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Incels are now mad about women smiling at them

Typical day in the life of an incel

By David Futrelle

It’s hard to keep track of all the myriad ways incels are oppressed. Here’s a new one I discovered today in the Braincels subreddit:

Do You Hate It When Women On The Streets Smile At You Knowing That They Are Only Being A Tease And Would Never Give You The Time Of The Day (self.Braincels)

submitted 2 months ago by GuineaIncel

I prefer women on the streets not smile at me and even better if they do not make any eye contact with me at all because atleast they are not leading me on. In the past when I would approach woman who smiled at me I would still get a 100% rejection rate. But now I have been black pilled about female smiles just being another form of teasing. Now I just respond to female smiles with an angry stare.

Not all the commenters agreed with GuineaIncel’s assessment of Smiling Women.

“If they can look at you without involuntarily grimacing, it’s life fuel,” wrote someone called nwrktg8841.

I’m not saying they’re gonna fuck you, but it’s better than knowing you’re deformed beyond existing in polite society

ADepressedVirgin, taking the opposite position, suggested that GuineaIncel take things a step further.

“Giving the death stare is such a good cope,” he began.

[I] started off … glancing away at first sign of eye contact, but ive gotten good enough to the point where i can just gaze into peoples eyes as they walk by and not give a fuck.

These days, he added, he’s started to literally ram into women — sorry, “foids” — who accidentally get in his way on the sidewalk.

Also whenever im walking down a crowded sidewalk in a city or something I make sure to walk aggressively and if a foid stepped in my way or something she would get body slammed to the ground, when I was in NYC some stupid bitch didn’t know where she was going and stepped right in front of where I was walking, but I kept my pace and ended up body slamming her almost to the ground and she just started yelling “Fuck you!” lifefuel tbh

Let’s just hope this one is just a fantasy, or that it happened just that one time. Because, seriously dude, what the fuck?

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36 replies on “Incels are now mad about women smiling at them”

Man, incels have some issues. Women are socialized to smile when they make eye contact with people they pass on the street, it’s a reflex. In the same manner most men, in the U.S. at least, reflexively give the head jerk and say “hey” or “what’s up” at the people they pass by. Second, the comments of the death stare aggressive walker don’t dissuade me from my belief that incel celibacy isn’t involuntary, it’s because they’re such big, self-absorbed assholes that women voluntarily stay away from them.

I am so glad that my fat, middle-aged invisibleness makes my smile or lack of one a non-issue. Women are supposed to feel bad when men don’t notice them, but it’s such a relief, really.

That guy who body-slammed a woman might someday meet someone who is not so apt to just fall down. Lotsa people pack stuff on ’em. You know what I mean.

Crab-bucket loserwankery at its finest.

Keep it up, incels…and keep asking why nobody wants you. Don’t ever look critically in the mirror or have any epiphanies, now.

Some things that I was told by the manosphere make women bad:
– Smiling
– Not smiling
– Being pretty
– Being ugly
– Being average
– Being an adult
– Having sex
– Having sex with men
– Having sex with women
– Having sex with animals
– Enjoying sex
– Refusing to have sex
– Masturbating
– Not doing the science
– Doing the science
– Not fighting in wars
– Trying to fight in wars
– Playing video games
– Trying to change the video games they like
– Making their own video games
– Having tattoos
– Having short hair
– Using makeup
– Dressing sexy
– Covering up
– Having babies
– Not having babies
– Raising children on their own
– Raising children with the help of men
– Voting
– Running for office
– Having a job
– Relying on men for their income
– Working
– Not working
– Not doing dangerous jobs
– Trying to apply for dangerous jobs
– Having authority
– Being married to someone who has authority
– Not paying for dinner
– Paying for dinner
– Looking for attention
– Wanting to be left alone
– Flirting with random men
– Refusing flirtations from random men


It’s almost like the issue with femme-read persons is that they dared to exist in the first place.

I often play a game called ‘patriarchy chicken’.

AFAB people are socialized to not take up space. To move out of the way. So AFAB people moving through a crowd end up going in a zig-zag line.

Whereas cis white men walk a straight line.

No more. I have sufficient body mass that people walking into me will lose most of the time*.

As for smiling… it’s entry bajillion in the damned if you do, damned if you don’t category.

*One day I was standing on the platform, in an out of the way gap between a pillar and the schedule display. Teen girl decided to use this small gap to go to the other side of the platform. She obviously wasn’t looking where she was going as she was doing stuff on her phone. Skinny teen girl who’s about 1/3 of me walking into me at high speed? Might as well run into a bouncy wall.

This is also part of the “leading him on” story of emotional coercion, they’re just approaching it from the other side.

– went on a few dates but didn’t want a relationship? Leading him on
– went on a date but didn’t have sex? Leading him on
– chatted with him but didn’t want a date? Leading him on
– smiled at him but didn’t want to talk? Leading him on
– didn’t smile at him? What a bitch

Basically, if you smile at him you’re committed to having his babies. But also you should smile more.

Note: This logic is *never* applied to how men treat women. If he moves on, it’s her fault for not keeping him interested.

I have to smile at people. its my job. Wonder if any of the customers are incels? hmmmm

Yeah, body slam guy is bullshitting. Guy tries that in a city, he’s getting his nose broke within days.


I’m assuming if he really does to that it’s to really skinny 14 year old girls, very clearly disabled women, or like elderly women with canes. Guys like that if they do anything, they don’t do it to grown women because grown women will either beat them up or have someone that will beat the guy up.

@Knitting Cat Lady

😄 I do the same thing! I also play a variant of this game with respect to elbow rests and especially knee space on airplanes. I once had a ripped dudebro in the next seat over try to manspread into my space, and he was shocked when I forced his knee out with mine and then successfully kept it out when he tried to consciously put it back. I was all like, do you think this mass walks around without any leg muscle to support it? Do you think fat people never go to the gym and use the thigh machines? I own that exercise, I can do 100 reps at 150 pounds! You ain’t shit!

He kept at it the whole flight though, heaving great sighs at my rudeness at not letting him do what he wanted, when all I did was keep my knee at the line of my seat.

Do You Hate It When Women On The Streets Smile At You Knowing That They Are Only Being A Tease And Would Never Give You The Time Of The Day</blockquote>

Don’t be silly, braincel from the quarantined Reddit community. I would definitely give you the time of day. In fact, it’s 2:00 a.m. (my time) right now.

That said, braincel (I’ll bet you’re super smart, huh), once I figured out you are a twisted, hateful hater (psst: that’s why your “community” is quarantined), I would remember the twisted hateful haters I have known and walk away quickly. I know, I know, I’m a total bitch.

PS: I’m also smarter than you.

Sorry about my formatting issues. The Editing Mammoth prevented me from editing the formatting (or the time). No, I really am smart.

I have to say I think Vaiyt nailed it. The mantra of these guys is pretty basic; we hate women whatever they do (or don’t do). I find this especially interesting because feminists are often accused of trying to find things to get offended about. While I feel this can be true I also believe the Incel crowd leaves everyone else in the dust when it comes to taking the most basic human interactions and somehow transforming them into cruel oppression!

“I am so glad that my fat, middle-aged invisibleness makes my smile or lack of one a non-issue.”

Hell yes! Me too! That is my “lifefuel.”
It’s nice to have it be known for a fact that resting bitch face is my natural state.

RE: the “body slammer” and elderly women with canes
Just remembering my late maternal grandmother. She would have taken up her cane and whaled on his ass. Where my grandmother went to school, they had outhouses, and there was a knothole in one side of the girl’s outhouse. There was a boy who would stick his John Thomas through the knothole to make the girls scream.
One day my grandmother was in the outhouse when he decided to do his thing. She whacked old J.T. smack on the head with a ruler. The exhibitionistic young fellow ran off screaming and never introduced John Thomas into the girls’ outhouse again.
My grandmother was raised as a fire-and-brimstone Baptist Christian, but she was no stranger to raising some hell when it was called for.

Not all the commenters agreed with GuineaIncel’s assessment of Smiling Women.

“If they can look at you without involuntarily grimacing, it’s life fuel,” wrote someone called nwrktg8841.

This is pretty much what I’ve long suspected about incels. Like many clueless guys, they generally feel entitled to random women’s smiles and attention. But when you walk past them on the street minding your own business, displaying your “resting bitch face”, they take it more personally than most men.

Depending on how attractive they find you, and how self-loathing they feel at the moment, they might interpret it as “she can’t hide her disgust when she sees me”. Because, supposedly, smiling is the normal state of attractive women, as seen in media imagery.

And who knows, maybe some of these guys look at attractive women in a creepy enough way that it makes you visibly scared or disgusted just from walking past.

It’s times like these when being fat has its advantages. Incel twerps don’t notice me. Although, the way some people act when they see a fat (sort of-)woman in shorts (very fetching denim ones, at that), I’d appreciate it more if no one ever noticed me.

Vaiyt’s comment reminds me of this, which is always worth re-watching:

I have hit the wall about 3 times now as I am 54. I am quite friendly with young men because my sons are and so are their friends. As a result I often randomly talk to young men.

I can accommodate all sorts of issues but any boy that tries to barge me will be sorry.

Like Big Titty Demon I am a big strong woman, also tall, I am certainly stronger than many of the young men at my gym.

Mr Bitter Incel will be targeting 100lb waifs, if anyone. 100% sure that he is a coward who would never risk a woman hitting him back.

Women should lower their eyes when men pass?

Maybe they should do something that hides their eyes altogether? Y’know, veils, or bonnets with deep rims that hide their expressions?

Or perhaps they should kneel down when any man hoves in view, waiting with gaze averted to find out whether the man wishes to make use of them in any way.

Sounds like a society that works for everyone, doesn’t it?

Seriously, one of my favorite things about visiting NYC is that people there (in general, in my experience) are really good at being conscious of other people’s space and maintaining their own personal space, so that even though you may be walking in a big crowd, it’s actually much rarer than you’d think to have someone bumping into you, walking in front of you and stopping suddenly to look at their phone (this bugs the hell out of me), or stepping on you. That’s not always true in other cities I’ve been to.

Anyway, that last incel, ADepressedVirgin, must be the worst to share a city with.

A woman smiles at them in passing on the street, and they’re like, “Is this when the sex starts?”

when I was in NYC some stupid bitch didn’t know where she was going and stepped right in front of where I was walking, but I kept my pace and ended up body slamming her almost to the ground and she just started yelling “Fuck you!” lifefuel tbh

Assuming this isn’t some cowardly fantasy, that’s a pretty dumb thing to do in the era of smart phones and Twitter shaming. If he keeps that up, sooner or later he’ll find himself on the losing end of a third degree assault charge (especially if there are witnesses, which there usually are in NYC), facing jail time and looking for a new job with a criminal record. But hey, it’s all worth it just for the thrill of shoving a woman, right?

It’s satisfying to see the bewilderment when people like this step outside 4chan and Fox News, having been told by Dear Leader that whites and men can now metaphorically shoot people on Fifth Avenue and get away with it, only to discover that in fact, most people in the outside world still have functioning moral compasses and don’t take kindly to this sort of shithead toddler behavior.

I’ve encountered people like the supposed body-slammer. I’m thin so people look at me and assume I’m a weak little waif, but it’s quite the contrary. I have a lot of muscle. I find it funny when men try to use me to prove that they’re strong or whatever, and they try to knock me over or pick me up and can’t because I’m much heavier than I look.

Well, I must say that the tale of the body slammer is probably true. Here in NYC it can get crowded in some strategic locations, especially in the city proper, and it’s not unheard of that people can misguesstimate their body clearances in a crowd and try to dislocate someone’s shoulder in passing. It’s happened to me. And most of the time when someone just bulldozes right into you and you don’t hear the doppler ripple of even the vaguest “s’cuse me” in their wake, you think to yourself “rude fucker!” but whatever, he’s in a hurry, you’re in a hurry, no time to chase him down and make him pay for his boorishness, so most of the time people let it go. It is rare, most people here are really good at getting through a dense rush hour crowd.

That being said, you manage to drop someone to the ground, and you’re likely going to be taken to task by several passersby. We’re fast and busy, but we’re not savages. And woe be unto you if you jostle roughly with an out of towner in the middle of like 34th Street or some such. Most folks here think like “hey, I live here so I chose to live rough, but this here is a poor innocent hapless photo-snapping gazelle wandered in from South Korea, why you gotta be such an arse, man?! Where was you tryin’ to go, Lee Sun-jae-shi? K-town is thatta way.”

I am a thin weak little waif they could throw to the ground but I always have like 3 knives on me and I don’t really have a problem with using them. But really any big city trips I’ve gone have been with My fiance .Who decked a guy for pinching my ass once. Idk maybe we should just steal the dudes car or bike if they do that.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply there’s something wrong with being a waif! I was just trying to describe how I feel like they are thinking at the time when they are about to pick me up. I hope I didn’t offend anyone, sorry again!!!


No worries, you didn’t do anything wrong. We can’t all be like
Serena Williams who looks like she should be in wonder woman. Just some of us that look small and week are actually small and week. It makes pretty scary because we are targets for guys like this. There is a reason I have weapons on me every time I leave the house, I don’t feel safe in the world.

One of the reasons I don’t mind as much when it happens because I hope they learn their lesson – sometimes it hurts when you try to run into someone, I hope I make them think twice about doing it to anyone else.

I only find it funny when it happens to me, not to anyone else (not that it makes the behavior ok or my response all that great). Also, when I say I find something funny… I’m just starting to learn how much humor is a psychological defense mechanism for me, basically so I don’t go into a complete panic.


Can confirm. Back in my waif days of high school had to be armed at all times. Many a subway pervert had to be introduced to Mr. Sharp and Mr. Pointy or plain old punched if too crowded for bare knives. They did and do target the more delicate seeming girls and women. So yeah. Constant vigilance.

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