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CNN host Don Lemon allegedly threatened, belittled female colleagues, according to Variety

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CNN host Don Lemon is famous–or, rather, infamous–for making sexist comments about women on air, like his recent declaration that possible GOP presidential contender Nikki Haley was “past her prime” at age 51. (Lemon himself is 57.)

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Matt Walsh: Trans women using a public bathroom “is an act of violence in and of itself.” Bullshit

Matt Walsh

When you define what your political enemy does as violence, then any violence you inflict on them can be redefined as “self-defense.” That’s why it’s more than a bit ominous to see Daily Wire host and professional transphobe Matt Walsh declaring that an innocent action that trans women do every day–going to the restroom–is “an act of violence in and of itself.”

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Nazis are circulating a list of “Antifa” accounts to mass report on Twitter. I’m on the list. So are Joe Biden, the CDC, Jorts the Cat, and Britney Spears

Antifa Britney Spears

So activists on the far right are distributing a list of 5000 “Antifa” Twitter accounts they hope to mass report and get banned, not for breaking any Twitter rules, but just because they want to silence everyone who disagrees with them.

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Creepy Incel Video of the Day (Update: Dude was arrested)


Here’s what happens when a guy internalizes the incel mindset: he chases a woman down the street in his car because he “just wanted to play a song for her to give her her own choice if she wanted to be with me.”

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YouTubers are making big bucks vilifying Amber Heard and Meghan Markle — and YouTube won’t stop them

It’s been three and a half months since the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation trial ended with a victory for Depp. But Heard’s professional haters on YouTube can’t seem to quit her, putting out dozens of videos a day blasting her in any way they can think of; racking up millions of views in the process. I found more than a hundred of these videos posted just today (9/15/22).

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The takedown of Kiwi Farms is basically another 9/11, Gender critical transphobes explain

The internet has eaten Kiwi Farms

The regulars on Ovarit, the Reddit-esque haven for some of the internet’s nastiest TERFs, are having a normal one today, by which I mean they’re comparing the (hopefully permanent) takedown of doxing site Kiwi Farms to 9/11.

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As Kiwi Farms struggles to stay online, transphobes hail it as “one of the last free places on the internet”

Kiwi Farms, the infamous stalking/doxing site with an especial animus towards trans victims, is facing an energetic campaign to get it booted off the internet. If you haven’t been following the story, there’s a quick explainer here.

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Women are keeping their masks on to ward off the “male gaze,” and anti-maskers are losing their shit

Now that the CDC has, perhaps prematurely, given the go-ahead for vaccinated people to dispense with face masks outdoors, you might think the anti-maskers would calm down a little. But the fact that some people are continuing to wear masks despite the new CDC guidance has kept many of the anti-Maskers boiling over with anger.

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That “I left my husband and job for Martin Shkreli” story elides his history of harassing women

The unlikeliest Romeo

On Sunday, Elle magazine posted one of the strangest stories I’ve read all year, describing how business crime reporter Christie Smythe left behind her job and her husband to pursue a relationship with one of the men she covered on her beat.

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Simpageddon: Twitch bans the word “simp” — and incels have feelings

The streaming site Twitch, in an attempt to reduce harassment on its platform, announced earlier this week that it would be banning the abusive use of the terms “incel,” “virgin,” and “simp,” three favorite epithets amongst the asshole set. So far at least one streamer has been temporarily banned for using “simp” as an insult.

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