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“Why is rape supposed to be so bad?” and other very important questions being debated on the forums today

A completely normal response to visiting the forums

By David Futrelle

While the lamestream media wastes its time on trivial issues like the government shutdown and the latest extremely-damaging-to-the-president revelations in the Mueller investigation, the public-spirited fellows over on the forums are discussing the issues that really matter in the world today, like “why is rape considered so bad anyway” and “isn’t it hilarious that some dude in India beheaded his cheating wife?”

So weird that these guys have such trouble finding dates.

Here’s a quick look at some of the very important topics being discussed on today, a public service I provide from time to time to readers of this blog. (Clicking on the headlines will bring you to an archived version of the thread; virtually all are NSFW.)  It’s possible that some of my comments below (and above, come to think of it) might contain some sarcasm.

Why is rape supposed to be so bad?

In this thread, a concerned incel called Durbis raises some questions about this always-controversial topic:

I don’t understand why rape is considered one of the worst things that could possibly happen to someone. Sure it probably sucks in the moment but as if they can’t just move past it? If I was a woman and I got raped I don’t see why it would be so hard to just move past it. They’ve all had sex before so why is rape apparently so traumatizing? 

Yeah, women sure are weird thinking rape is some big deal, huh?

Mankind desperately needs a cure for brown skin

In this thread, a self-described “curry” — that is, a fellow of Indian descent — laments that

women of every race fucking hate us.

We desperately need a cure for brown skin. It wouldn’t fix our shitty heights/features/muscles/frames, but it would fix one enormous problem. …

[I]f there was a pill that could cut the melanin production of your entire body by 90%, LOADS of curry men could enter the ranks of normal humanity and maybe even be accepted by women.

If we could have this, we could redeem almost 1/5 of the global male population. …

India should be investing at least 10-20% of its GDP in a Manhattan Project scaled enterprise to find and produce the cure for brown skin. 

Clearly this is an absolute necessity because at the present time no Indian men are able to find women to marry and have families with as evidenced by the population of India being seven people.

[JFL] every woman you have talked to has CHOCKED on a COCK at one point in her life

Incels are as obsessed with this issue as Rachel Maddow is with the Mueller investigation. Which is funny because the COCK CHOCKING issue is so much more important!

[LifeFuel] 5 teenage foids die in an escape room after man sets fire to it

Nothing to see here, just a bunch of incels cheering because a Polish man “accidentally” killed five teen girls by setting fire to an escape room where a birthday party was being held.

[NSFW] The final solution to the roastie question.

Nothing to see here, just some incels enjoying a news story on a “gore” site, complete with graphic photos of an Indian woman beheaded by her husband after he discovered her cheating on him.

[Serious] what are some good sites to whack off to females being abused in a sexual way?

Mr. Chadani is just looking for a site where he can watch, er, females

being punched, choked, kicked etc. and being sexually abused … maybe even rape clips if they exist and arent filmed on a calculator. nothing makes me stiffer than watching a female suffering.

I’m not going to link to this thread in case some incel there actually provides him with this information.

women shouldnt hold positions of power

Modern women are a plagueEver grabbed a girls ass when you were in school...jr high or high school. What were the results

Once again, it is absolutely inexplicable why women aren’t interested in dating these fellows!

Anti-incels, I invite you to get in here!!!! I will put an end to the mainstream belief that the reason incels exist is because of our personalities.Yeah, the problem DEFINITELY doesn’t have anything to do with their personalities.

[News] I haven't took a shower in over a month.

Huh. To be honest, that probably doesn’t help, exactly. But really, shouldn’t women be able to overlook a little thing like this? Women are just so shallow, aren’t they?

Incels remain the most persecuted people on planet earth.

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Katie kitten420
Katie kitten420
3 years ago

The suffering line in particular is what gets me. I’m into BDSM and sure I like to see riding crops and bondage and whips Etc. But that’s because I enjoy it and I’m operating under the premise either they are submissives and or masochist and also enjoy it or they want that paper.

I don’t watch much porn, I much prefer erotica. But when I do I try to research the sources as best I can. I’m perfectly cool with either motivation. But if I actually saw BDSM porn where I saw the actress or actor was actually suffering that would be an intense turn off.

When I say actually suffering I don’t mean just actually in pain, some people like pain to a point including me. The point is different for every masochist obviously. But to me the specific words suffer and not pain implies they are definitely not looking for consenting partners in a BDSM scene or relationship cuz then they would not be watching suffering.

The fact that suffering is what turns a reasonable number of people on judging by the amount of mainstream porn with women grimacing while they’re penetrated or sometimes double penetrated and choking or pretending to choke on dicks etc etc really disturbs me intensely

3 years ago

So why would white women be attracted to them?
Because, according to BIOTRUTHS, women have evolved to favor brute strength over intelligence (see: Chad and Tyrone).

Never heard of “Biotruths.” What’s that?

Meanwhile, you never hear from those same white men seeking to protect their “race” about white men chasing black women, which is equally “race-diluting.”

You actually do see that happening, though? Perhaps not “those same men”, but it is a definite thing in the white supremacist circles.

I have not seen much propaganda or statements from white men denouncing the white male pursuit of black women — except two guys: one on Hatewatch, who insisted that it was “Ellis Islanders” who got it on with black women. He insisted that white slaveowners who did so would have “found it a disgusting experience.” That fella also insisted that the sun went around the earth and that Joe Stalin hauled off captured Germans in 1945 to mate with apes to create a super-race of “monkey-men” to conquer the world.

The other guy was a neo-Nazi on Media Matters who said that anybody who found Serena Williams remotely sexy had to be gay or a woman.

I have been amused by racists like Bull Connor and Strom Thurmond who preached segregation by day and bopped black women by night. Connor earned his nickname of “Bull” not for his toughness but for when he was busted in a hotel in violation of his own anti-miscegenation laws with his black mistress. The arrest came from a tip from a political opponent, and was hushed up.

Today, some junior fascist leadership have embarrassed themselves by being caught with non-white women.

But you do have a very valid point.

3 years ago


“Biotruth” is the pejorative label given (rightly so) to so-called immutable “truths” that stem from a misapplication of evolutionary psychology, which somehow always seem to dovetail perfectly with ‘traditional’ gender roles, or somehow miraculously excuses misogyny (or toxic masculinity).

3 years ago

Thanks, Ariblester. I did not know what the term meant.


3 years ago

You know, sometimes reading here, it makes me regret EVER having slept with a man. The incels are beyond the pale, but many of their ideas exist in diluted form in more everyday men. There are a lot of strange ideas floating around about female sexuality, physicality and psychology.

As for rape and why it is so “bad” because after all, is there anything physically different going on in rape versus sex?

First of all, often, yes because the victim gets a beating if they resist. Second, forced penetration can hurt people.

Then there is the emotional difference and both rape and sex come with numerous possibilities of emotion.

The most common emotions in rape on the part of the rapist according to research are power, conquest, hatred, sadism and contempt, often covering issues of low self worth and empathy deficits in the rapist.

The victim, in addition to fear and shame gets all of that hatred and contempt directed at them, resulting not only in the after effects of fear, but shame, humiliation and self doubt. And most rape victims, contrary to what rape apologists would have you believe, question themselves. “Did I do something to cause this?” And blame themselves for the crime of another.

So while the physical effects may heal or be minimal, the emotional effects are longer lasting. Sometimes a lifetime. This is very basic rape information.

The fact that so many are asking for videos of women suffering is disturbing. There is a newish book called Down Girl that has a lot of information and research about choking being the go to method in domestic violence against women. And choking injuries often don’t leave outside marks commensurate with the severity of internal injuries.

Is anyone else hoping to be whisked away to Shangri La? Try as I might I just don’t understand what is happening on this planet. Made even more confusing because most people are just as confused and horrified as I am but nobody seems to know how we got here or what to do.

Asexual Feminist
Asexual Feminist
3 years ago

Just by the way: NOT all women have had sex.

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