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“Ask any guy for money in public if you aren’t a landwhale” and other EZ get-rich-quick plans for “Wahmen,” according to some incel

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Attention women! Sorry, “wahmen.” Are you broke and in need of some quick cash? Here are some guaranteed EZ get-rich-quick schemes you can use to GET PAID, according to some dude called Incelius Savage on the forum.

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Memes Going Their Own Way

Amazing graphic design here, A++
Amazing graphic design here, A++

Reddit’s Ovendice, rapidly becoming my favorite MGTOW, is on a meme-tear today, filling up the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit with amazing works of meme art.

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Harriet Tubman $20 bill not going over well with Trump fans, other garbage humans

Get used to this face, Trump fans; you'll be seeing a lot of it
Get used to this face, Trump fans; you’ll be seeing a lot of it

It’s too bad the US Treasury threw a big wet blanket on Trump fans’ celebrations of the Great Orange Hope’s big New York Primary victory yesterday.

Did I say “too bad?” I meant “ah hahaha ha ha ha.”

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Why do women work when they could just be living off some dude, confused MGTOW wonders

Well that's no way to find a husband!
Well that’s no way to find a husband!

Over in the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit, one recent convert to the MGTOW philosophy admits that there is one thing about the females that’s really baffling.

Namely, why do any of them work, when they could just use their magic hoo-has to snag some poor dude and live off of him, lying on the couch watching Jerry Springer amidst a pile of bon-bon wrappers?

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An Open Letter to Cassie Jaye, director of The Red Pill

Paul Elam: Subject of, and fundraiser for, Cassie Jaye's The Red Pill, in a shot from a preview of the film
Paul Elam: Subject of, and fundraiser for, Cassie Jaye’s The Red Pill, in a shot from a preview of the documentary

UPDATE 10/25/16: If you’ve come here after reading about a petition to cancel screenings of The Red Pill, I ask you to NOT sign any such petitions. It’s just free publicity for them. Read more of my thoughts on the matter here

Dear Cassie Jaye,

Congratulations. You surpassed your Kickstarter fundraising goal yesterday, more than two weeks before the Kickstarter campaign was scheduled to come to a close. You’ve funded the postproduction work on your long-delayed documentary on Men’s Rights activists, and then some.

But I’m not sure that the person I should be congratulating is you. Last night Paul Elam of A Voice for Men – the central subject of your film – was doing his own victory lap online. And no wonder, because he seems to be the real victor here.

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His popularity waning, Paul Elam tells MRAs who hate him that he doesn’t want them anyway

I can't HEAR you!
I can’t HEAR you!

It’s not exactly news, at least to long-time readers of this site, that A Voice for Men’s tinpot dictator Paul Elam can’t take criticism — especially when it comes from fellow Men’s Rights activists.

But who knew Elam was so allergic to criticism that he would declare that MRAs who expressed any sort of uneasiness with that embarrassing video he posted to YouTube earlier this week, featuring a drunken Elam and a small group of equally drunken acolytes making crude sexual remarks about two prominent feminist writers, were a bunch of “cowards, cunts [and] concern trolls” who would no longer be welcome at AVFM.

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The Honey Badger Brigade has hired a disbarred lawyer to help them with their “case” against the Calgary Expo

Harry Kopyto, the disbarred lawyer hero #GamerGate deserves?
Harry Kopyto, the disbarred lawyer hero #GamerGate deserves?

Do you remember that alleged case the Honey Badger Brigade was allegedly planning to bring against the Calgary Expo?

In case your memory needs refreshing: the Honey Badgers — a mostly female antifeminist “brigade” closely associated with A Voice for Men — were tossed out of the Expo earlier this year after they showed up flying the banner of GamerGate. The Badgers threatened to sue, and somehow managed to raise a little over $30,000 to pay for their possible legal expenses.

Then they went silent on the whole suit thing for a looong time.

Today they announced (archived here) that they’d hired a fellow named Harry Kopyto as their “legal council” [sic], paying him a retainer of $3500. As one of the Badgers — apparently head Badger Alison Tieman — explained on their web page:

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To one Men’s Rights Activist, “lying” about MRAs boycotting Mad Max: Fury Road is worse than denying the Holocaust

Dean Esmay, outraged again
Dean Esmay, outraged again

Uh oh! Dean Esmay of A Voice for Men is outraged by the latest terrible calumny besmirching the good name of the Men’s Rights movement. That Big Lie? That Men’s Rights Activists are boycotting Mad Max: Fury Road.

As Esmay puts it, in his characteristically overheated prose, the very notion that there is such a boycott

is a completely fabricated story by a handful of elitists abusing their power in the media–and betraying their fellow journalists while doing it.

Using his powerful internet detective skills, Esmay has managed to track down “the source of the lie,” which, as he sees it, “appears to have originated from a discredited hate-blogger named David Futrelle … .”

I’ve left off the rest of his sentence, as it is straight-up libel. Well, so is the bit about me being a “discredited hate-blogger,” and the part about the “lie” originating with me. I will give him credit for managing to spell my name correctly.

I’ll cop to the fact that my post on a would-be boycott of Mad Max: Fury Road set off an avalanche of articles on the subject. The Mary Sue, I believe, was the first to pick up the story, and was quickly followed by a few others. And then other writers piggybacked off of them. For better or worse, that’s how it works in online journalism these days.

But if Esmay is looking for the source of the incorrect notion that self-described Men’s Rights activists were behind the “boycott,” well, he’s not going to find it in my post, which contained no mention of Men’s Right Activists at all.

Yep, I reported the 100% true fact that a Youtube bloviater named Aaron Clarey had written a post on Return of Kings urging men, in his words, to “not only REFUSE to see the movie, but spread the word to as many men as possible.” I described his readers on Return of Kings as misogynists, not MRAs, though clearly there is a massive overlap between those two groups.

The idea that this was specifically a Men’s Rights crusade was, to be sure, a bit of sloppiness on the part of the journalists writing about it, who are not quite as familiar as some of us are with all the different varieties of woman-hating shitheads there are in the “manosphere” — especially since their belief systems overlap considerably. As I noted in a previous post on this subject, writing about Esmay’s accusations against a writer for the Huffington Post,

It’s true that the HuffPo writer, in the original version of her piece, wrongly described the MRA-adjacent Return of Kings — which has urged a boymancott of Mad Max Fury Road —  as a Men’s Rights site proper. There are in fact some differences between ROK and AVFM. For example, while AVFM writers have declared women to be “obnoxious cunts,” who control men with their vaginas, ROK writers have suggested that women are actually depraved, disloyal sheep.

You can almost forgive journalists for getting a bit mixed up.

Meanwhile, it’s clear that some MRAs, including some associated with AVFM, have views on the movie that bear a striking similarity to those of Mr. Clarey and his comrades at ROK. It was an AVFM staffer, not Aaron Clarey, who posted this meme on AVFM’s Facebook page. (It’s since been removed, possibly because it contradicts the narrative that Esmay is now promoting.)

From AVFM's Facebook page
From AVFM’s Facebook page

And if you want many other example of MRAs saying they won’t go to see the film because feminism, you’ll find more than a few in this thread on the Men’s Rights subreddit. Oh, and in this thread (archived here) on … the official AVFM Forum.

Yes, that’s right: there are MRAs talking about boycotting Mad Max: Fury Road on AVFM’s own official forum. One declares himself “a (former) Mad Max fan,” another writes “going to skip this one. Mad Max is now dead to me.” “I’m out,” adds a third.

But Esmay seems to think that there is some vast conspiracy afoot, writing that

we are really serious with this question: was anyone paid to put this fake story in the press? If so, who was paid and who did the paying?

Don’t be silly. No money changes hands. At least no human money. We do it under direct orders from our feline overlordsladies.

But as long as we’re asking questions I have one for Mr. Esmay: Are you ever going to do anything about the Holocaust denier and Hitler fan you’ve published many times on AVFM?

Apparently, to Dean Esmay at least, posting that Mad Max: Fury Road is being boycotted by MRAs, when most of the boycotters are in fact merely MRA-adjacent, is a greater crime against truth than denying the Holocaust.


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Ladies, don’t worry about the lack of female film directors. You can always resort to prostitution, MRA explains

From the Men's Rights subreddit
From the Men’s Rights subreddit

Near the top of the Men’s Rights subreddit front page today: a post with 160 upvotes sporting the sarcastic title “Because male film directors (85% of total film directors) getting 87% of the funding is discrimination.

The post is reference to the charge, made by feminist activists, that the fact that the Icelandic Film Centre — which funds and promotes Icelandic films — sends nearly 90% of their funding to men just might be evidence of discrimination against women. 

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Announcing the We Hunted the Mammoth Legal Fund to Spite the Honey Badger Brigade

We Hunted the Mammoth Legal Advisor Sweetie P. Jonus, Esq.
We Hunted the Mammoth Legal Advisor Sweetie P. Jonus, Esq.

We Hunted the Mammoth is now seeking “money” to ostensibly pay for “legal advice” in order to spite the Honey Badger Brigade and hold them accountable for annoying me by raising more than $20,000 — no really — to finance a completely ridiculous lawsuit that I will bet a million imaginary dollars will never actually be filed against the Calgary Expo for tossing them out.

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