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Apple’s Siri programmed to deflect questions about feminism with carefully evasive answers

The Women’s Liberation movement, according to Apple

If you get bored one day and decide to ask your Google Home device whether it’s a feminist, it will reply forthrightly: “I’m a strong believer in equality, so I definitely consider myself a feminist.”

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Warrior Princess? Why Trump’s mean girl press secretary is no Xena

Worst Xena episode ever

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By David Futrelle

Earlier today, browsing my way around Twitter, I ran across something I don’t think I’ve ever seen before: A Sarah Huckabee Sanders meme … made by an actual fan of the bullying, truth-challenged press secretary.

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Roses are red, women are shrews, here’s a men’s rights poem for youse

Let’s see — brunt, bunt, hunt, shunt … so many possibilities!

By David Futrelle

I get a lot of, well, less-than-complimentary emails from dudes who aren’t what you’d call big fans of this site. But I don’t get a lot of poems.

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6 mindbending MGTOW memes to brighten your Presidents Day

It’s all a little confusing

By David Futrelle

Stretch your mind a little with these lovely memes, courtesy of some of Twitter’s most creative Men Going Their Own Way. While almost all of these images raise more questions than they answer, some are so thoroughly incomprehensible that they sort of broke my brain. If you can explain them, please do.

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MRAs demonstrate their complete ignorance of feminist history, part 9742

Er, that’s not quite how it happened (Click for larger version)

By David Futrelle

I found the meme above on the front page of the Men’s Rights subreddit today, with 82 upvotes (and counting). It’s a pretty good illustration of the standard story MRAs tell themselves about feminism: Once upon a time there was Good Feminism, it was modest and polite and didn’t ask for much. But then along came Tumblr feminists with their purple hair and they ruined everything!

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“Skeptic Feminist” YouTuber allegedly kills his girlfriend; terrible antifeminists make jokes

“Skeptic Feminist” Youtuber Aleksandr Kolpakov, aka RDP or Russian Deadpool

Horrible news: “Skeptic Feminist” Youtuber Aleksandr Kolpakov has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder after allegedly shooting and killing Heather “Ivy” Anable, his girlfriend and one of his cohosts on his Skeptic Feminist Youtube channel.

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Did you protest Trump? Share your story!

Who’s got two middle fingers and opposes Trump? This gal!

An estimated 2.5 million people, mostly women, marched today against Trump worldwide. Others protested yesterday. Were you one of them? Share your story, share your pictures and videos in the comments! Or any good photos and videos you’ve run across online.

I think what we’ve got here is a real mass movement.

No trolls or Trump fans in this thread, please.

#ResistTrump actual activism feminism trump

#ResistTrump: Protest the Inauguration in your city!

An Anti-Trump protest in an alternate checker-based dimension

If you’re not going to Washington to protest the inauguration, don’t worry! There are literally hundreds of local protests scheduled to take place across the country — local marches scheduled to coincide with the Women’s March in Washington on Saturday. as well as plenty on inauguration day itself.

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A Voice for Men: Hillary is pretty much as bad as the KKK because she liked The Toast!

Misandry: Not so cheerful after all!
Misandry: Not so cheerful after all!

New Hillary SHOCKER!

In the midst of a long, rambling disquisition on how “Hating men is mainstream” posted on A Voice for Men today, some dude called James Jackson makes an accusation that could TRANSFORM THE ELECTORAL LANDSCAPE and WIN THE ELECTION FOR TRUMP.

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This 45-second video demolishes the MRA delusion that women have gotten too powerful in contemporary society

This video, put together by the UK edition of Elle magazine, imagines what the worlds of politics and culture might look like if all the men were to suddenly vanish from positions of power and influence.

Naturally, it’s a bit UK-centric in its examples, but, well, POINT MADE, regardless.

Your move, MRAs.

H/T — Quartz

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