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VIDEO: Go Home, Men’s Rights Movement, You’re Drunk. (Seriously, folks, watch this one.)

Is the Men’s Rights Movement a bunch of middle-aged creeps obsessed with the sexuality of women young enough to be their daughters?

Judging from this video, shot at the first A Voice for Men “family reunion,” the answer is “yes.” Also, the Men’s Rights movement is drunk.

In the video, AVFM’s head middle-aged creep Paul Elam, working the camera, introduces his fellow “family members” as the only men in the Men’s Movement “who told Jessica Valenti ‘no’ to a blow job.”

Panning across the almost-all-white faces in the crowd, Elam gleefully shouts:

Hello Jessica! Hello Jessica! Yeeaaaah! Here’s a dick you won’t suck! Oh, there’s another dick you won’t suck! Oh my God there’s just thousands of dicks that don’t want you to suck it! [sic] … No means no, bitch! No means no, bitch!

At this point the entire group starts chanting “no means no.”

Valenti, the founder of Feministing, is a daily columnist for The Guardian and the author of four books. Elam is a middle-aged asshole who for many years has lived off of his girlfriend and/or the donations he’s been able to extract from gullible men.

Elam asks if anyone else has anything they want to say to the feminists of the world, because “this is going on YouTube.”

One gentleman shouts his message: “Go fuck yourself!”

Former AVFM second-in-command Dean Esmay makes an impossible-to-parse comment about “good rape.”

Elam adds his thoughts about another prominent feminist writer:

Hey listen, Amanda Marcotte! Your pussy stinks!

Then he ends the video with this little warning:

Hey, girls, look into your future! A lot more of this shit’s coming, and it ain’t gonna be fun except for us.

The Human Rights Movement of the 21st century, folks!

In the description of the video on YouTube, Elam (presumably sober by this time) makes clear he doesn’t care if anyone thinks the video makes the Men’s Rights movement look bad.

Look, it is just some men having non PC fun. If you find it offensive or a “bad thing” for the men’s movement, you can blow it out your ass.

Given that the so-called Men’s Rights movement is itself a bad thing, I’d like to thank Mr. Elam for once again making my work here easy.

NOTE: You folks might want to save this video, just in case Mr. Elam realizes what an ass he’s making of himself. (If you don’t have the right browser extension to save videos, this website will do it for you.)

EDIT: I just realized what this video reminded me of: The creepy dance sequence from the horror movie Calvaire.

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6 years ago

so what you are suggesting is “age realism” a concept similar to “race realism”. So in essence you dont have a problem observing the crime rates of lets say african americans and noticing higer crime rates per capita you are perfectly okay with race-profiling, stop and frisk,segregating housing, mandatory sentencing, abolising the 13th amendment etc. Hey you might also be okay with forced segregation since you know gotta protect people.

Oh trolly, you fail so hard at trying to paint me as something anyone who actually knows me, knows I’m not.

First off: I’m Canadian. Your systemic US racism is YOUR problem, not mine. (And speaking of racism: Damn, you REEK of it. Judging by how hard you’re trying to project it onto me, I’d say it’s you who have that problem.)

Secondly: This is NOT a similar concept at all. What is so discriminatory about noting the common creepiness of a bunch of middle-aged creeps drunkenly obsessing over the genitals of young women who aren’t remotely interested in them? Are you so touchy because you yourself are one of them? You sound awfully easy to trigger on that point. You do realize, don’t you, that creeps don’t have a constitutionally guaranteed right to creep, to harass, and to make ugly videos promising more of the same? They don’t have an actual right to do that ANYWHERE in the world.

But nice try at jumping to illogical and totally unrelated conclusions.

what percentage of the total elderly male population prays on younger women.Any actual facts to back that claim? Also what is the REASON you are talking about. DO you prefer explaining it to me with evidence obviously.

Instead of JAQing off on me, troll, why don’t you spend all that time you got on your idle hands looking for those stats yourself, and try to prove me wrong if you think I am? Obviously you have a vested interest in defending old creepers. I wonder why that is. Hmmm…could it be the reason I mentioned, the one you chose to ignore? Namely, SEXISM? Hmmmmm?

Also, learn to punctuate. You’ve got periods in place of question marks. It makes you sound not only like an absolute fucking idiot (not that you aren’t one), but a brusque and overly demanding one. Periods are for statements, not questions.

Which media? I mean obviously most young women arent attracted to older men but there are exceptions of beautiful consensual relationships. Why degrade and demonize these people for their choices? What have they done to you? WHo are they hurting. A comentator who hasnt gotten banned yet compare dthese types of relationships to pedophilia, zoophilia and rape. I remember a time when conservatives used to compare gay to zoophiles and pedophiles.

LOL…”beautiful consensual relationships”? Troll, PLEASE. A lot of these “beautiful consensual relationships” wouldn’t even exist if the old fart didn’t have pots of money. If Donald Trump were poor, or even middle-class, he’d never have married one model, let alone three. Trophy marriages are the exception, but not because they are built on anything resembling love. They are built on materialism and sexism, on huge inequalities of wealth and power. If you’re going to take swipes at conservatism, you ought to be especially down on that, because trophy marriages are deeply conservative and sexist at their root.

Anyway: What’s so “beautiful” and “consensual” about bitter old farts expressing their sour grapes while drunk? We’re talking here about sexual harassment, trolly — try to keep up.

Nice use of euphemisms there, too; “zoophiles” are ANIMAL ABUSERS, you fucking wank. That’s their word for themselves, because they don’t like to be called bestialists. I think you just tipped your hand there again. I think it is in fact YOU who think gay people are pedocriminals and bestialists.

And nice try, too, at getting regulars banned over things they haven’t said, but that you are trying to paint THEM as saying. I’m sure that will go over extremely well with the Dark Lord when someone finally gets fed up with your shit.

And yes, that IS a hint.

Policy of Madness
Policy of Madness
6 years ago

I am the only user in this debate who uses the word consensual

That’s because you’re literally the only person talking about that. Everyone else was/is referring to older men creeping on younger women. You’re trying to elide that with eyes-open, consensual relationships based on mutual attraction and affection.

Nobody is fooled. Mashing consensual with nonconsensual together as if they are somehow identical is a common MRA, PUA, and adjacent trick. That’s because you don’t, in fact, comprehend consent.

6 years ago

Delavrancea, is your only point here that we shouldn’t mock the creepy old men in the OP video because not all old men are creepy? And that we shouldn’t look down on the men in the OP for creeping on a younger women because of the existence of consensual relationships between younger women and older men?

If so, then you’re excusing actuality by appealing to potentiality.

6 years ago

Delavrancea’s screeds remind me of nothing so much as this:

Bette Hopper
Bette Hopper
6 years ago

So I’m late to this post and haven’t commented here in a while, but I just finished reading through the thread and wanted to commend/thank Policy of Madness, EJ (The Other One), weirwoodtreehugger and bina for your excellent comments about why older man/younger woman predation is so toxic (for women) and works to uphold male supremacy. (Not to mention the fact that culture actively grooms girls for it, but that’s a different branch of this tree.)

Apologies in advance for this teal dear:

It always amazes me the way even seemingly well-intentioned men will dig in their heels about this. It is such a male privilege blind spot that frequently manifests itself as petulant, aggrieved entitlement because patriarchal culture (which prioritizes the interests of men) tells men that they are not only sexually attractive forever but that younger women are/should be/available to them (and in the process gaslights and trains women to ignore their own perceptions). How dare you question a man’s age or imply that his desire is unwanted or inappropriate!

Some are very quick to call “ageism” because most younger women simply aren’t attracted to them, when in fact it is they (the men) who are focused on age. The hypocrisy is breathtaking. Power dynamics—the definition of what consent is within unequal power equations/social hierarchy/life experience/cognitive development (AGE)—is a pivotal factor so many men just refuse to acknowledge or consider.

It’s a sore spot with me as men have creeped on me since I was 11 or 12. (And most women can relate to this.) It is awful to be in your teens and 20s with men in their 40s and 50s and beyond constantly violating you with their creepy, predatory male gaze and comments. Just the sheer domineering, sadistic arrogance of it— the relentless barrage of unwanted attention so bad you always have to have your guard up, your earbuds in, your sunglasses on, your eyes averted. You feel like a meal. Yes, men of all ages creep and harass, but the older man is a special kind of creep that every girl/woman knows. It is literally patriarchal abuse.

Too bad the comment thread turned the way it did with that shitheel of a troll who was so obsessed with defending women’s “right to choose” (gee what a feminist ally!) relationships with “elderly” (LOL) men, but he was such a hot mess that it was kind of entertaining.

5 years ago

Who would want to suck these senior citizens’ dicks anyway?

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