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MRA post of the day: “There’s no such thing as tOXic masculinity you dumb c___.”

Well, you’ve got to admit that he gets right to the point.

I examined some of his posting history on Reddit, and determined that 1) he’s not a troll, just a huge jerk, and 2) he does indeed love big boobs.

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Men’s Rights Redditors are aghast that their subreddit has been declared “controversial” by Wikipedia, blame it on “cunts” and “soyboys”

Always mad about something, usually women

By David Futrelle

Men’s Rights Redditors are getting their boxer briefs in a twist over news that Wikipedia is now including the Men’s Rights subreddit on their list of “controversial Reddit communities” alongside such names as r/TheRedPill and the toxic pro-Trump subreddit The_Donald.

antifeminism beta males chad thundercock empathy deficit enforced monogamy entitled babies evil sex-having women evil sex-rejecting ladies evil sexy ladies irony alert men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny reddit the c-word woman's suffrage

MGTOW Redditor wages tireless struggle against Women’s Rights by using the word “WHAMYN,” like, a lot

Someone’s got to do it I guess

By David Futrelle

Not all heroes wear capes. In the case of the Reddit user called IntrovertedMagma, I’m going to assume, it’s more like a stained Rick and Morty t-shirt, some cargo shorts, maybe a MAGA hat? I’m just guessing, really. And for all I know he does actually wear a cape.

doggoes funny incels MGTOW misogyny off topic politics the c-word trump

Everything I know about Brexit I learned from Janey Godley, including the stuff about Big Theresa’s flute

Janey Godley in happier times

By David Futrelle

Some days I just can’t stand the thought of immersing myself in raw hate long enough to produce a post. Today was one of those days, so instead of the usual stuff I thought I’d offer you all a sort of crash course in Brexit, the ongoing political disaster that’s sort of the UK’s equivalent to us Americans (or at least a minority of us) voting Trump into office.

antifeminism entitled babies men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny the c-word

MGTOWs, confounded by lady humor, lose it over a joke headline from Reductress

What is this thing you call … “humor?”

By David Futrelle

Reductress, if you don’t already know, is kind of a feminist Onion, poking gentle fun at women’s magazines, clickbaity “inspirational” web sites aimed at women, and the feminism-ultra-lite that permeates women’s media generally. Gleefully absurdist, its headlines (and the news stories that accompany them) are easily spotted as the parodies they are.

cock blockade empathy deficit entitled babies man strike men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny post contains sarcasm reddit the c-word

MGTOWs: We’re all about crushing women’s egos, which makes us basically Gandhi, if you think about it

Gandhi, crushing the egos of two women at once

By David Futrelle

Martin Luther King was famously influenced by Gandhi’s philosophy of nonviolent resistance. So, apparently, are the high-minded civil rights activists of the Men Going Their Own Way movement. Only they hope that they can use this powerful tactic to make the women who won’t have sex with them feel bad about themselves.

alt-right heartiste hillary clinton men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny the c-word trump

Trump bombs at the Al Smith dinner; his fans declare victory over the “wicked bitch”

Hillary Clinton at the Al Smith dinner, looking forward to her imminent
Hillary Clinton listening to Trump at the Al Smith dinner, and looking forward to her imminent landslide victory

If you watched Trump’s appearance at the Al Smith dinner last night, you might be forgiven for concluding that he bombed, big league.

The annual charity dinner is sort of a political version of a celebrity roast, albeit one that is a little less vicious and a lot less funny. The main task of any politician speaking at the event is to demonstrate the rudiments of a sense of humor, especially when it comes to jokes directed at them.

a voice for men a woman is always to blame antifeminism harassment men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny MRA rape rape culture the c-word threats

Chanty Binx speaks up after 3 years of harassment, capped by bizarre privacy breach

Thanks, memegenerator, for contributing to the harrasssment of a private citizen
Thanks, memegenerator, for contributing to the harassment of a private citizen

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A little over three years ago, a Canadian feminist with bright red hair confronted some Men’s Rights Activists outside of an event at the University of Toronto.

#gamergate antifeminism entitled babies mansplaining men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny MRA the c-word

MRAs and GamerGaters rejoice after Minecraft guy mansplains mansplaining, uses c-word

Markus Persson: Mansplaining intensifies
Markus Persson: Mansplaining intensifies

Another HUGE VICTORY for Men’s Rights! Some guy on the internet told a woman that the term “mansplaining” is mean to men! And then he used the “c-word” a couple of times!

"ethics" #gamergate antifeminism evil SJWs harassment misogyny the c-word

Antifeminist twits use Alan Rickman’s death as an excuse to call Emma Watson the c-word

Earlier today, as you no doubt have heard, legendary British actor Alan Rickman passed away, at age 69, from cancer. Actress and activist Emma Watson, who had worked with Rickman on numerous Harry Potter films over the years, paid tribute to a man she had considered a friend, writing on Facebook that she felt

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