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Is Sex Ed breeding Bolsheviks? The Epoch Times says “yes”

Are sexy communists seducing your children?

Parents watch out! Evil Cultural Marxists are coming for your children! At least that’s what writer and anti-“woke” crusader James Lindsay is saying.

alt-lite cultural marxism misogyny reactionary bullshit toxic masculinity

Senator Josh Hawley blames virtue-hating, Herbert-Marcuse-loving left for trying to destroy men just because they can

And another thing …

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley spent Halloween night trying his best to scare his fellow right-wingers with blood-curdling stories about the left and its diabolical program of destroying men just for fun or something.

AntiFa critical race theory cultural marxism my little pony woke

The reviews are in! New My Little Pony movie from Netflix sends the franchise “down the woke trail of Cultural Marxism and Critical Race Theory”

That’s kind of an odd review

So the new CGI “My Little Pony” movie is out on Netflix and the reviews are trickling in.

ben shapiro candace owens cultural marxism gender policing toxic masculinity

Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens lose it over Harry Styles in a dress

When Harry Styles agreed to model a series of dresses and skirts for a Vogue cover shoot, he knew it would stir up controversy. He probably didn’t think he was going to be blamed for undermining civilization itself. But that’s what some right-wing opinion-havers would have you believe.

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MRAs are outraged that in Scotland, a man can’t rape his wife in her sleep

Fellas! Here’s a good thing you can do when your wife is asleep

By David Futrelle

If you want to know how Men’s Rights Activists are adjusting to the #MeToo era, well, over on A Voice for Men they’re currently getting mad about a ten-year-old Scottish law that makes it illegal to rape someone when they’re asleep.

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Jordan Peterson fans: “Embracing victimhood” is pathetic, unless you’re a white guy who wants to be Captain Marvel or run a med school or something

Hands up, white man! You’re CANCELLED

By David Futrelle

Browsing the Jordan Peterson subreddit today, I scrolled past the link to an article on a right-wing clickbait site asserting that “Hate Crime Hoaxes are More Common than You Think.”

antifeminism cringe cultural marxism Dunning–Kruger effect entitled babies evil SJWs jordan "slappy" peterson men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny npc TROOOLLLL!!

When lobsters attack: Jordan Peterson fanboys invade my blog and leave some stinky droppings

Peterson fans aren’t actually this adorable

By David Futrelle

I wrote a quick post on Jordan Peterson earlier this week — just some brief commentary on a couple of videos Sam Seder did on the Canadian crackpot. It must have gotten linked someplace Peterson fanboys gather, because a small army of them invaded my comments section.

cultural marxism entitled babies evil sexy ladies makeup is a lie men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny

If women want equality, they need to stop wearing makeup, MGTOW political theorist contends

Woman systematically oppressing men with some sort of diabolical lipstick technology

By David Futrelle

You, in your foolish ignorance, may believe that men and women — and everyone else besides — deserve equal rights, because, at the end of the day, we are all human beings.

bad science cultural marxism Dunning–Kruger effect entitled babies misogyny

Italian physicist suspended by CERN after giving a talk claiming men’s brains are more suited to science than women’s

Brave male scientist ponders the mysteries of the human female

By David Futrelle

Last weekend, Italian physicist Alessandro Strumia gave a talk at a CERN conference in which, he claimed, he would use “bibliometrics data” to answer questions about “a new global symmetry.”

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Butt seriously? ANAL PORN is WHITE GENOCIDE, amateur Red Pill philosopher contends

I blame the non-dairy farmers

By David Futrelle

Sometimes the sideshow is more interesting than the main event. Consider this strange ass-ault on butt-sex porn found in the comments to a Return of Kings post titled “GLOBOHOMO RAINBOW MAFIA IS FORCING THE U.S. NATIONAL SOCCER TEAMS TO WEAR GAY PRIDE JERSEYS.”

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