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MEME WAR: MGTOWs vs Nazis in The Battle of the (White) Babies!

Some fights are just really confusing

By David Futrelle

Doing this blog, I’m reminded again and again that the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. Indeed, oftentimes the enemy of my enemy is just as shitty as my enemy, if not more so.

Take, for example, the ongoing not-very-civil war between certain factions of the Men Going Their Own Way movement and the Alt-Right.

You may be surprised to hear there even is such a war. After all, there are plenty of MGTOWs who are flat-out racists and anti-Semites, many with views pretty much indistinguishable from those of your typical Alt-Nazi. Meanwhile, virulent misogyny is rife in the overwhelmingly male Alt-Right.

But it turns out that there are a good number of Alt-Nazis who take a very dim view of MGTOWs, and vice versa. The Nazis attack the white-woman-hating MGTOWs for not making white babies with nice white ladies, thus lowering the white birth rate and contributing to the dreaded GENOCIDE of the WHITE RACE. They also think that MGTOWs are sort of gay, definitely betas, and probably a tool of our Jewish overlords. Actually, they seem a bit fixated on the whole Jew thing.

MGTOWs, meanwhile, think the Nazis are basically “white knight nationalist” cucks in thrall to the power of white women’s hypnotizing vaginas.

So, naturally, they’ve all started making memes about it.

In the following four memes, Alt-Nazis plead their case, such as it is, against MGTOWs.  (You can click on any of the pics below to see the memes full size, which makes some of them a heck of a lot more readable; it doesn’t, however, cause them to actually start to make sense. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the cartoon in the first meme was not actually drawn by Ben Garrison.)


Remarkably, the MGTOW response memes I’ve seen are somehow even less coherent. They’re also really, really, really anti-Semitic.

Here’s the text of that last one, in case you want to be able to actually read it.

I’m not taking sides in this battle. I can only hope that both the Nazis and the MGTOWs go down in ignominious defeat.

70 replies on “MEME WAR: MGTOWs vs Nazis in The Battle of the (White) Babies!”

@Man Splainer
I will be needing your reason (cites) and logic (connections) or the is simply being rejected as overwrought hyperbole.

Wait…MGTOW is about not giving women legal and/or financial power over my life because [feminists destroyed marriage with no fault divorce].

Destroyed? Really?

It’s about maintaining my sovereignty from a [gynocentric and misandric social and legal landscape].

To what features do you refer?

It’s realizing [men built and maintained all upon the earth] – not women.

This one alone shows you are not likely to be a clear thinker and likely not honest in dissagreements. I’m sure getting to acknowledge that there are things built by women would not be too hard, but the fact that you have this here when you know that’s not true. Really? Literally all?

It’s about realizing [men’s lives were trafficked and exploited in war for women’s and the state’s safety and welfare].

So how were women at fault for the Iraq wars? Be specific now.

It’s about recognizing how [women and the state brainwash men into disposability for their own benefit].

Brainwashing is not really a thing. I need specific examples of disposability and specific examples of women doing it for their benefit as a cultural force worth a mass shunning of half the species.

It’s about recognizing [feminist colonization and appropriation of masculine achievements.]

What masculine achievements and feminist colonization? Specifically.

There are MGTOW from all races. Why is the left so bent on [denying whites identity and pride?]

Specifically what are you referring to as denial of white identity and pride? As a white person I can see how someone might want to be proud of specific cultures in ones history, but the category “white” is nothing but a racist social dominance construct in my experience.

[The whole world wants to live in white cishet male dominated nations].

This whole thing screams “citation needed”.


Not nearly so obvious.

> (A)utonomist Escapist
Are they ? Well, i do not know enough politics in my neigbourh nations, but in France, i am not sure they even adopt this kind of behavior. The far right, which “historical”party (Front National) had exploded for the second time in its history in two parties, has one leader which is a woman and the other a gay man (both a shame for women and gay men), and they do not seem to promote more equality nor equity for either.
You are right about the rethorical discourse which aims at the (white) elderly and the (white) unemployed (never seen something about sick and/or disabled persons, though, and the really poors are also considered as trash or lazy unredeemable persons) : they mainly play on their fears of the “others”, and that is why they have such a large electoral base, sadly.

That last “meme” is almost exquisite in its incoherence. It makes less sense the longer I look at it.

I have no idea what a “roastie” is and I’m afraid to ask because it’s almost certainly appalling and maybe Holocaust-related.

It’s not holocaust related. It’s misogynistic and dehumanizing, though. Want to know?

The incel and MGTOW theory is that if women are slutty, their labia will look like roast beef. Therefore any woman that is not saving herself for a raging misogynist who’s a nice guy unlike those Chads is a “roastie.” Why they think having PIV sex make labia look like roast beef, no one knows.

Oh, is this “women parts are gross”? Which, dude, genitals are funny-looking, this is not news to anyone. Boy parts, girl parts, all the accessory bits — they are ridiculous! Is this supposed to make women feel crushing shame and horror or something?

But in the “MGTOW at the computer” meme, half of the comments about “Roasties” seem to be about men! It makes no sense! I’m over-thinking this, aren’t I?

Whaaat, they think women who having sex makes their labia look different? That’s … wow, that’s some weapons-grade cuckoo right there.

A few years ago I saw some Christian conservative promote the original “roastie” meme, ie. that female promiscuity causes the inner labia to peek out from between outer labia, like slices of roast beef from a subway sandwich. It’s a general misogynist thing, not just an MGTOW thing.

It’s clearly an extension of the traditional hymen myth. We get from a broken hymen to a “loose” vagina and eventually to generally spread-out ladybits. The stigmatization of protruding inner labia seems to have started from deeming them as simply unattarctive looking. It may be derived from porn aesthetics, and association of virginity with youthfulness, inasmuch as the inner labia tend to grow bigger with age.

But in the “MGTOW at the computer” meme, half of the comments about “Roasties” seem to be about men!

That’s likely part based on real MGTOW sppeech, part parodic exaggeration. Manospherians strive to insult everyone, with misogynist insults, when they aren’t actually insulting women.

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