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The Transformed Wife, Part 2: The Joys of Obligatory Married Sex

Looking forward to a life of unwanted sex with this dude

Yesterday, we looked at some of the Twitter “teachings” of The Transformed Wife, a reactionary pro-am housewife with strong feelings about Jesus, fornication, and witchcraft. (Not all at the same time.)

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Pussyconomics: Widespread obesity is inflating the valuation of non-fat American Woman, Red Piller argues

Bad news, Red Pillers: Not only are fat women flooding the sexual marketplace in the US — they’re actually making mediocre women who aren’t fat look better by comparison. At least according to one Red Pill Redditor.

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White ladies! Don’t mess up your chance of becoming a TradWife by wantonly offering your precious body to men, founder of warns, a dating site for the melanin-deprived, is apparently suffering from a serious woman shortage — with only one gross racist woman for every dozen gross racist men.

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Incels still obsessed with other men’s sperm

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Incels have a curious double standard when it comes to virginity. They view their own virginity as both a cause and a symbol of ultimate failure and deprivation, proof that they’re inherently worthless in the sexual marketplace and possibly in life itself.

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Ian Miles Cheong was the first journalist to report the details of Bianca Devins’ brutal murder. But much of what he “reported” was wrong

Ian Miles Cheong: First, but wrong

By David Futrelle

Late Sunday night, far-right attack journalist Ian Miles Cheong began tweeting the grisly details of a murder that had taken place that morning. At that point, he was the only journalist who seemed to know much of anything about the death of Instagram “e-girl” Bianca Devins.

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Roosh V: “Contraception destroys love” because casual sex uses up women’s “bonding glue”

Women agree: Roosh V isn’t spongeworthy

By David Futrelle

It’s not uncommon for aging libertines to have second thoughts about the casual hedonism of their youth. Neil Strauss followed up his 2005 book The Game, which brought the “pickup artist” subculture into the mainstream, with The Truth, in which he confessed that his celebrity as one of the world’s most famous PUAs had in many ways ruined his life and the lives of those around him. (Still, he didn’t return the royalties from his earlier book, as far as I know, or take it out of print.)

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I’m now an official expert on women’s fashion

By David Futrelle

Last week, there was a little dustup on Twitter over one online clothing store’s rather limited selection of sizes, and their goofy names.

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The Boy Scouts ponder bankruptcy over the cost of abuse lawsuits. Men’s Rights Activists blame … feminism?

The Boy Scouts: Cancelled?

By David Futrelle

Men’s Rights Activists claim to care a lot about the sexual abuse of boys. And they do, to some extent — at least so long as the perpetrators of that abuse are women. Any time news breaks of a female teacher having an “affair” with a male student, you can expect to see multiple posts in the Men’s Rights subreddit about it.

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Why is it worse for women to cheat than for men? “Because Penis,” Redditor explains

Cloudy with a chance of … you don’t want to know

By David Futrelle

From the Unpopular Opinions subreddit, a rather ingenious explanation as to why it’s much, much worse for men (well, cis men) to cheat on (cis) women than it is for women to cheat on men:

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