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Rollo Coaster: A Red Pill guru gets dumped from a convention for “unbecoming conduct” and now all the alpha dudes are mad at each other

Rollo Tomassi, preaching the alpha male gospel in his favorite alpha male cap

By David Futrelle

There’s some high drama going on in a segment of the manosphere I generally ignore because I find it so tedious. Several days ago, you see, the head grifter behind a long-running series of manosphere conventions booted one of the scheduled speakers — “Red Pill” guru Rollo Tomassi — from all future events. And it’s not at all clear why.

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MEME WAR: MGTOWs vs Nazis in The Battle of the (White) Babies!

Some fights are just really confusing

By David Futrelle

Doing this blog, I’m reminded again and again that the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. Indeed, oftentimes the enemy of my enemy is just as shitty as my enemy, if not more so.

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The Red Pill/A Voice for Men feud gets weirder with this recipe for Chicken a la Elam from Red Piller GayLubeOil

Preparing the tomato sauce, MRA-style

I love it when woman-hating weirdos fight amongst themselves; I root for both sides to lose, and lose big.

Last week I took a look at one Red Pill Redditor’s unsubtle attack on Men’s Rights Activists in general, and former AVFMer Dean Esmay in particular, as sloppy losers “eating cheese puffs out of their fedoras.”

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His popularity waning, Paul Elam tells MRAs who hate him that he doesn’t want them anyway

I can't HEAR you!
I can’t HEAR you!

It’s not exactly news, at least to long-time readers of this site, that A Voice for Men’s tinpot dictator Paul Elam can’t take criticism — especially when it comes from fellow Men’s Rights activists.

But who knew Elam was so allergic to criticism that he would declare that MRAs who expressed any sort of uneasiness with that embarrassing video he posted to YouTube earlier this week, featuring a drunken Elam and a small group of equally drunken acolytes making crude sexual remarks about two prominent feminist writers, were a bunch of “cowards, cunts [and] concern trolls” who would no longer be welcome at AVFM.

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Oh my Lorem! The Sarkeesian Effect premiere was an even more glorious fiasco than we could have possibly imagined

This popcorn is delicious indeed.
This popcorn is delicious indeed.

Last night was the grand premiere of The Sarkeesian Effect (Team Jordan Owen Edition), and the response from critics and audience members alike has been overwhelming!

That video of crickets has gotten more than 3,344,825 views on Youtube. That’s 371,647 times the number of people who apparently showed up at the Sarkeesian Effect premiere/#GamerGate Meetup at the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema in Atlanta last night.

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Internet Nazis plan to take down SJWs by pretending to be “Mexican trannies” on Tumblr. If they can stop fighting each other first.

Some websites are born great; others have to buy a mug for themselves
Some websites are born great; others have to buy a mug for themselves

The folks over on the Daily Stormer — winner of the prestigious “World’s Greatest Nazi Poop Site” award (and coffee cup) — are cackling with glee over what they see as “The Coming SJW Civil War.”

It seems that site Führer Andrew Anglin has noticed that the grand coalition of the so-called SJWs is made up of a number of different groups that (surprise surprise) have different interests and different ideas about things. Indeed, Anglin has convinced himself that all the different groups that make up the “SJW movement” actually hate each other with a passion and only stick together because they all hate “the White heterosexual male” even more.

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Reactionary “game” guru Roosh V divorces The Red Pill, demands full custody of all the pageviews

Roosh V, living the dream
Roosh V, living the dream

Oh dear. Roosh V’s rebranding campaign isn’t going well at all.

The increasingly reactionary pickup guru, who seems deathly afraid of being universally recognized as the creepy old guy at the club that he so obviously has become, is earnestly trying to transform himself into a philosopher of sorts, and a sort of manosphere elder. He recently gave his highly unoriginal philosophy a name — “Neomasculinity” — and proclaimed himself the headmaster of this “new” school of thought.

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Men Going Their Own Way tell Paul Elam to go away. BONUS: The terrible new MGTOW anthem

Men Going Their Own Way can't decide which way to go.
Men Going Their Own Way can’t figure out which way to go.

Oh dear. Paul Elam’s attempt to anoint himself King of the MGTOWs doesn’t seem to be going terribly well, mainly due to the fact that the overwhelming majority of those who call themselves Men Going Their Own Way would prefer it if he went his own way off a short pier.

His new ebook on MGTOW — despite receiving rave reviews from people who work for him at A Voice for Men — has not done quite as well amongst the MGTOW masses, many of whom are posting one-star reviews on Amazon.

Their complaints are a mixture of the reasonable and the ridiculous. On the one hand, they accuse him of being a con artist trying to cash in on their little movement with an ebook made up mostly of stuff that’s already been posted on the internet. On the other, well, they think he’s some kind of quasi-feminist supplicator to women who’s committed a sort of treason against his fellow men by not banning all women from AVFM. No, really:

antifeminism are these guys 12 years old? dark enlightenment gaslighting homophobia internecine warfare literal nazis lying liars misogyny MRA oppressed white men paul elam racism straw feminists transphobia TROOOLLLL!! twitter

#EndFathersDay: Trolls being trolls, or "black propaganda" designed to tear apart feminism?

Not actual feminist
Not actual feminist

You all got the memo about #EndFathersDay fiasco, right – the phony “feminist” hashtag, seeded and spread by 4chan trolls, that aroused so much consternation on Twitter the other day, and that took in so many who’re already given to thinking the worst about feminism?

It would be nice if we could just dismiss this whole thing as trolls being trolls – no harm, no foul. But there’s a bit more to it than that.

For one thing, the troll campaign worked. At least on some people: While feminist writers quickly rushed in to point out that the whole thing was an antifeminist hoax, more than a few in the right-wing media were taken in utterly.

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Pickup artists argue that "Game" is the solution to Elliot Rodger-style rampages. Here’s why they’re wrong.

From Elliot Rodger's Google+ Profile
From Elliot Rodger’s Google+ Profile

Pickup artists, classy fellows that they are, are using Elliot Rodger’s killing rampage as a marketing ploy. In the comments to one of Rodger’s videos on YouTube, a company called Strategic Dating Coach offered their solution to prevent similar shootings in the future: send disturbed young men who can’t get dates to one of their coaching sessions!

THIS is why we do what we do. TO PREVENT THIS SHIT!!! Could couldn't experience it because he didn't learn to attract women. He should have gone to our website and got our personal dating coaching or purchased one of our products. IF ANYONE NEEDS HELP, CONTACT US! Don’t do anything stupid.

While this response to Rodger’s mass killing is uniquely crass, the argument that “Game saves lives” is hardly new. To PUAs like Heartiste and Roosh Valizadeh it’s practically an article of faith.

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