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The anti-Barbie backlash is even bigger and dumber than I expected

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A week ago, I wrote a post about the nascent anti-Barbie movie crusade, and I noted that it seemed oddly muted. Well, what a difference a week makes: with the movie actually out this weekend, the anti-Barbie forces have turned up the volume, denouncing the movie as “woke” feminazi garbage that pushes a not-very-secret LGBTQ agenda.

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Women date ugly men because they’re shallow and narcissistic, incel argues

Woman dating a goblin

Incel ideology is a self-contained system. And when the realities of the world intrude upon the incels’ collective fantasies, they feel an enormous amount of cognitive dissonance.

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D’oh! Homer Simpson’s idiocy oppresses men, Men’s Rights Redditor explains

Homer Simpson: Not very bright

It’s an old comedic trope: Bumbling husband, sensible wife. From the Honeymooners to King of Queens, this trope is played out in countless sitcoms, old and (relatively) new. And no sitcom husband is quite so bumbling — and just plain dumb — as Homer Simpson, who couldn’t say or do a smart thing to save his life.

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The takedown of Kiwi Farms is basically another 9/11, Gender critical transphobes explain

The internet has eaten Kiwi Farms

The regulars on Ovarit, the Reddit-esque haven for some of the internet’s nastiest TERFs, are having a normal one today, by which I mean they’re comparing the (hopefully permanent) takedown of doxing site Kiwi Farms to 9/11.

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Johnny Depp stans want to #ShutDownWomensMarch over some tweets dissing their idol

Johnny Depp stans are feeling restless. Two and a half months after their idol’s big win in the Depp/Heard defamation case, the stans are patrolling the internet looking for people being disrespectful towards their boy — or saying anything positive about their sworn enemy Amber Heard.

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Disney is misandrificationizing Star Wars, Men’s Rights Redditor warns

Spaceballs: Far more masculine than Star Wars, anyway

Apparently if a movie series has female protagonists some of the time, it’s an outright cultural assault on men. At least that’s what one Men’s Rights Redditor is arguing. About Star Wars. Take it away, Vinniikii:

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Only the death of feminism will make me feel good about my dick, MRA explains

You and me both, baby!

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So this is definitely one of the stranger posts I’ve ever seen on the Men’s Rights subreddit, which is really saying something, and I’m inclined to say that it’s all bullshit. I mean, I don’t necessarily doubt the body dysmorphia; I doubt the explanation. And I suspect you will too.

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Reddit antifeminists absolutely lose it over a study finding that feminist men have more sex

Is this what a feminist looks like?

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There are two things that every antifeminist believes in like gravity:

  1. Feminist men only pretend to be feminist in order to get laid
  2. They fail at this because no woman wants to have sex with a feminist man

A new(ish) study from two researchers at Canada’s McMaster University suggests that the antifeminists are full of it:

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“Google’s war on men and boys” is a collective MRA hallucination

I’m not sure I agree with you a hundred percent on your detective work, there, Lou.

Men’s RIghts Redditors’ ears are spouting steam in the wake of the latest outrage from Google.

Uh, what exactly is the latest outrage from Google, you ask? According to a fellow called rabel111, the internet behemoth has declared “war on men and boys.”

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Men’s Rights Activists are mad at the dictionary for “taking control of language”

Feminists and the dictionary: In cahoots?

Over on the AntiFeminism subreddit, some of the regulars are getting royally pissed-off at the dictionary — or at least at — for not defining “feminism” as a movement of anti-male hatred.

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