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A Vindication of No Rights for Women: A Terrible Incel Manifesto

Mary Wollstonecraft is not impressed

On the forums an angry and somewhat grammatically challenged commenter tries to explain why misogyny is a-ok and women don’t need rights.

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Wikipedia wants to increase the incredibly small portion of its pages devoted to women. Men’s Rights Redditors don’t think that women are notable enough

Women spent most of recorded history lying around eating bon bons and reading the papers

Wikipedia faces a deeply rooted man problem, the problem being that they have proportionately way too many of them writing and editing the site. Indeed, a 2018 survey found that 90 percent of Wikipedia editors are men; only 8.8 percent are women.

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It’s Women’s History Month, which means it’s also Men Complaining There’s No Men’s History Month Month

Today is the second day of Women’s History Month. Which means it’s time for the men of the Men’s Rights subreddit to start whining that there’s no Men’s History Month.

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Men’s Rights Activists can’t decide if they’re up against Hitler or Mao

The Chinese cultural Revolution: Not quite this cheery in real life

Today in exceedingly inapt historical comparisons we have a rather incredible comment on the Men’s Rights subreddits suggesting a parallel between so-called “woke culture” and … the Chinese Cultural revolution, which you might remember as a terrifying cultural crusade in the name of Marxist purity that tore apart countless families and left perhaps as many as twenty million people dead.

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White Nationalist gurus declare war on witches, and feminists, and feminist witches, and maybe just women in general

Short of throwing her in a pond to see if she floats, how exactly does one go about spotting a real live witch? It’s easy, according to wannabe Witchfinder General F. Roger Devlin. All you really need to know is that witches tend to be two-bag ugly.

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We kept women in check to feed you, MGTOW explains

The MGTOWs are trying their hand at history again. Only this time they aren’t telling stories about brave cavemen taking down huge mammoths to feed their lazy-ass cavewives. This time they’re suggesting that women’s rights are somehow incompatable with civilization itself.

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Women’s “stinking pheromones” are preventing boys from going to Jupiter to get more stupider

By David Futrelle

Today’s incel rant (that’s actually from April of last year) is on the subject of women (naturally) and how they are destroying our species by making men horny with their stinky pheromones. Also, women have apparently ruined the space program, just ruined it, so we’ll never get to live on Jupiter — thus depriving boys of their god-given right to get more stupider.

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Misogynatomy II: Women have periods because cavewomen didn’t eat meat, angry weirdo claims [UPDATE: He was joking]

Don’t do it, ladies!

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UPDATE: Oops. Turns out this dude’s post was satire, posted to a Facebook group mocking mansplainers.

By David Futrelle

More misogynatomy for your misogynatomy filesI don’t quite know how the British tabloids (The Sun, The Mirror, Metro UK) got to this story before I did but STOP THE PRESSES, there’s a weird angry dude on Facebook who thinks cis women get periods because cavewomen didn’t eat meat. No, really.

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Incel logic: Black men “should be thankful for slavery” because their ancestors were bred for strength

This was good for black men, according to incels

By David Futrelle

Incels have a lot of opinions about slavery, mostly unburdened by even the tiniest understanding of history.

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Creepy Incels agree: “If you’re old and never had teenager love, then you’re entitled to have a Jailbait”

Marilyn Monroe, a hideous old hag of 35, in Some Like it Hot

By David Futrelle

Self-described “involuntary celibates” want the world to pity them as decent men who have been cruelly denied sex by too-picky women who reject them for the tiniest of physical flaws. This is absurd in itself, but it’s made even more absurd by the fact that incels themselves tend to be pickier about women than any mythical Chad-chasing Stacy.

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