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Incel on the end of Roe: “Now finally justice is served”

Thanks, DALL·E mini, for “men celebrating abortion ban.”

Incels cheer on anything that hurts women, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re hailing the death of Roe with shouts of “HOES MAD” and celebratory animated emojis.

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MRAs gloat over the death of Roe v Wade, demand the “right” to not pay child support

It’s a happy day in the Men’s Rights subreddit

Today is a day of mourning and rage amongst those who believe in the rights of pregnant people. The Supreme Court ruling striking down Roe V. Wade is a massive step backward, and may presage similarly retrograde attacks on everything from contraception to gay marriage. It’s bad news all around.

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Lesbian feminists “want to spoil women,” by encouraging them to slut it up, destroying any value they could have had for men, Reddit weirdo explains

Lesbians, always up to something

So over on the AntiFeminists subreddit they’re discussing the important issues of the day. Like whether or not feminism is a giant grooming operation operated by “predatory lesbians” who want all the ladies to themselves.

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Women Celebrating Alone With Cell Phones

Yee ha! Another 127 messages on Tinder!

To hear some romantically challenged manosphereans tell it, cell phones have ruined modern women by delivering them so much attention — from Facebook and Instagram likes to countless messages on dating apps. This, the misogynists claim, makes women too stuck-up to date the regular hardworking men that are their “looksmatches,” instead enjoying endless hookups with a succession of Chads. And it makes these regular men sad.

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The continuing battle over right-wing dick

Just say no to guys who say no to abortion

Every few months, it seems, I run across another article talking about how hard conservative men are having it in the dating world just because they’re gross fascist turdballs that no sensible person wants to fuck. And somehow, as noted by @guy_freire on Twitter, “this supposedly reflects negatively on Democrats.”

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Snip snip! MRAs freak out over the exceedingly unlikely prospect of mandatory vasectomies

Men’s Rights Activists have discovered a new entirely hypothetical danger — that evil feminists, mad about the end of Roe V Wade, will force the government to mandate vasectomies for all pubescent boys.

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Men’s Rights Redditors celebrate the apparent end of Amber Heard’s acting career, suggest she turn to sex work for money

Amber Heard: Apparently not cut from Aquaman 2

Men’s Rights Redditors think and hope that the verdict in Amber Heard’s defamation trial will end forever her career as an actor. They just hope that whatever she does in the future to make money will be as degrading as possible.

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Bucking the Backlash: Why I’ll be writing more about the attacks on trans people

Some of you might have noticed that I’ve changed the tag line for this site to ‘Bucking the Backlash,” replacing the old tag “Misogyny, Tracked and Mocked.” This is both a reflection of what’s been going on with the blog already and where I see it going in the future.

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Bad News Bites: Train blame, gun threats and the inspirational … Adolf Hitler?

Hitler fighting back a sneeze

Today, three unsettling news stories that have sort of fallen through the cracks in recent days.

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Book Review: Top Secret Pickup Lines, Busty Girls Edition

You’ll poke an eye out with those things

Huge bazonga enthusiasts! I have found the book for you.

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