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No one is standing up for Velma, the show that 4Channers and progressives alike love to hate

Velma and Daphne looking at Velma’s audience score on Rotten Tomatoes

Aside from a handful of reviewers and perhaps Mindy Kaling herself, it seems like the only people truly happy about the new Scooby-Doo prequel Velma are the right-wingers who’ve found a new “woke” show to hate. Over on Rotten Tomatoes, a presumed review-bombing campaign by right-wingers has driven the just-debuted show’s audience rating down to 6%; over on IMDb, the show has garnered a mere 1.3 stars out of ten, a worse score than even Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2.

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Fighting the good fight against imaginary feminism

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The slogan of the antifeminsts subreddit is “Exposing the truth about Feminism.” But I’ve been poking around in there a bit and all they really “expose” on a regular basis is that a lot of the subredddit regulars can’t tell the difference between real feminism and obvious jokes or trolling.

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Terrible Tweeters respond to Trump’s permanent Twitter ban

About time, too.

So Twitter has gone and done it: they’ve banned Donald Trump from his favorite online hangout, “due to the risk of further incitement of violence.”

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Are feminists really “FURIOUS” that the Sonic Movie did well? A case study in right-wing outrage manufacturing

Do feminists want to take all of Sonic’s rings?

By David Futrelle

On February 10, Twitter was filled with gloating tweets from assorted amateur and professional far-right culture warriors, all happily celebrating the poor showing of the film Birds of Prey, which they had collectively decided was a terrible insult to comic book fans and men in general because Harley Quinn’s outfit in the film wasn’t as sexy as theoretically possible. This is the state of the culture war now.

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No, you misogynistic dinguses, lab techs don’t regularly find dog semen in pap smears

Dog has questions. So do I.

By David Futrelle

I‘m sorry, everyone, but we’re going to have to talk about “the dogpill” again.

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Smash Bros: Seb Gorka and other gullible dinguses tricked by troll into thinking Nintendo supports gay incest

Sebastian Gorka, Brain Genius

By David Futrelle

Sebastian Gorka — former White House security adviser turned freelance Trump bootlicker — has a reputation on the right as some sort of brain genius. But he’s also, it turns out, as gullible as any Facebook MAGA grandpa.

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With Captain Marvel on track for a blockbuster opening weekend, angry boycotters are claiming the box office numbers are an SJW hoax

By David Futrelle

Reactionary dinguses and #Gamergate leftovers have been raging against Captain Marvel for weeks (months?) now, claiming that the movie is little more than secret SJW propaganda designed to genocide white men or something. Now that the movie has hit theaters at last, you might be wondering how well their Captain Marvel boycott is going?

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Attack of the Tomato Killers: Captain Marvel haters lose it after Rotten Tomatoes blocks them from crapping on movies that aren’t even out yet

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By David Futrelle

The movie review-aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes has made some changes to its website that will prevent angry trolls from talking shit about movies none of them have seen, removing the ability of anyone but professional critics to review movies that aren’t out yet and shutting a feature that allowed users to report whether or not they want to see a movie that’s about to come out.

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When lobsters attack: Jordan Peterson fanboys invade my blog and leave some stinky droppings

Peterson fans aren’t actually this adorable

By David Futrelle

I wrote a quick post on Jordan Peterson earlier this week — just some brief commentary on a couple of videos Sam Seder did on the Canadian crackpot. It must have gotten linked someplace Peterson fanboys gather, because a small army of them invaded my comments section.

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Reach out and we will beat it together: Russian troll farm inadvertently creates the greatest NoFap meme ever

Reaching out

By David Futrelle

I‘m not normally a big fan of Russian troll farms. But this wondrous little NoFap meme from Russia’s infamous Internet Research Agency has me reconsidering my position.

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