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“Relationships are for losers,” and other insights from the PurplePillDebate subreddit

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So many unhealthy ideas about dating and relationships floating around in the PurplePillDebate subreddit! Today, let’s take a quick look at a rather bitter red piller (or perhaps even a little bit of a black piller) explaining to the assembled masses why “relationships are for losers.”

misogyny red pill reddit

Reddit Red Pillers imagine a future utopia where men aren’t horny and women are homeless

No attention for you, young lady! The Red Pill utopia?

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The regulars on the Purple Pill Debate subreddit are playing at science fiction again. This time they’re imagining a glorious future world where men are no longer horny and women lose their “pussy privilege.”

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Men oppressed by fat women trying to date them

The oppression of men by fat women continues apace. Reports are coming in that some of these fat women want to date “normal” sized men, while “normal” sized women are all dating hunky Chads and are thus unavailable and unattainable by their male looks matches.

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The War on Chad: The super-secret plot against alpha males in college and in life

It’s not easy being Chad

I love the Purple Pill Debate subreddit because it is full to overflowing with the absolute worst takes on the whole man/woman thing. But the post I ran across today took bad takes to a new level.

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“No woman has ever been manipulated into sex,” Red Pilled Redditor mansplains

Another insight into women from a man with zero insight into women. According to one deeply unpleasant dude on the PurplePillDebate subreddit called Round-Relative-7859, “no woman has ever been manipulated into sex.” How does he know this? He redefines manipulation out of existence when it comes to sex. Hey presto, no manipulation.

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A significant number of mass attacks are motivated by misogyny, new Secret Service report finds

A new report from the US Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center examines five years of data on mass attacks in public places in the US from 2016-2020. The report, which looked at 173 separate incidents, found that mass attacks are an almost exclusively male sport: 96% of the attackers were male. And a significant number of them were motivated by misogyny.

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If you don’t date me, I will be forced to commit … TREASON!

Benedict “Cumberbatch” Arnold: He did it for the nookie?

A Reddit “Red Piller” has come up with yet another reason why women should feel obligated to have sex with men they don’t want to have sex with: because if they don’t, the men will be driven to betray their “tribe.”

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What women don’t want to hear, according to a bunch of losers on Twitter

So one of those Red Pill accounts on Twitter decided to gin up some engagement by asking its readers a question:

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A new name for those of us who criticize the manosphere and by gosh is it a clever one

Hey did you ever hear of a movie called “the Matrix?”

It’s always handy, during a political or cultural or even just a regular war war, to have a good derogatory name to call your opponents. During World War I, the allies called the Germans “Huns” — as in “Atilla the,” not “huns, could you pass the butter, thanks babe.”

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Makeup is essential, because women’s only job is to look pretty, Red Pill douchebags argue

Most manosphere misogynists have a love-hate relationship with cosmetics for women — they love to hate them. As far as the typical MGTOW or Men’s Rights Redditor is concerned, makeup is a devious and deceptive tool women use to look prettier than they really are. Using makeup is akin to fraud, and probably should be outlawed or something.

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