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Makeup is essential, because women’s only job is to look pretty, Red Pill douchebags argue

Most manosphere misogynists have a love-hate relationship with cosmetics for women — they love to hate them. As far as the typical MGTOW or Men’s Rights Redditor is concerned, makeup is a devious and deceptive tool women use to look prettier than they really are. Using makeup is akin to fraud, and probably should be outlawed or something.

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Dating is so hard for straight guys that it’s like having a second job working for a boss you hate (but with a vagina)

Men: The workhorses of relationships

Reddit’s PurplePillDebate is a strange subreddit, a place where Red Pillers and Blue Pillers can discuss the alleged science of dating, though whenever I check it out I find it more filled with Black Pill incel types than with either Red or Blue Pillers.

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Red Piller: Forget sexually exploiting Ukrainian refugees. Wait until pure Russian peasant girls come on the market

Not actually what Russian girls look like today

The other day we looked at a popular post on the Red Pill subreddit suggesting that men in search of sexy, subservient women turn their attention to Ukrainian refugees in desperate need of food and housing.

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Red Pill Redditors discuss “How To Use The Desperation of Ukrainian War Refugees to Your Sexual Advantage”

When disaster — natural or man-made — strikes, people of all sorts are roused to action. Some of them look for ways to help; others try to figure out how to take advantage of the situation for their own personal gain.

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“If he doesn’t control you, then he doesn’t care for you,” and other life lessons from patriarchal_ phenomenon

Well, she doesn’t believe in equality

So I found an … intriguing Instagram dude calling himself patriarchal_phenomenon, and it seems like he’s got a lot of very useful advice for both men (who want to spend their lives alone) and women (who want to be miserable).

evil sexy ladies evil ugly women makeup is a lie misogyny red pill reddit

Devious women use makeup to “hide their true level of attractiveness” and gain “immense privilege” over men

Woman getting ready to trick some dudes

To hear some incels and incel-adjacent Red Pillers explain it, the gravest human rights issue today is protecting the sacred right of all men: to date women exactly as good-looking as they are, no more no less.

But what if one’s seeming “looksmatch” isn’t really one’s looksmatch at all, but a sneaky uggo who uses artificial means to inflate her Sexual Market Value (SMV) to gain access to men who should be out of her league? What if women could buy magical elixirs that can turn a 2 into a 6 or a 6 into a 9 at every drugstore in the land?

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Men need their own houses where they can be free from women’s “effeminate indoctrination,” Red Pill fitness guru contends

Man having a private moment with his masculine consciousness.

Attention men! Sure, you’re already stretched thin and squeezed out by your rent or mortgage payments. But if you want to be a real man, you’re going to need a second house in which you can be your masculine selt without any interruptions from naggy women trying to make you all girly.

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Gladiator game dev adds a strange Red Pill anti-mask rant to the game’s patch notes

Wait, is he … wearing a mask?

So you get home from work late, feeling more than a little fried, and you know that the only thing that will cheer you up is some imaginary gladiator managing. So you get ready to fire up Domina, your favorite gladiator management simulation. But first you take a look at the patch notes for the beta version’s most recent update.

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Chasing those sweet, sexy sheep with The Psychopathic Edge, Twitter PUA

No, The Psychopathic Edge is not an unflattering nickname for the guitarist in U2. The guy who goes by this moniker is a pickup guru with several self-published books to his name and more than three times the number of Twitter followers than I have.

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Pussyconomics: Widespread obesity is inflating the valuation of non-fat American Woman, Red Piller argues

Bad news, Red Pillers: Not only are fat women flooding the sexual marketplace in the US — they’re actually making mediocre women who aren’t fat look better by comparison. At least according to one Red Pill Redditor.

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