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Feminism is a sexual orientation, explains wannabe Men’s Rights philosopher with his head up his ass

Be careful, men — because feminists want your banana

A couple of weeks back, I wrote about Men’s Rights Inactivism — the almost complete inability of so many so-called Men’s Rights activists to actually do anything like real activism in the real world. I was inspired by a discussion on the Men’s RIghts subreddit in which numerous MRAs reacted with defensive anger after another MRA called them out on this notable failure.

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Russian woman planned to kill boys at a kindergarten but was stopped by teachers before firing a shot

Polina Dvorkina in custody

On March 28, according to Russian press reports,19-year-old Polina Dvorkina shot and killed her father at their home in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, then headed to a nearby kindergarten intending to kill as many boys as she could.

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Lazy boys: Men’s Rights Activists really can’t stand being reminded of how little activism they do

Men’s Rights Activists: Hard at work or hardly working?

If you want to make a Men’s Rights Activist sputtering mad, try asking them if they’ve ever lifted a single solitary finger in the real world to help their fellow men. Because the overwhelming majority of them haven’t, and won’t.

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Fighting the good fight against imaginary feminism

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The slogan of the antifeminsts subreddit is “Exposing the truth about Feminism.” But I’ve been poking around in there a bit and all they really “expose” on a regular basis is that a lot of the subredddit regulars can’t tell the difference between real feminism and obvious jokes or trolling.

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Men’s Rights Redditor: Laws against rape are a shit test women use to filter out men who aren’t “man enough to push past protestations”

What dudes who “push past resistance” actually deserve

By David Futrelle

Today, just another example of the sort of toxic nonsense that gets upvotes in the Men’s Rights subreddit, despite the protestations from Reddit MRAs that they really aren’t about hate at all.

antifeminism dude you've got no fucking idea what you're talking about men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny MRA rape reddit straw feminists

“Feminism teaches women that to be a good person they have to be a c*nt to men,” Men’s Rights Redditor MRAsplains

Feminism in action?

By David Futrelle

Sometimes people new to Men’s Rights activism — and who haven’t yet realized that they’ve joined a hate group rather than a real civil rights movement — ask why feminists don’t work together with MRAs to make the world a big happy place for everyone.

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6 mindbending MGTOW memes to brighten your Presidents Day

It’s all a little confusing

By David Futrelle

Stretch your mind a little with these lovely memes, courtesy of some of Twitter’s most creative Men Going Their Own Way. While almost all of these images raise more questions than they answer, some are so thoroughly incomprehensible that they sort of broke my brain. If you can explain them, please do.

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Watch mad clown Milo melt down during his Out Magazine photoshoot

Mad Milo mansplains feminism to Amanda Marcotte, in drag
Mad Milo mansplains feminism to Amanda Marcotte, in drag.

One of the many strange things about Breitbart’s alleged “tech editor” Milo Yiannopoulos is how much he cares about convincing people he doesn’t care.

The self-described “provocateur” even dressed up as a literal clown for his recent profile in Out Magazine.

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This dude freaking out over a chicken sandwich is a Men’s Rights Reddit thread come to life

All he wanted was a chicken sandwich
All he wanted was a chicken sandwich

The scene: A McDonald’s in Ottawa. A man orders a chicken sandwich. The woman behind the counter tells him they’re out. He calls her a bitch.

And then this happens:

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KiA: RadFems are dating influential beta males in order to convert them to SJWism

Beta male indoctrination in progress
Beta male indoctrination in progress

Hey famous dudes who are betas! Watch the heck out! If some comely lass wearing an I HEART Dworkin t-shirt starts whispering sweet nothings in your ear, she could be a SECRET RADFEM trying to seduce you into SJWism so she and her RadFem comrades can take advantage of your fame in order to spread evil SJW lies.

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