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“Skeptic Feminist” YouTuber allegedly kills his girlfriend; terrible antifeminists make jokes

“Skeptic Feminist” Youtuber Aleksandr Kolpakov, aka RDP or Russian Deadpool

Horrible news: “Skeptic Feminist” Youtuber Aleksandr Kolpakov has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder after allegedly shooting and killing Heather “Ivy” Anable, his girlfriend and one of his cohosts on his Skeptic Feminist Youtube channel.

Some of the internet’s worst antifeminist icons think this is all quite hilarious, positively thrilled to have an alleged murder to lay at the feet of their ideological enemies.

Dr. Randomercam, a member of the resolutely antifeminist Honey Badger Brigade, entered the fray with this grotesque tweet:

Former Gamergate icon and doxing enthusiast Ethan Ralph headlined his blog post on the subject “MALE FEMINISTS STRIKE AGAIN?: YouTuber The Skeptic Feminist Accused of Murdering Polyandry Partner Heather Anable.” In the post itself, he seemed to suggest that Kolpakov’s “male feminism” was the root of his violence, writing

Perhaps Kolpakov was not content with merely sexually assaulting women, like many of his male feminist “allies,” so he decided to go ahead and level up by killing one.

He went on to suggest that a recent tweet from Kolpakov protesting Vladimir Putin’s draconian anti-gay crackdowns showed that he (Kolpakov, not Putin) “had extermination on the mind.”

Fellow doxing enthusiast Wild Goose, a former regular, now irregular, contributor to Ethan Ralph’s Ralph Retort, used the murder as an excuse for a string of pitiful jokes about male feminists.

On the right-wing Murdoch rag Heat Street, meanwhile, perpetual Gamergater and professional Twitter-drama critic Ian Miles Cheong supplemented his reporting on the basic facts of the case with weird passive-aggressive insults about Kolpakov’s inability to get many retweets on Twitter for his critiques of Gamergate.

They weren’t the only ones to find the alleged murder hilarious — or at least ideologically useful.

Some defended the jokes because “feminists did it first” by pointing out spree killer Elliot Rodger’s misogyny.

Never mind that Rodger left behind a book-length manifesto and numerous videos describing his hatred for women in terms that would not be out-of-place on the Incels subreddit. Never mind that it is the incels, not the feminists, who joke about Rodger.

Ralph, naturally, defended those joking about the murder.

He followed this up with a 12-minute video thoughtfully titled “Yes, We Should Meme on The Skeptic Feminist After Murder Charge.” I didn’t watch it. Life is too short.

It’s worth noting that as of now we know almost nothing — at least nothing definitive — about the murder. The Skeptic Feminist Twitter account, presumably now being run by the channel’s other co-host, a woman going by the name of another Batman villain, “Harley Quinn,” blames the killing on PTSD.

While many have accepted this explanation, as of yet we have no evidence that it is true. We don’t know if there was any history of domestic violence, or some other motive. We really don’t know anything for sure.

The only heartening thing in this whole tragic mess is that the Twitter jokes about the murder are vastly outnumbered by heartfelt condolences — including numerous tweets from antifeminists more interested in expressing human sympathy than in scoring dubious ideological points.

I’ll keep you updated; this is a story that will be with us for a long time.

84 replies on ““Skeptic Feminist” YouTuber allegedly kills his girlfriend; terrible antifeminists make jokes”

Do you know, all this is so obvious it makes me tired. It’s such a classic control move.

I’m tired of these guys using anything – anything at all, the death of a young woman – to hold out bait with the expectation I’ll jump to justify my beliefs (which means putting myself in the powerless position. If I’m justifying, I’m agreeing with them that I need to justify myself. And THAT means I am allowing them to set the parameters of my behaviour – what’s “normal” and what needs justifying. Nope.)

I am a feminist. Anyone with an open mind, empathy and a conscience is a feminist. I don’t need to explain that this death does not prove anything about feminism, because only really stupid people would think it did. I’m not arguing with these assholes like they are on my level. They’re not on my level. Please! I look at this shit and I think “Stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen, Gretchen.”

Best quote on this kind of crap ever (obviously relating to racism, but I think it translates to sexism as well).

“The function, the very serious function of racism is distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being. Somebody says you have no language and you spend twenty years proving that you do. Somebody says your head isn’t shaped properly so you have scientists working on the fact that it is. Somebody says you have no art, so you dredge that up. Somebody says you have no kingdoms, so you dredge that up. None of this is necessary. There will always be one more thing.” – Toni Morrison

I am sorry to hear someone is dead. If anyone who knew her is reading this, you have my sympathy, and I hope you are looking after yourself as well as you can.

Heatiste is not equivalent to this woman in any way.

Did she mock rape victims or claim racial and gender superiority? Did she call for men’s voting rights to be restricted or half the human population to be abused or enslaved? Is she trying to make the world more dangerous for men?


Dali is right. He is a fascist. He creates propaganda that threatens the lives of millions of people. He is actively trying to create more Elliot Rogers and Mark Lepines in a world where men already so commonly murder women.
If his gf shot him, a man who likes to brag about what an abusive swine he is and how much women deserve to be owned and raped, I’d assume she did it out of self-defense and I would not mourn his loss for one second.

For anyone interested in the connection between PTSD & Military, Robin Morgan interviews a woman who says that veterans partners (no matter the gender) are the demographic at greatest risk of abuse & violence. She is advocating for better resources & treatment. It’s the first interview in this link.

My own disclosures: I’m an Army vet, but do not have PTSD. My former husband did & he choked me once in what I think was a flashback. It was scary.

re: Robert (Fishy) Fisher

House Speaker Shawn Jasper said in a statement. […] “It is unfortunate that the debate surrounding his actions while serving in the House have detracted from the good things that we have accomplished this session,” Jasper said. “But I welcome his resignation for the good of the institution.”

Jasper went on to say, “For the good of the INSTITUTION, not of the women of New Hampshire… we don’t give a shit about them except at election time…. Our vote to retain the scumbag speaks for itself.”

@ Megalibrarygirl:

Thanx for that. We don’t do shit for our veterans, and especially among the right-wing, “Support Our Troops” means support the war. When the soldiers come back, fuck them, we don’t need them any more. Now we have a commander-in-chief (note the lower case, that man is a squatter, not a leader) who “likes veterans who didn’t get captured”. And I’m sure he’d be happy to tell any wounded vet he’s more partial to soldiers who didn’t get wounded.

I’m a child of two combat vet parents, dad was in U.S. Army from 1940-1946, wounded twice, mom was a nurse, her forward medical unit was shelled in Belgium in 1944 or ’45 (dad was a “combat veteran”… mom was a “veteran who was in combat” — it was different back then). Neither ever talked much about the war, mostly to say that it sure wasn’t like in the movies.

I take addiction recovery meetings into the V.A. near here, speak well of the soldiers and criticize the military when is appropriate — which is A LOT.

@Vile (there’s already a Violet around here, hope you don’t mind)
Fuck, that quote is amazing!

Sorry you had to go thru that <3

Re: celebrating death
I don't do it. I've caught myself starting to do it and stopped myself. It's not the kinda schadenfreude I enjoy feeling. That said, if someone who harmed you is dead, and you're happy about that, I'm not gonna say shit about you partying in the streets×724.jpg
Question is, who of these scum people did this woman harm? I'll wait…

I don’t do it. I’ve caught myself starting to do it and stopped myself. It’s not the kinda schadenfreude I enjoy feeling.

This is exactly how I felt when Scalia died. There was a part of me that was glad but I felt really ashamed about it and talked myself out of it. I’m not sad about it and I’m not going to pretend like he was a remotely good person just because he died, but I don’t have to stoop to that level.

Was actually gonna mention I was talking about Scalia, but I wanted to keep it more general. Agreed on all counts 🙂

@David Futrelle:

The Skeptic Feminist Twitter account, presumably now being run by the channel’s other co-host, a woman going by the name of another Batman villain, “Harley Quinn,” blames the killing on PTSD.

I know this is a completely insignificant thing to bring up, especially given the seriousness of incident, but as someone who is fond of all things Batman:

Deadpool isn’t a Batman villain – you may’ve been thinking of Slade “Deathstroke” Wilson. Though, unsurprisingly enough, Rob Liefeld did base his creation off that character (thus having the same surname of “Wilson”)…


He’s not talking about Deadpool, he’s talking about Harley Quin who is a Batman Villain (Albiet one who often moonlights as an Anti hero nowadays.)

@ Zatar

What NickNameNick means is that David said ‘another Batman villain’ when the first he meant was Deadpool.

@Zatar and nparker:

I did always want to see a crossover with Deadpool and Deathstroke where they have an extended team-up, preferably with a title like “Wade & Slade.”


Ah, okay. I assumed “Ivy” was an actual nickname (I’ve met people who go by that as their name) than in reference to Poison Ivy – I probably should’ve picked up on that, given she and Harley are portrayed as friends along with Selina Kyle…


For anyone interested in the connection between PTSD & Military, Robin Morgan interviews a woman who says that veterans partners (no matter the gender) are the demographic at greatest risk of abuse & violence.

I wonder if she’s compared it to the spouses of police officers.
Regardless, a major part of the solution would appear to be having fewer soldiers and fewer wars.

That said, if someone who harmed you is dead, and you’re happy about that, I’m not gonna say shit about you partying in the streets

So, every conservative political figure or voter in my lifetime? (actually quite a few of them from before it too; the effects of this shit linger) On it.

That Toni Morrison quotation from Violet the Vile is outstandingly illuminating. It’s the way I see so much political discourse working too – like in our current election coverage in the media, for example – it keeps the progressive speaker permanently on the back foot, when you start off by buying into (or actively arguing for) a set of assumptions that automatically put you way, way behind the other side. (Like the Red Queen.) It’s one hell of a skill, not falling into the trap of your interlocutor’s assumptions and refusing to answer on their terms. (I think Chomsky said something about this with reference to the media in the US – that freedom of the press means in practice that they are “free” to argue, but only within some very deeply entrenched and invisible parameters).
Morrison perfectly captures what that is really about.

I didnt know who Ivy or RDP are but the reaction from these rights wing fucks is even worse than i could imagined. How fucking disgusting.

@Axecalibur, @opposablethumbs

I’m glad you liked that quote! The first time I read it was a paradigm shift for me in terms of how I looked at politics – it was the first time I realised there actually was no point in playing the game as it was presented to me, because it’s rigged. And that is, in fact, its whole point.

Some abusers do become “male feminists” because they think it will help them manipulate their partners. It’s impossible to tell whether someone is truly committed to not being controlling, or whether he will stick with it.

There are even stalkers who will take a “break” for 10 or 15 years and go back to harassing the same target because they haven’t dealt with the underlying selfishness.

I like to believe people are basically good and usually I do but sometimes empathy-deficient assholes like the ones above challenge that.

Also hi everyone (and Vile Violet)!

@Vile Violet: You’re right about the game being rigged. It’s like one of my favorite sayings: “Arguing with a shitlord is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how masterful your moves are, the pigeon will knock all the pieces off, shit on the board and then strut off like they won”

Where did this happen? Aren’t you supposed to keep your guns locked up most of the time? Especially if you are suffering from mental illness. Did he just have the gun on the kitchen table or something? 🙁 *baffled*

You’ve got to give the woman-haters credit for how willing they are to use anything and everything to justify their position that denying equal rights to women is the correct and proper response to personal tragedies like this one.

These idiots don’t realize you can’t meme on RDP without objectifying the woman he killed.

Looking into the killing and being skeptical of RDP is okay. His military history only shows less than six months served and no deployment at all which pretty much means he got PTSD from boot camp? Sorry, I am not buying that.

I hope the truth comes out in court assuming our justice system treats white people the same as black people (spoiler: it doesn’t )


he got PTSD from boot camp? Sorry, I am not buying that

Considering the process and function of basic training, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t buy it…

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