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The hilarious and disturbing conversation I had with ChatGPT about the lyrics to “Steal My Sunshine”

So it’s no secret that I’m a bit obsessed with AI, as many people are these days. The AI art bots, mainly, which I have used to generate graphics for this blog on more than a few occasions. But also ChatGPT, a chatbot that offers a shockingly convincing impersonation of an actual human. It’s miles ahead of the glorified web search bots that power digital assistants like Alexa and Google Home.

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“Is Gender Dysphoria a Marxist Weapon Against Judeo-Christian Civilization?” asks man who doesn’t know how anything works

Political discourse on the right today often seems like little more than a battle of the buzzwords, with the victory going to whoever can stuff the most buzzwords into their proclamations, never mind what they might possibly mean.

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Check out this YouTube documentary about (alleged) serial con artist, sexual abuser Nicholas Alahverdian

Nicholas Alahverdian, with wife and apparently unnecessary breathing apparatus

If you can’t get enough of Nicholas Alahverdian — the accused serial con artist and sexual abuser who duped A Voice for Men into making him their “false accusations” poster boy — I’d recommend taking a look at this documentary on YouTube.

allegedly false accusations lying liars misogyny rape sexual abuse sexual assault

Convicted sex offender and former A Voice for Men staffer Nicholas Alahverdian faces three new accusations of sexual assault

The last time we reported on the strange tale of convicted sex offender and former A Voice for Men staffer Nicholas Alahverdian, he was in Scotland awaiting extradition to the US on sexual assault charges in Utah. He was also telling whoever would listen — in a fake posh English accent — that he wasn’t Nicholas Alahverdian at all but rather a professor from Bristol, England named Arthur Knight, a victim of mistaken identity.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene spreads the lie that monkeypox is a sexually transmitted disease, insinuating that gay “groomers” are giving it to kids

Blankets: possible monkeypox spreaders

Christian nationalist congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is spreading an insidious lie about monkeypox. On Saturday, she Tweeted this:

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No, the New York Times is not advocating cannibalism, you weirdo dingalings

The Manwich: Not what it sounds like, honest!

So the New York Times ran a trend piece today about cannibalism. Well, to be more precise, about an assortment of recent novels and films and TV shows that use cannibalism as a plot device. The piece, I shouldn’t have to say, is in no way, shape or form, a call for real-world cannibalism. Indeed, writer Alex Beggs points out that even the concept of cannibalism can be “stomach-churning,” and notes that several of the authors she spoke to had managed to seriously gross themselves out writing the cannibal portion of their novels.

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Candace Owens spreads the lie that the Uvalde shooter was trans, long after this disinformation was thoroughly debunked

Uvalde elementary school shooter Salvador Ramos: Still an enigma

Whenever news breaks about a new school shooter, an unhealthy alliance of trolls and true believers takes to social media to flood the zone with bullshit.

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“Girls want to f*ck me because I debate their boyfriends so hard,” Redditor brags, liefully

OP is clearly just three kids in a trenchcoat

Today, in “Things That Are 100 Percent Not True,” we have this strange masturbatory fantasy-disguised-as-a-true story from the DatingAdviceForMen subreddit, either written by a sad middle-aged man or three kids in a trenchcoat. (I’m betting the latter.)

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Suspected serial rapist Nick Alahverdian, arrested in Scotland, now claims he’s not Nick Alahverdian at all

“Arthur Knight,” meet Nick Alahverdian

Nicholas Alahverdian — former “Judicial Accountability” point man for A Voice for Men and suspected serial rapist – is in the news again. The last time we checked in on Alahverdian he had just been arrested in Scotland, where the Rhode Islander allegedly fled after faking his own death in an attempt to escape rape charges in Utah and possibly three other states. He’s already a convicted sex offender. In Scotland, Alahverdian — also wanted on fraud charges — apparently spoke with a fake posh British accent that sometimes gave way to an American accent when he was drunk.

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Andy Ngo and the Big Lie of the “antifa-involved mass shooting” in Portland

Just say Ngo

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In the wake of the mass shooting in Portland last Saturday night, when reliable information was still scarce, some of those on the right took advantage of the confusion to spread a little more confusion of their own.

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