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Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted; open thread

I think we all saw it coming, but it’s still infuriating. Discuss.

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9/11 Plus 20: Open Thread

A terrible thing that led to many other terrible things.

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On Migraine-cation, back soon, hopefully

Sorry for the recent lack of posts, but I’m on what I like to call a Migraine-cation. It’s sort of like a stay-cation in that one does not actually go anywhere, but in this case you don’t go anywhere and you also have a migraine.

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Labor Day Capybara Video Party and Open Thread

It’s labor day here in the US, which is basically a day to relax. So I thought I’d share some videos of perhaps the most relaxed animal in the world: the mighty capybara!

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Capybara break: Scratchies Edition

Hey, so I’m working on a piece about the Plymouth shooter, and it’s taking a bit longer than expected.

So in the meantime, here’s an assortment of capybara gifs. The theme today is “scratchies.”

Scratchies and … vicious bird attacks!

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Bill Cosby released from prison for completely bullshit reason: Open Thread

What motherfucker just got released from prison because he made a deal he never should have been allowed to make

I’m stunned. Bill Cosby is walking free.

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Derek Chauvin sentenced to 22 years for the killing of George Floyd: Open Thread

Rot in jail

More details here and here.

#FreeBritney open thread

#FreeBritney! Open thread

Britney Spears is currently fighting to free herself from what seems to be an incredibly abusive conservatorship that has for 13 years basically put her entire life — from her finances to her reproductive choices — in the hands of her estranged father.

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Capybara dance party and open thread

Sometimes reading manosphere stuff turns my brains to mush. So let’s take a little break, with the assistance of a bunch of capybaras. Also this is an open thread.

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Impeachment Acquittal Open Thread

Well, that was depressingly predictable, huh? Let’s hope this grifter has to face a real court — or ten — for some of his (alleged) other crimes, financial and otherwise.