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Online dating apps haven’t ruined dating for men; it’s simply that women have raised their standards

Swipe left!

I…worked on this story for years..and…he just…he posted it on Psychology Today.

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Book Review: Top Secret Pickup Lines, Busty Girls Edition

You’ll poke an eye out with those things

Huge bazonga enthusiasts! I have found the book for you.

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How Do You Open? Bad Girls Edition

Rise from the dead here often?

You may be familiar with the “How Do You Open” meme on Twitter. A “dating coach” will post a picture of a young, conventionally attractive woman and ask their male followers how they would “open” her in real life — that is, what would be their opening gambit if they wanted to seduce her with maximum efficiency.

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Dating “is like being the father of a girl you just so happen to have sex with,” and other creepy thoughts from some crypto dude

“Slippery Rick” is a crypto dude on Twitter. He also has opinions about women.

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Roosh V declares War on Hugs

WHTM is steadfastly in favor of hugs

I wish I knew how to quit you, Roosh Valizadeh. It’s been several years since Mr. V took shrooms, found God, abandoned his career as a pickup artist, and took up a new life as a religious fanatic. But under it all he’s still the same old Roosh — a raging misogynist and conspiracy theorist who still somehow thinks we all need to hear his thoughts on the world and all the dirty filthy sinners in it.

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Roosh V leads a “peasant revolt” against rootless cosmopolitanism, soybean oil, and beard trimmers

Roosh resists temptation

Back in his pickup artist days, Roosh Valizadeh was rather fond of fornication, engaging in it as often as possible with women he described as “lubricated holes,” and writing a small library of self-published books devoted to his distinctly rapey version of “game.”

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@TheManMakerX is making men one terrible tweet at a time

“In just seven days I can make you a man”

TheManMakerX is a pickup artist who sells his wares on Twitter, where he’s built up (or perhaps just bought) a decent following of curious men drawn in by the little nuggets of (what I guess is supposed to be) dating advice he doles out in his often enigmatic tweets.

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Move to “Ooga-boogastan” where sex is more cost-effective, and other dating tips from the MensRights subreddit

Don’t spend “cash for gash” unless you can get it for a big discount

I found some lovely dating advice for frugal men in a discussion of dating apps on the Men’s Rights subreddit.

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Dating is so hard for straight guys that it’s like having a second job working for a boss you hate (but with a vagina)

Men: The workhorses of relationships

Reddit’s PurplePillDebate is a strange subreddit, a place where Red Pillers and Blue Pillers can discuss the alleged science of dating, though whenever I check it out I find it more filled with Black Pill incel types than with either Red or Blue Pillers.

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UPDATE: Coach Red Pill, the pickup guru turned pro-Russia propagandist, is NOT dead, though he says he was arrested by Ukrainian security forces

UPDATE: He’s back, and obviously not dead, though he says he was picked up by the Ukrainian SBU (security service) and held for a week.

My original post follows:

It sounds a bit like one of those espionage novels he used to write: A former pickup guru known as Coach Red Pill, who had recently reinvented himself as a Ukraine war “reporter,” has apparently gone missing — and has either been arrested as a pro-Russian propagandist or just straight up executed, at least according to various rumors swirling on social media.

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