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“We’re expected to provide, protect, provision, promote and surrender our sperm” and other long-winded lessons from the Men’s Rights subreddit

One thing I’ve noticed about Men’s Rights Activists is that they like to type. Type, type, type — they LOVE it!

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Quillette calls for an incel uprising

Quillette recently posted an article about incels that is doubly strange.

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The former A Voice for Men point man for “Judicial Accountability” was just arrested in Scotland, where he reportedly fled to escape rape and fraud charges in the US after faking his own death

Nicholas Rossi, Nicholas Alahverdian, Nick Alan and Arthur Knight.

It’s safe to say that A Voice for Men founder Paul Elam is not really a great judge of character.

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Master debater provides the Men’s Rights Movement with powerful retorts to feminist insults

I found this stickied to the top of the Men’s RIghts subreddit — a collection of powerful retorts to things that feminists sometimes say to MRAs. Clearly, feminism will not be able to survive these devastating rhetorical counterpunches.

Some retorts to common feminist accusations and talking pointsGeneral (self.MensRights)

submitted 23 hours ago * by mra_goaway - announcement

I've been using some of my favourite retorts to feminist talking points and found them to be useful. In the hopes of helping the men's rights community, here are a few suggestions...

Accusation	Retort
"Incel"	To a woman: "At least I won't be involuntarily barren. Meow. To a man or a woman: Is there a reason you're obsessed with who I'm having sex with?
"Misogynist"	Ah yes, the strawmisogynist
"Toxic masculinity"	There is no such thing as toxic masculinity. There is only toxic behaviour
"Mansplain"	No, you're Ms. Understanding.
Are there any other accusations you come across and have rebuttals for? Leave them in the comments.

In general, it's always good to agree and amplify when in doubt.

“Ms. Understanding!”

How can we possibly compete with such an obvious master of quick wit and repartee?

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The most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen (this week)

Somehow this two-year old post from 4Chan made it to the top of the Not How Girls Work subreddit this week and it is so weird and disgusting (even by 4chan standards) that I feel compelled to share it with you. Brace yourself.

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MRA: Sperm is superior to ovaries because sperms have to swim while the lazy ovaries just lie there eating bon bons

So the Men’s Rights activists on Reddit are having a big discussion of how unfair it is that male sexuality is demonized while female sexuality is glorified. (Try telling that to any girl who was labeled a “slutin high school.)

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MRA post of the day: “There’s no such thing as tOXic masculinity you dumb c___.”

Well, you’ve got to admit that he gets right to the point.

I examined some of his posting history on Reddit, and determined that 1) he’s not a troll, just a huge jerk, and 2) he does indeed love big boobs.

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Women shouldn’t be allowed to see or speak, explains dude who’s posted 587 times on

Helen Keller wants wants nothing to do with your incel ass

They have such … interesting discussions over on the forums. And by “interesting” I mean “stomach-churningly horrendous.”

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Equal Rights, Equal Fights? Men’s Rights Redditor offers to be a punching bag for women in order to save other men from violence, and somehow this makes sense to him

Bluto: Men’s Rights martyr

To hear some Men’s Rightsers tell it, one of the cruellest injustices against men in our allegedly gynocentric world is that men can’t punch women without everybody getting all mad at them.

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Pickup artists blame Newsweek for the death of one of their own

Tom Torero

Late last week, word spread in the pickup artist community that one of their own, British “daygame” coach Tom Torero, had taken his own life.