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You Nagged Us to Hunt the Mammoth to Feed You: A new variation on an old misogynist tall tale

Oopsie whoopsie! (Recolored screenshot from Far Cry: Primal)

By David Futrelle

Manosphere dinguses, like the Evo Psych professors many of them are such fans of, love to tell “just-so” stories about human prehistory that reinforce their backwards notions about men and women.

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“Why is rape supposed to be so bad?” and other very important questions being debated on the forums today

A completely normal response to visiting the forums

By David Futrelle

While the lamestream media wastes its time on trivial issues like the government shutdown and the latest extremely-damaging-to-the-president revelations in the Mueller investigation, the public-spirited fellows over on the forums are discussing the issues that really matter in the world today, like “why is rape considered so bad anyway” and “isn’t it hilarious that some dude in India beheaded his cheating wife?”

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Daily Stormer: War Machine is a “deranged brown savage” but was right to brutally beat his ex

Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver, self-professed “alpha male”

The competition, as always, is fierce, but Nazi trollster Andrew Anglin has won today’s Worst Human Being on the Face of the Planet Award for a post in which the Daily Stormer publisher praises former mixed martial arts fighter Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver … for beating his ex girlfriend nearly to death.

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“Skeptic Feminist” YouTuber allegedly kills his girlfriend; terrible antifeminists make jokes

“Skeptic Feminist” Youtuber Aleksandr Kolpakov, aka RDP or Russian Deadpool

Horrible news: “Skeptic Feminist” Youtuber Aleksandr Kolpakov has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder after allegedly shooting and killing Heather “Ivy” Anable, his girlfriend and one of his cohosts on his Skeptic Feminist Youtube channel.

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Sorry, Men’s Rights Activists, Feminists Actually Do Care About Girls in Africa

Yegna, the girl group sponsored by Girl Effect Ethiopia
Yegna, a girl group sponsored by Girl Effect Ethiopia. Click on picture for more info.

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One of the favorite talking points — trolling points? — of Men’s Rights Activists and other antifeminists is that feminism is little more than a frivolous hobby for wealthy Western white women obsessed with their own trivial problems and caring not a whit for the truly oppressed women of the world.

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How Camille Paglia gets date rape — and human evil — so desperately wrong

Camille Paglia: "Young women do not see the animal eyes glowing at them in the dark."
Camille Paglia: “Young women do not see the animal eyes glowing at them in the dark.”

That powerful and obnoxious odor of bullshit you may have noticed in the air? That’s just Camille Paglia, evidently aiming for a bit of a comeback.

One of the first-generation of antifeminist feminists who came to public attention in the 1990s, Paglia is less a scholar than an intellectual entertainer, astonishingly adept at generating controversy by packaging rather conventionally reactionary ideas as bold contrarianism. And then getting everyone to talk about her rather than the issues at hand.

If Paglia was feeling a little starved for attention, the short piece she published on yesterday (donotlink version here) with the portentous title “The Modern Campus Cannot Comprehend Evil” should fix that problem in a hurry. An appalling bit of rape apologia gussied up as a bold meditation on human evil, it’s already generating applause from Men’s Rights and Red Pill Redditors, The Daily Caller, and fellow antifeminist feminist Christina Hoff Sommers.

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No troll, no MRA Open Thread for discussion of the murders of Angelia Magnum and Tjhisha Ball

Angelia Magnum and Tjhisha Ball
Angelia Magnum and Tjhisha Ball

An open thread for discussion of the murders of sex workers Angelia Magnum and Tjhisha Ball in Jacksonville, as well as any other topics that might benefit from having no interruptions from misogynist trolls, victim-blamers and other derailers.

Needless to say, this is a no troll, no MRA, no victim-blamer thread; bans will be handed out freely to anyone who violates this rule.