never knew her

Carrera and her porn director boyfriend ” Daemon Cins” have each been charged with eight counts of child sexual abuse

By David Futrelle

Porn actress Mercedes Carrera was enthusiastically embraced by the Gamergate crowd after she spoke out in favor of the journalism ethics movement misogynistic harassment campaign in its heyday back in 2014.

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