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Incel on the end of Roe: “Now finally justice is served”

Thanks, DALLĀ·E mini, for “men celebrating abortion ban.”

Incels cheer on anything that hurts women, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re hailing the death of Roe with shouts of “HOES MAD” and celebratory animated emojis.

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Bad news for Chads: Women don’t like you either


It’s a sad day for Chads: An incel “theoretician” has revealed one more feminine secret — that women don’t really like Chads much more than they like (or don’t like) ordinary schmoes.

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Well, this is the worst thing I’ve read all week

This … thing … has been making the rounds on Reddit. Originally posted in r/confessions, it was quickly deleted, but lives on as a screenshot elsewhere on the site. An unusual query from some dude who should probably never be allowed to have sex, it really is the worst thing I’ve read this horrible week.

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Dating “is like being the father of a girl you just so happen to have sex with,” and other creepy thoughts from some crypto dude

“Slippery Rick” is a crypto dude on Twitter. He also has opinions about women.

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A Vindication of No Rights for Women: A Terrible Incel Manifesto

Mary Wollstonecraft is not impressed

On the forums an angry and somewhat grammatically challenged commenter tries to explain why misogyny is a-ok and women don’t need rights.

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Well that took a turn: “Nice Guy” stories gone bad

Be careful, dudes; don’t give yourself whiplash

So here are a few little tales I found on Reddit that sound like they were directed by M. Night Shyamalan ; you’ll want to read them until their ends, as that’s where the real magic happens.

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4chan loser attempts mass shooting in Washington DC; kills no one but himself

I‘ll start with the good news: a mass shooting yesterday near the Edmund Burke prep school in Washington DC left only one person dead — the shooter himself, who took his own life before police found their way to his fifth-floor apartment, which had been converted to something like a sniper’s nest for shooting at the streets below.

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“Rape is immensely less traumatizing than inceldom,” incel argues, demonstrating why he’s an incel

Let’s take another brief excursion to the forums, where one prolific poster is setting forth a slightly new version of an old incel folk belief — namely, that being raped is really much less traumatic than being an incel.

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30-year-old incels suffering from arrested development should be allowed to have sex with 14-year-olds because “mentally we’re still teenagers,” incel insists

Well here’s a terrible post for you all from an incel who thinks he’s come up with the ultimate excuse for pedophilia, oh sorry hebephilia — you know, the one in which they want to fuck girls 14 or younger.

incels mass murder is good actually misogyny pedophilia rape rape culture rape is good actually

“The age of consent should ideally be around seven” and other terrible opinions from the internet’s worst incel site

Disgust is a natural reaction

If you’ve been looking for a website that will destroy your last shred of hope for humanity, might I suggest the incel forum BasedHaven? While not as appallingly popular as sites like and, the small site makes up for this with the sheer terribleness of its discussions.

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