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Paul Elam reannounces the relaunch of A Voice for Men's Possibly Still Unnamed Publishing House for Men Who Don't Write Good

Paul Elam contemplates his future as an e-book millionaire
Paul Elam contemplates his future as an e-book millionaire

How often has this happened to you? You’re reading a thoughtful blog post or comment from a Men’s Rights Activist and you find yourself thinking:

“Gosh! This post or comment on how women are a bunch of malevolent parasites/men are the real slaves if you think about it/women were never oppressed because they could just get maids to clean the house is so witty and wise. I only wish it were 50 times longer, and that I had to pay money to read it!”

Well, I’ve got good news for you: Now you can!

A Voice for Men, having already given the voiceless male gender a way to express itself online, has now launched A Publishing House for Men to give them a way to express themselves in book form!

Well, e-book form.

A Voice for Men’s new publishing house has just published its first book – well, e-book — a slim volume of thoughts on Men Going Their Own Way, written by Peter Wright of with help from AVFM’s Paul Elam, using some material already published online!

Well, technically speaking, this is a relaunch. AVFM Press originally launched last October with the publication of this same book. But Elam decided to call a do-over. No, really.

On October 25th, you see, a bulletin on AVFM proclaimed that AVFM Press was publishing Go Your Own Way: Understanding MGTOW — an e-book it predicted would be but “the first of what will surely become a lengthy series of ebooks (and some hardcovers as well). … let’s get AVFM Press on the map as the iconic source for true red pill appetites.” (A source for appetites? I thought the source for appetites was an empty stomach?)

One day later, Elam announced that he was recalling the e-book.

What I have discovered … is that there were several procedural, legal, and formatting errors that should have been addressed before launching the book.

I made a whole bushel of lemons, folks, and the fault for that lies squarely on me.

But I do make some pretty good lemonade, which I am in the midst of doing as we speak.

I have pulled the book from Amazon Kindle for the time being, and I am removing purchase links from every place they now exist.

After the deficiencies with the product have been corrected, it will be re-launched at a level of quality that AVFM readers deserve, which is the very best possible. All the other issues will be corrected as well.

Please accept my apologies for the mistakes. This whole process of publishing is quite complicated, actually.

It is, Paul, it is.

Happily, Elam announced, the eager customers who’d hurried to buy a copy of the defective book on its first day of publication would be given a copy of the corrected book when it came out. All twelve of them.

That last bit isn’t a joke; according to Elam himself, there were literally twelve of them – less than half the number of those on AVFM’s masthead.

Elam also decided to call a do-over on AVFM Press itself – or at least its name — declaring that

AVFM Press is actually a working title for our publishing arm and will likely change very soon.

But now all the details have been sorted out, right? Well, mostly.

Yesterday’s big announcement on the launch – the real launch, this time – of AVFM’s new publishing house did not actually provide a name for the venture. At least not one that I could find. On Amazon, the publisher of the revised edition of Go Your Own Way is still listed as AVFM Press.

But never mind, because the book is getting rave reviews on Amazon!

For example, a woman named Suzy McCarley declares that the book “was worth the wait!”

Ok, so McCarley is an AVFM staffer who’s given 5-star reviews to everything she’s reviewed — from self–published books by manosphere blogger Aaron Clarey to Avalon Extra Moisturizing Fragrance Free Conditioner. But not all of the rave reviews are written by AVFM staffers under their own names. For example, a fellow calling himself xtime Past gushes:

There is great content for Men and Women of all ages. Most of red pill are apprehensive in reading this book since Paul Elam is a part of the MHRA arm of the manosphere. The read is great for MGTOW to better understand going their own way.

So I would like to congratulate AVFM’s Possibly Still Unnamed Publishing House for Men Who Don’t Write Good for getting off to such a strong start, at least if you ignore that first start that didn’t go so well.

During AVFM’s last donation drive, Elam declared that:

This year will see AVFM go into commercial ventures that will fund even more activism. I cannot go into any details at this point, but rest assured it is coming, and as with most everything else we have set out to do, we are going to pull it off. This track will ease the pressure on some of our larger donors who have always seen us through donation drives.

AVFM’s Possibly Still Unnamed Publishing House for Men Who Don’t Write Good is the first of these new money-making ventures. Because as everyone knows, a vanity publishing house that so seriously fucks up its first e-book launch that it has to do it over again two months later is pretty much guaranteed to be a massive cash-generating machine.

It kind of needs to be, as AVFM’s last donation drive (which just ended) didn’t do quite as well as Elam had hoped, at least according to this little thermometer graphic posted on AVFM.

Oops. Didn't quite clear the hurdle.
Oops. Didn’t quite clear the hurdle.

I can only assume that authors will be rushing to sign up with AVFM’s Possibly Still Unnamed Publishing House for Men Who Don’t Write Good, so that AVFM’s Possibly Still Unnamed Publishing House for Men Who Don’t Write Good can put its name (which may be changed) on their ebooks – and take a share of the profits, if any, hopefully without introducing too many formatting errors in the process.

No, I can’t see how this could possibly go wrong.

Kudos, Paul!

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How are the temps up in Adelaide? Are the fires being brought under control?

Yeah. They’ve had a reasonable amount of rain in a couple of the areas — remember the total fire ground is over 12000 hectares (almost 30000 acres). Unfortunately the rain system is accompanied by lightning which has started a few fires. The only areas they’re really worried about are a couple of gullies and other inaccessible places where the fire’s hanging on and they have no way of knowing how deep the fire is into the soil and any stumps or trunks.

The biggest problems are occurring now though. There are 29 people injured in various ways, smoke inhalation and so on. The most serious injury is someone who is not a firefighter but who returned to his property after the fire was gone … and a tree fell on him while he was fixing his gate. They’re also having to rethink opening up the roads because the rain+ash+fallen foliage is a recipe for slipping, sliding and accidents.

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Superfecundation is when multiple ova from the same cycle are fertilised by sperm from separate acts of sexual intercourse. This is one way fraternal twins arise.

If one ovum is fertilised but not the other and you have sex with someone else who fertilises the other shortly thereafter, boom, heteropaternal superfecundation.

I’ve always wanted a Ragdoll, and just discovered Norwegian Forest Cats, but…I dunno, my two boys (first kitties I ever adopted) were from a shelter, and there are so many more! I’d feel kind of guilty, I think, paying all that money for a purebred when there are all these unloved cats with no homes, and they’re just about free.

I also can’t bear children (had to have my uterus taken out so it didn’t kill me) but could still have biological kids as long as I found a surrogate (I like to say “I could still spawn if someone else wanted to incubate it for me” because it’s funny), but…then I’d feel like a bad person spending all that money on it when there are kids without homes.

*sigh* Kitties and tiny humans are tough decisions.

I’m sorry you can’t have kids uh..personally incubated, Mouse Farts, since you want them.
I hit menopause at 30 and shocked my specialist by cheering when he confirmed it. I think he was more used to telling women who want kids they can’t have them, than women who are child/pregnancy-phobic, as I am 🙂
On the plus side of surrogacy, some women love being pregnant, so you would be helping them ?

I don’t really have any regrets re: no more uterus. I mean, the stupid thing never worked right and I’d been in so much pain for so long that it took me a couple years afterward to stop feeling off-kilter because I wasn’t in pain. I’d always planned on adopting anyway.

I just never anticipated how much I’d want to see what a combination of mine and the love of my life’s genetics would look like, you know? I don’t think I understood the appeal of that until I was with someone I loved. You don’t know how deep that instinct runs until you’re there, at least for some people I guess.

Oh well. I still gots times. Sometimes I just worry about it XD

Lucky break on the menopause, holy crap. I had endometriosis, adenomyosis and cysts, and I still couldn’t find anyone who would take the damn thing out, because “you’re too young! you’ll change your mind later, I can’t do that to you.” Because being in so much pain you can’t walk doesn’t matter in the face of BABIES. Silly wimmins, I also got “this is part of being a girl, honey, you just have to learn to deal with it.” I got that a LOT.

But sexism isn’t a real thing.

It is only women who get how lucky I was on menopause. Maybe I am lucky that few of them want kids. But getting menopause 20 years early, not feeling like hell for 1 week in 4. (And I know you felt like hell for more than that MF) was so wonderful!

Oh yes…I wasn’t given meds generally given to menopausal females cos no-one knew the long term effects (I’d have been on them for 15-20 years) Plus my mother got breast cancer when she took menopause mends.

Seconding all the hugs, Mouse Farts! That’s a hell of a thing to go through.

Just thinking about genetic combos with the love of one’s life … I suspect I’d be irked if Louis and I had kids and they looked in any way like my side of the family. His is much prettier.

But I’m firmly in the no-children-ever camp. Any “But don’t you want children?” types would get my standard answer: “The child I have will be the next king of France or I’m not having it.” This used to confuse them so much they’d just shut up and go away.

Snerk! That’s a great smack down, kittehserf! And probably so much more effective than ‘oh, do fuck off’. Always better to leave the nosey nellys confused, rather than offended.

My younger sister decided not to have children. My brother in law made a pro forma attempt to change her mind; the women in my family do not change their minds that easily. I think seeing our older sisters (both of whom had children) and what they went through helped her decide. It occurs to me that if my husband and I had decided not to have children, nobody would have questioned it.

When we went through adoption training, there was a session on coming to terms with infertility issues. We didn’t have much to do.

@Mouse Farts:

I actually have a pretty hard time believing that in an office of only five people, everyone would have gone “oh noes! Ladytoes says BoredTroll has been making her uncomfortable for six months! I have never seen any hint of anything resembling inappropriate behavior from him, no one has ever witnessed him saying such things, and he has always been a model of perfect behavior! CRUCIFY HIM!”

Y’know, if it is that small office, with Trollboy having only six interactions in six months with this woman…

…why is it that some people think that women don’t hear others talking, while women do work or just exist in same space?

Imagine, if you will, a bunch of men gathering in open-architecture office. Talking with their loud men-voices (even when men hush down, they still tend to be quite loud), a voice that bounce from wall to wall. Trollboy tells something obviously sexist to a workmate. His voice boings about, reaching the space where women do work. Cue silent eyerolling, fuming, working harder to try and ignore the one loud laugh, and more muted, awkward hehs.

It may surprise lots of people, but many women are highly aware of their surroundings. Because we have to be, thanks to that whole Schrödinger’s Rapist dilemma. I’m personally quite hypervigilant, thanks to all forms of abuse I got from age of six to nineteen; just because I wore glasses for a long while, didn’t make me blind to the world, and if anything, made me rely on hearing quite a lot.

I work and I have worked in IT. One time, my (male) boss was trying to impress a bunch of visitors (all male) in our office’s meeting room/kitchen by making a very highly (and blatantly discriminatory when it comes to hiring practices) sexist remark (mostly to salvage his own ego). The distance from my corner workspot to kitchen entrance (no door, just open space; small office) was about three or four yards. I heard every single word, and my blood proverbially boiled. There it was, one loud laugh, and couple of awkward hehs following.

We listen, men, even if men don’t always listen to us. And that means women will glean those “mysterious, almost-magical maybe bio-troofs brain-is-totes-hardwired-that-way social insights” regarding who you really are, and it is not pleasant.

At an old job I was sitting by myself in the break room. I happened to be wearing a low cut top. A group of men sitting at the next table over kept asking each other how the Twins were while staring at my boobs and giggling. Our baseball team is the Twins so there was some plausible denial type but I heard them and I knew.

@ WWTH – I think I sprained an extra-ocular muscle after reading your last comment.

We listen, men, even if men don’t always listen to us. And that means women will glean those “mysterious, almost-magical maybe bio-troofs brain-is-totes-hardwired-that-way social insights” regarding who you really are, and it is not pleasant.

And then they have the gall to wonder why we distrust them so much, and why we have Schrödinger’s Rapist, and all that.

Yeah, I wonder too. >eyeroll<


And then they have the gall to wonder why we distrust them so much, and why we have Schrödinger’s Rapist, and all that.

Yeah, I wonder too. >eyeroll<


Another thing that guys should really, really, really learn is that women do not necessarily express fear and anxiety outward in body language; if anything, whole lot of us have learned that predators can sense it, and will use it against you. So many of us suppress it, look calm or perhaps slightly stiff, maintain a frozen smile that doesn’t quite reach the eyes, pick our words with extreme care. And chances are good that it has nothing to do with you, laddie, but everything to do with the thousand guys that tromped through our space before you and those have spent our daily allotment of energy.

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