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Rape-joke-loving Honey Badgers booted from #CalgaryExpo; highly ironic Tweets ensue

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's not actually what happened.
Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s not why you got booted.

Earlier today, the illustrious Honey Badger Brigade was booted from the Calgary Expo, a major Canadian fan convention devoted to all varieties of geeky pop culture.

The Honey Badgers — a mostly female A Voice for Men spinoff group known for its unlistenable internet “radio” shows — was sent packing after conventioneers complained about their connections to #GamerGate — a nine-month-long orgy of harassment targeting outspoken women in gaming and their supporters — and their alleged disruption of a panel devoted to women in comics.

According to Calgary Expo officials, the group was kicked out for “actively disregarding” the Expo’s efforts to provide “a positive and safe event” for attendees. 

The Honey Badgers love to claim that they “don’t give a fuck,” but apparently their fans give quite a few, and AVFMers and #GamerGaters are rallying to their defense on Twitter. Which has led to some, well, pretty ironic Twitter exchanges, like this one below between this, er, intriguingly named #GamerGater and the official Calgary Expo account.


PRO TIP: If you’re trying to convince the world that the Honey Badgers didn’t deserve to be kicked out of the convention for contributing to an unsafe space for women, you should probably not do so while referencing “MasculineRapeFingers” in your Twitter handle.

Or include rape jokes/threats in your actual Tweets:

Of course, it’s no wonder the Honey Badgers have attracted fans like these, given how fond they are of rape jokes themselves. Their now-disassembled booth at the Expo featured a poster of #GamerGate mascot Vivian James — a character designed to reference a channer rape joke — hiding behind the Honey Badger mask.

And before Vivian James was even a thing, the Badgers sold t-shirts and other merchandise featuring a cartoon octopus they describe as “the world’s cutest rape joke.” No, really, here he is:

Screenshot from Honey Badger Brigade store

To see the full array of Mr. Tentacles merchandise available, visit their CafePress store. (Archived version here.)

I’m no lawyer, but it seems to me that this in itself would be enough to get the Honey Badgers booted from the Calgary Expo. A group that literally sells rape joke t-shirts and coffee mugs to raise money for itself is a group that doesn’t belong at a convention that’s trying to be “positive and safe” for its attendees.

Add to this their connection to #GamerGate — a hate movement — and A Voice for Men — a hate group — and it’s pretty clear that Calgary Expo officials had more than enough justification for their decision to send the Honey Badgers on their way.

EDIT: The woman behind the MasculineRapeFingers account insists “[m]y twitter handle isn’t a joke. I’m a female who enjoys rape fantasies.” I’m not sure why that makes the Twitter handle any more appropriate, but I’ve reworded the post accordingly.

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Also, poor Doug from that comment to the Honey Badgers. His “Detroit” shirt must mean a souvenir shirt he got there for the conference last year? That is my guess anyway, why would he want some random Detroit shirt signed? Anyway, it just makes me feel sad for the guy in a way. Traveling here and there, just to follow around a hate group.

That screencap from the crowdfunding page gives me the impression that they registered initially under a different name (the webcomic), and changed it to the honey badger name later, closer to when the con started, so that there would be less time for people to notice who they really were.

I mean, you see there a supporter saying he couldn’t find the honey badgers on the expo website, and being told almost straight-out that they registered under a false name that they planned to “update” at some later point. That sort of tells me that they registered under a different name and changed it to the honey badger name late in the game.

“They appear to have led the Expo to believe they were going to be promoting a web comic as opposed to being an outpost of a misogynist hate group with the intent to derail one or more panels.”

They did want to promote Alisons web comic as well. Which are you saying is a misogynist hate group, gamer gate or the honey badgers?

Wow, such ethics. “We promote the truth by lying! We support women’s agency with rape jokes! Hey, wait, leggo. . .”

That anyone could look at this and think, “yeah, these are definitely the Good Guys, I wanna hang out with them” hurts my thinky-thinky parts.


From about five minutes in you can hear them snickering and muttering into the recorder to point out what they see as evidence of man-hating (for example, when the panelists talk about how they dislike male fans challenging their nerd credentials). At about 18 minutes in, the panelists are sharing stories of being harassed by GamerGaters and MRAs. One panelist says, “When did it become dirty for women to be into these things?” That’s when Tieman stands up and says, “Would you like us to field that question?”

Did Canadians’ legendary polite behavior prevent someone on the panel, particularly the moderator, from answering Tieman’s question with a resounding “no”?

I’ve been to over a hundred con panels and I’ve never seen a random nobody be allowed to hijack the proceedings like that. At San Diego Comic-Con they would have been told to wait for the Q&A, where they can raise their hands in hopes of a chance to ask a reasonably brief question to the panel members. If you get up and start speechifying in the middle of a panel, you’ll be escorted out of the room and presumably have your badge revoked.

Haven’t they ever heard of having a separate account/handle for business/formality’s sake? Ok, so you like rape fantasies. Lots of people do. That doesn’t mean that they’re all going to put as their email address on a resume or masculinerapefingers on a business card. And while the lines blur a little bit at a convention, a person there with a booth is there on business.

venny | April 19, 2015 at 2:14 pm
They did want to promote Alisons web comic as well. Which are you saying is a misogynist hate group, gamer gate or the honey badgers?

Didn’t seem like it. All their merch pictured was either from GamerGate or the Honey Badgers. I didn’t see any Xenospora merchandise, or anything about Xenospora in their description. The only way they were linked to the webcomic was that they used it to get in.

Besides, they openly admitted they were in “stealth mode”, meaning they knew their presence would upset some people. Hence, they lied about why they were there. They just used Tieman’s webcomic as a front.

And they’re both misogynist hate groups, venny.


To all the sheep that followed the feminist morons in their bashing of the Honey Badgers based on lies and false claims. You can all continue to drink their vomit from their ideology bucket while the Honey Badgers enjoy their victory over Calgary Expo bullshit reasons to boot them from the event.

Continue to believe liars like the feminists and their allies because its popular instead of getting behind the unpopular truth.

Resume of the case
part 1 :
part 2 :

No credible evidence provided to support your assertion that HBB supports rape jokes; reported for character defamation.

Alison, did you not actually read this post before reporting it for “character defamation?”

Also, who did you report it to, Santa Claus?

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