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100-page indictment dance party open thread

Lock him the fuck up.

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Right-wingers gloat over Twitter suspensions of journalists

Elon Musk: Clownish tinpot dictator, right-wing hero

Twitter suspended some journalists. You may have heard. On the off chance you haven’t already read one of the dozens of pieces on the subject, let me fill in a few of the main components of the whole sordid story before moving on to the right-wingers and their collective orgasm over the media bans.

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Republicans losers losing it over the Red Wave that wasn’t

No Red Wave for you!

I won’t lie: I was anxious as hell about the midterms yesterday. But that widely predicted “Red Wave” turned out to be a dribble. Here are some extremely unhappy Republicans reflecting on the results, courtesy of Twitter, which is still good for things like this.

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Vox Day loses $1 million in crowdsourced money for a right-wing superhero film to a crypto con man, allegedly

Like money in the bank (or not so much)

Well, it looks like our dear old friend fiend Vox Day won’t be able to make his racist superhero flick after all. Because he’s apparently lost all the money he raised for it — a cool million bucks — to a cryptocurrency con artist who was supposed to be safeguarding the funds, the Daily Beast reports.

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Voat — the social media site for people too vile for Reddit — is shutting down

The Voat Goat has seen better days

Pour one out for the folks on Voat. The so-called “free speech” Reddit clone — designed to appeal to people too hateful for Reddit — has apparently run out of money and will close its virtual doors on Christmas day.

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It’s cryin’ time again: Crying Nazi Christopher Cantwell found guilty of threats and extortion

Are there any words in the English language sweeter than “Christopher Cantwell found guilty?”

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Allegedly cash-strapped Daily Stormer declares: “We’re Laying Off Staff Because You Didn’t Send Money”

Will this be the Daily Stormer’s downfall?

By David Futrelle

You hate to see it. Nazi trash site The Daily Stormer is apparently running out of money. In a morose but petulant post today, head Stormer Andrew Anglin threatened to lay off his staff and cut back on his coverage of such vital issues as Jews, race war, women not deserving rights, and Jews unless his readers coughed up more bucks bitcoins than they’ve donated so far.

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The best thing about Milo’s financial meltdown? The terrible, terrible people he’s stiffing

Milo didn’t take his own advice

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By David Futrelle

So the loathsome Milo Yiannopoulos — the self-promoting alt-right enabler and serial harasser who’s been kicked off so many platforms I’ve lost track — has apparently gone bust, in a big way, landing himself more than $2 million in debt, according to documents examined by the Guardian Australia.

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The Alt-Right Implosion: An extremely handy reading list

Being a Nazi is hard

By David Futrelle

Facing an energized antifascist movement and internal enmities, the Alt-Right is imploding, with its leaders giving up or fighting one another, while followers grow ever more disillusioned by the day.

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Alt-Right erupts after crying Nazi Christopher Cantwell admits he’s a federal informant

Christopher Cantwell: Remember when this guy used to write for A Voice for Men?

By David Futrelle

Oh dear. It seems the Alt-Right is in a bit of a tizzy again, and this time the culprit is Christopher Cantwell, the gun-loving Nazi and former A Voice for Men contributor who gained a certain pathetic notoriety for posting a tearful, fearful video after learning he was wanted by the police for tear-gassing antifascist counterprotesters at the Unite the Right rally last summer in Charlottesville.

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