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Are feminists really “FURIOUS” that the Sonic Movie did well? A case study in right-wing outrage manufacturing

Do feminists want to take all of Sonic’s rings?

By David Futrelle

On February 10, Twitter was filled with gloating tweets from assorted amateur and professional far-right culture warriors, all happily celebrating the poor showing of the film Birds of Prey, which they had collectively decided was a terrible insult to comic book fans and men in general because Harley Quinn’s outfit in the film wasn’t as sexy as theoretically possible. This is the state of the culture war now.

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Smash Bros: Seb Gorka and other gullible dinguses tricked by troll into thinking Nintendo supports gay incest

Sebastian Gorka, Brain Genius

By David Futrelle

Sebastian Gorka — former White House security adviser turned freelance Trump bootlicker — has a reputation on the right as some sort of brain genius. But he’s also, it turns out, as gullible as any Facebook MAGA grandpa.

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Paul Elam claims he DIDN’T tweet that women’s suffrage was “America’s biggest blunder.” I think he’s lying, and here’s my evidence

Screenshot of Paul Elam appearing on a YouTube gabfest hosted by his long-time friend and collaborator Tom Golden. Notice the Twitter handle next to Paul’s name. (I added the arrow and the highlighting.)

By David Futrelle

Yesterday, I posted a screenshot from a Twitter account that appeared to be a not-so-clever attempt by Paul Elam, founder of the Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men, to evade a Twitter ban.

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Incels debate whether punching themselves in the face will make them more attractive

Stop hitting yourself! (Seriously, don’t hit yourself.)

By David Futrelle

Over on — the successor site to, which recently found itself tossed off the internet — the regulars are discussing what they evidently feel is one of the central issues of our time: Can dudes make themselves more appealing to women by punching themselves in the face?

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The QAnon conspiracy snowball gets bigger and dirtier: A visit to the GreatAwakening subreddit

The world looks pretty scary once you start seeing sinister patterns everywhere

By David Futrelle

By now you may be familiar with the broad outlines of the QAnon conspiracy theory, which might be described, in essence, as Pizzagate on steroids.

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Yes, Cassie Jaye, Paul Elam’s Register-Her site was intended to vilify and intimidate women

Paul Elam: Mr. Reasonable

By David Futrelle

So Cassie Jaye‘s execrable “Men’s Rights” documentary The Red Pill has been causing a bit of a stir in Australia. Yesterday, the Sydney Morning Herald published a lengthy puff piece on Jaye and her film.

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Scott Adams: Maybe Russia did us a yuuuge favor by subverting our democracy

Scott Adams: Has many opinions

The 4th quarter 2016 We’ve Got a Bigger Problem Now WHTM pledge drive continues! If you appreciate the blog, please donate what you can! THANKS! 

One of the many tragedies of Donald Trump’s electoral college victory is that it has given Dilbert creator and Dunning-Kruger poster boy Scott Adams an even more inflated belief in his own personal brilliance.

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Pizzagate “researcher” arrested after firing an assault rifle in DC pizzeria

Guns: Worse than anchovies as a pizza topping
Guns: Worse than anchovies as a pizza topping

Comet Ping Pong, a Washington DC pizzeria, has been the central obsession of some of the Internet’s most, well, creative conspiracy theorists for several months now.

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New conspiracy theory: #HillarysBodyDouble is a plot to make Trump supporters look bad

I'm going to take a wild guess and say the real Hillary is ... the one that looks like her? (Click on pic for source)
I’m going to take a wild guess and say the real Hillary is … the one that looks like her? (Click on pic for source.)

So, you’ve heard about the Hillary Body Double thing, right?

If not, basically what happened is that some nitwit Trump supporters noticed that Hillary Clinton looked a bit thinner than usual at a photo-op yesterday several hours after she so famously fainted at the 9/11 memorial.

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Gawker successfully trolls idiots with fake men’s site called, wait for it, The Cuck

Not the official logo of The Cuck

Yesterday, as Gawker staffers drowned their sorrows in whatever booze they could get their hands on at a bare-bones farewell party of sorts for the once-mighty, now bankrupt internet media empire, a new site bearing the Gawker brand introduced itself to the world: The Cuck, a “new pop-up bespoke men’s interest site, for men.”

If the timing and the title weren’t enough to clue readers in to the fact that The Cuck was a joke, a quick glance at the official announcement should have convinced all but the dullest readers of this fact:

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