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Internet Nazis plan to take down SJWs by pretending to be “Mexican trannies” on Tumblr. If they can stop fighting each other first.

Some websites are born great; others have to buy a mug for themselves
Some websites are born great; others have to buy a mug for themselves

The folks over on the Daily Stormer — winner of the prestigious “World’s Greatest Nazi Poop Site” award (and coffee cup) — are cackling with glee over what they see as “The Coming SJW Civil War.”

It seems that site Führer Andrew Anglin has noticed that the grand coalition of the so-called SJWs is made up of a number of different groups that (surprise surprise) have different interests and different ideas about things. Indeed, Anglin has convinced himself that all the different groups that make up the “SJW movement” actually hate each other with a passion and only stick together because they all hate “the White heterosexual male” even more.

But Anglin is convinced this can’t last, and that the “SJW movement” will soon erupt in a giant civil war as Blacks declare war on Mexicans and Gays (and, presumably, Gay Mexicans); Gays declare war on “Moslems”; “Moslems” and Feminists start duking it out; and then the Feminists, bringing up the rear, declare war on the Blacks (none of whom are apparently Feminists, just as no “Moslems” are feminists and no Gays are “Moslem”).

(Anglin capitalizes the names of all these groups, and uses “Moslem” instead of “Muslim” basically to piss Muslims off.)

Here’s Anglin’s, er, analysis of the deep divisions between Feminists and Blacks.

Blacks have an extremely “misogynistic” culture, similar to Moslems. They view women mainly as rape targets, and are constantly carrying out their agenda of “muh dik” against them.

White women love Black men, generally, in the same way they love small dogs. However, the serious man-hating element of the feminist is soon to find out about Black rape statistics.

[citation needed]

In order to help foment greater divisions between all these different groups, Anglin urges his readers to “troll hard.”

You should all be trolling these groups, and trying to sew discord between them. Easy enough to do, for the higher IQ element amongst us, and extremely personally rewarding in the form of lols.

Uh, dude, you “sow” discord; you don’t “sew” it. Also, the plural of “lol” is “lulz.”

Get into their circles, pretend to be them, cause rustled jimmies. …

For instance, this can be done on Twitter by making a Paki feminist account and then talking about Black rape. Or, you can go the even easier route, and making a tumblr as a Mexican tranny talking about Islam. Or an anti-racist against the gay oppression of Moslems.

If this all sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because they’ve tried it before. And got busted for it pretty quickly.

Last year, 4channers and assorted other assholes posing as feminists of color flooded Twitter with ridiculous tweets demanding to #EndFathersDay and trying to start fights with real feminists. This was all part of a “black propaganda” troll campaign designed to tear apart feminism.

Only the trolls weren’t really very good at it. Their tweets were so over-the-top that they fooled only Men’s Rights activsts and other antifeminist asshats. And it didn’t take much sleuthing to discover which Twitter accounts were fake. “Phoebe Kwon,” a self-described “Lesbian, Korean American, Feminist” from “San Fransico” was in fact a 4channer using a stock photo; the fact that he didn’t know how to spell “San Francisco” might have been a bit of a tipoff.

Well, that and the fact that a writer at Return of Kings gave away “Phoebe’s” secret long before the #EndFathersDay ridiculousness was even conceived, reporting in 2013 on what until then had been the super seekret Operation Lollipop, in which shitty racist white dudes put on virtual blackface and posted fake feminist tweets.

So having totally not gotten away with it before, it looks like they may try it again.

That is, if they can stop arguing amongst themselves.

A quick glance at the comments section of Anglin’s post reveals that it has turned into a virtual hornets nest of racist shitheads angrily buzzing at each other.

One fellow suggests that

I’ve been thinking, it is high past time to team up with all Blacks to bring down our Zionist-overlords.

That is how Ashkenazi-Jews operate. As long as they keep blacks vs white, the Jews get away with genocide against both camps.

And another replies,

Are you crazy? Niggers are dead weight.

You think you can bring them to your side? Good luck reasoning with a high-testosterone monkey-person with the IQ of a 10 year old child.

Meanwhile, yet another commenter pisses off the proudly anti-Semitic Christians in the comment section by declaring that “Christianity is a jewish con game” and a “communist death religion.”

This causes such a commotion that some commenters begin to suspect that they are being played by a troll. One writes:

Trying to sow discord in the comments of an article about sowing discord. You must think yourself very clever & ironic no?

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!

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114 replies on “Internet Nazis plan to take down SJWs by pretending to be “Mexican trannies” on Tumblr. If they can stop fighting each other first.”

Indeed, Anglin has convinced himself that all the different groups that make up the “SJW movement” actually hate each other with a passion and only stick together because they all hate “the White heterosexual male” even more.

Figures that a hatemonger would ASSume that everyone else is just as motivated by hatred of all Others as he is. WRONG!

And if you wanna talk “rustled jimmies”, here’s something that will rustle hatemongers’ jimmies real hard. Black Panther leader/founder Huey Newton, gettin’ all intersectional before intersectionality was even a concept:

Whatever your personal opinions and your insecurities about homosexuality and the various liberation movements among homosexuals and women (and I speak of the homosexuals and women as oppressed groups), we should try to unite with them in a revolutionary fashion.

I say ”whatever your insecurities are” because as we very well know, sometimes our first instinct is to want to hit a homosexual in the mouth, and want a woman to be quiet. We want to hit a homosexual in the mouth because we are afraid that we might be homosexual; and we want to hit the women or shut her up because we are afraid that she might castrate us, or take the nuts that we might not have to start with.

We must gain security in ourselves and therefore have respect and feelings for all oppressed people. We must not use the racist attitude that the white racists use against our people because they are Black and poor. Many times the poorest white person is the most racist because he is afraid that he might lose something, or discover something that he does not have. So you’re some kind of a threat to him. This kind of psychology is in operation when we view oppressed people and we are angry with them because of their particular kind of behavior, or their particular kind of deviation from the established norm.

So much for the idea that everybody hates everybody else, eh?

Henceforth he should be known as Andrew “Down Here” Anglin. We can do this.

“Moslem” was the standard spelling until the early 1970s; anyone who uses it now is either an old fogey or being annoying.

Quiet Wolf touched on this but:

with the IQ of a 10 year old child.

would really just mean “100” if the test were actually accurate. That this person conflates education with intelligence, however, is rather telling.

I can just see this person skimming a textbook and declaring, “I just added 3 points to my IQ!”


Yay for Huey Newton & all, but that’s not intersectionality.

“Don’t hit a homosexual in the mouth because that homosexual might also be black” would be the beginnings of intersectionality.

“Don’t hit a homosexual in the mouth because that unjustly places the pain of your insecurity on the oppressed…and by implication makes you the oppressor” is mere anti-oppression 101, not intersectionality at all.

The fact that the speaker is Black or the audience includes Black folk (even if predominantly! even if exclusively!) does not make a statement intersectional.

population demographics, which means that there are simply many more white women than black women living in the U.S. This means that there are far fewer black women who will encounter white men than there are white women who will encounter black men.I’m turning this over in my head; I could be wrong, but I don’t think this is how it works. Suppose you have 2 bags of marbles. Each contains 2 black marbles and 8 white marbles. (Label the bags “men” and “women” if you like) If you pull one marble from each bag, you have a 64% to get (white, white), a 4% chance to get (black, black), a 16% chance to get (white, black) and a 16% chance to get (black, white).

Here’s a good rule of thumb: people bragging about their IQ are only doing so because they really have nothing else to brag about. My IQ was tested as being above average as a child and the only thing that knowledge did for me was make me incredibly complacent in school as a teenager. Not to say that IQ tests are completely useless, but it says so much less about a person’s worth than anything they’ve actually done in their life. Case in point: Nazis and MRAs calling themselves the ‘higher IQ element’.

On IQ tests: my was done by a psychologist when I was 13 because they felt that for me to know that I am clever would improve my self esteem! It didn’t work, but at least I wasn’t told that I could lose some weight, wear nicer clothes and wear makeup!

@Orion: Your own thought experiment backs up what others are saying, actually. I think the two 16% results –and the way the crossover is framed– mess with the way our brain wants to interpret the results.

A specific white man (the man marble you pull) is much more likely to meet a random white woman (64% of all pulls) than a random black woman (16%). That’s a 4:1 ratio. A specific black man is also much more likely to meet a random white woman (16%) than a random black woman (4%). That’s also a 4:1 ratio.

So, if your man marble is a rapist, and is going to attack the next woman marble he meets, there’s a 4:1 chance that woman marble will be a white marble. That is, a black man marble is really likely to meet a white woman marble and a white man marble is really unlikely to meet a black woman marble.

The 16% and 4% for black man combinations just indicate that a random man is really unlikely to be black.


“the higher IQ element amongst us”

-wipes a tear- ha….that was a good one

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